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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 13 Recap

After Lin Wei came, everyone rushed over. There were even many people who felt that He Qiaoyan and Lin Wei were more worthy. Yiyue, who was standing by, felt that she was a little redundant, so she wanted to go out and wait for him. The shoelace tripped and made an ugly appearance in front of everyone, but Mr. He immediately ran over and helped her up.

After returning home, the aunt actually said that Yiyue could not be on the stage, but He Qiaoyan disapproved, thinking that Yiyue had already performed very well, and Mr. He thought that Lin was kind to He, but there was no need to tolerate him everywhere. A win-win situation is the most important thing.

Yiyue was muttering to herself while watching Weibo in the room. Suddenly Mr. He came in and put an ice cube on her. Yiyue was shy and asked him to get out. As soon as Mr. He went back, Dr. Qin gave him a voice call and asked him about Lin Wei, but Mr. He felt that the two had known each other since childhood and both liked math classes. Except for nothing else, he had to hurry up with Yue. go to bed.

Yiyue reads her first love on Weibo in the office of Brother Ning Fang, and has been thinking about He Qiaoyan. At this time, Ruofei asked Yiyue about this matter. Yiyue didn’t reply when he sent a message to Mr. He, usually within seconds. This time he didn’t reply for a long time. Yiyue was still a little angry. Xiaoan also comforted Dr. Qin that she would always stand by Yiyue’s side. It was only then that I learned that I was scolded on Weibo. Many people compared her with Lin Wei, but when Yiyue saw this, he didn’t care and only thought about Xiaobao, and hurried to pick him up.

However, He Qiaoyan will not let these public opinions continue to spread, and has notified the legal department for emergency response. Seeing the message from Yiyue to take Xiaobao home, I felt very relieved. After returning home, he asked Dr. Qin what to do on the Internet, and Dr. Qin also told him that he wouldn’t worry if he was around.

Ruofei was working overtime at night, and there were ghastly screams from the office, people walking around, the board suddenly fell off, and the little baby suddenly jumped out and touched it with blood, but Ruofei calmly went. I was washing my hands in the bathroom, and suddenly a hand stretched out from behind, followed by a cry, Wen Gu rushed out. I didn’t expect to be clever instead of being clever. In the end, I was teased. It turned out that Ruo Fei had found out a long time ago and disliked Wen. Gu’s script is old-fashioned, and the way of service is not in place.

Mr. He was waiting at the restaurant. It turned out that it was Lin Wei who was here. The aunt actually called the two of them to come out together. Mr. He asked the aunt if she promoted self-media posts. The aunt admitted that she was telling Qin Yiyue that she and He Qiaoyan is not appropriate. But He Qiaoyan was very difficult to calmly say that she said she was suitable.

Going home at night, He Qiaoyan handed Qin Yiyue water and asked her if she had anything to ask. He also apologized to Dr. Qin, but Dr. Qin did not understand why he had to apologize. Mr. He said it was a mental loss. Yiyue transferred 100,000 yuan, but Yiyue wanted to reduce the contract period by one month. Of course, Mr. He disagreed, but he could give her a short period of freedom.

It turns out that this freedom is to take Xiaobao’s family of three to go shopping. On the way, I also encountered sneak shots. He Qiaoyan said that this was arranged by him, and he just wanted to make some pink posts to cover them all. Along the way, Mr. He, Doctor Qin, and Xiaobao’s family of three were very sweet and a little ambiguous. After going back, Xiaoan also said that Mr. He was posted on Weibo and that the profile was also Dr. Qin’s lover, and the Weibo that he posted very carefully was 6.07, representing Yiyue’s birthday on June 7th.

The aunt invited President He to be the best person in charge of the promotion of the bracelet in Europe and the United States, and asked President He to receive him. After he went there, he knew that it was Lin Wei, but He always didn’t want to use her. As a result, Lin Wei used her strength and proved with data I am suitable for this job.

Ruo Fei went to the company to help Wen Gu get the information, just when Lin Wei and He Qiaoyan were working together, they took the picture.

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