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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 3 Recap

After the investigation was clear, Xu Zihao was released by the police uncle. Qin Mingming quickly apologized to him. Xu Zihao tried his best to strike up a conversation with her, and pretended to be crushed to his feet by Qin Mingming’s motorcycle. Qin Mingming had to drive him to the bus. The station broke his routine and left without looking back. Xu Zihao’s cell phone ran out, and he squatted at the bus stop and waited for the bus to discover that this bus was out of service. Xu Zihao walked back resignedly, and finally found a public telephone booth on the side of the road, dialed Chi Yan’s number to call for help, and asked him to drive his own car to pick him up.

After a break, he threatened Chi Yan’s beloved fish, and successfully went with Chi Yan. After getting his driver’s license, Chi Yan drove at the speed of a tortoise. After finding Xu Zihao, he quickly threw the car key to him. At this moment, the car broke down and the rescue could only go to the tunnel entrance. Xu Zihao and Chi Yan pushed the car behind. After a break in the driver’s seat, he made trouble and was rushed to the back of the cart by Chi Yan. Xiao Xiu didn’t work hard at all, so angry that Xu Zihao and Chi Yan filed a complaint. Xiao Xiu stretched out the cat’s tail to scare him like a grudge, and Chi Yan looked helpless. So Chi Yan was pushing the cart alone, and sitting on the roof of the car for a short break, excited.

Chi Yan asked Xu Zihao if he knew what Chi Yan’s wishes or needs were, but the biggest problem with Chi Yan was that he didn’t have any wishes. If he really had any wishes, it should be the physical wishes of the people around him. After a short break, he threatened him to meet in the park with Chi Yan’s love fish, trying to push him into the water without paying attention, but he escaped and fell into the water. Chi Yan carried the fish and turned around to leave, only to find that Xiaoxiu had no sound in the water and quickly went into the water to save people.

Chi Yan walked back with a stinky face, Xiao Xiu chased behind his ass to explain. Xiaoxiu almost died just now, Chi Yan patiently told her that the human world is not as simple as she thought, Xiaoxiu nodded quickly. Xiaoxiu doesn’t know how to take a bath. Chi Yan helped her put the water in, but she didn’t expect Xiaoxiu to hide in the corner and be afraid, afraid that the water was born with the cat. She thought that Chi Yan was going to drown herself. Chi Yan used a bath ball to lead Xiaoxiu into the bathtub, and Xiaoxiu was also obsessed with the comfort of the bath.

Chi Yan took out a co-accommodation clause and added three more during the break, including Chi Yan smiled at him every day because his face was too stinky. Chi Yan officially named her Xiaoxiu, and Xiaoxiu also signed the accommodation terms. Xiaoxiu happily told Qin Liangliang his name, and called his name excitedly, going back and forth like a repeater. Xu Zihao met Qin Mingming at the intersection with an embarrassment on his face. Xiaoxiu ran to Chi Yan’s room to know his wish, and accidentally found a photo of him and a teacher. Chi Yan pushed Xiao Xiu outside the door again and put the photo back again.

Not only did Chi Yan refuse to make a wish, but he was always angry. Xiao Xiu didn’t know how he could go home. Xiaoxiu found Uncle Fu. Uncle Fu said that humans like to hide their privacy in diaries, just like cats. Qin Mingming adopted an abandoned dog and happened to come to the pet hospital where Xu Zihao was vaccinated. The two were very embarrassed. Qin Mingming was a little afraid of dogs, but he raised it because Qin Liangliang liked it. Xu Zihao secretly registered Qin Mingming. The information was photographed.

Uncle Fu told Xiaoxiu that human beings are very complicated, don’t rush to understand human beings, but learn to get along with each other slowly. Xiaoxiu decided to go home and apologize to Chi Yan, but was attracted by the scent of the bar. She drank the wine in the glass. One glass after another quickly became drunk, and her cat turned out of excitement. Ears hopped on the dance floor. Chi Yan was anxious when he realized that he hadn’t come back for a short break. People came to Xiaoxiu to take a group photo with curiosity. Xiaoxiu found that he had grown ears and tails and immediately awoke and ran away, but those people chased him up, Xiaoxiu hid in the corner and shivered.

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