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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 11 Recap

Chi Mu said that today’s things happened too suddenly. She hopes that everything will end here, and also hope that Chi Yan and Zhang Yi will not get involved in any way, because Chi Yan has talent since he was a child. This has been very lucky. Zhang Yi just wanted to Chasing dreams, Chi Yan can not help him, but can’t hinder him. Chi Mu admits that she has never fulfilled her responsibilities as a mother, so as long as Chi Yan let Zhang Yi go, she is willing to compensate Chi Yan.

Chi Yan opened his mouth and asked for five million, and Chi Mu froze for a moment and explained that he would call him tomorrow. Chi Yan got out of the car and left in the rain. Xiaoxiu caught up with the umbrella anxiously, and threw the umbrella in angrily. Xiaoxiu knows that Chi Yan is in a bad mood and that Chi Yan is emotionally broken.

For so many years, he has become accustomed to being a person. Not all mothers love their children, and there is no disappointment if they are used to without expectations. Xiaoxiu told Chi Yan that he was not alone, she was with Chi Yan, and she was his armor. Xiaoxiu touched Chi Yan’s head to comfort him, and Chi Yan hugged her and started crying in the rainy night.

The recording of Xu Zihao and Qin Mingming went smoothly. The show gave them two tickets for the aquarium. Xu Zihao gave her her own and said that she could go with Qin Liangliang when she had time. On the way home, Qin Mingming suddenly got out of the car and vomited, and refused to let Xu Zihao come over. As a result, he accidentally slapped his foot. Xu Zihao walked back with Qin Mingming on his back. Xiaoxiu found a news about a single dad.

The photo of the person who donated the single dad was Chi Mu, but Chi Yan donated it in her name. He donated five million. Qin Mingming was troubled by love, and she didn’t like her chaser, but people who liked her didn’t like her. After Qin Liangliang found out, Qin Mingming refused to admit it, saying that she was a good friend of her. Qin Liang came up with an idea for her to take the initiative to pursue the people she liked, and Qin Mingming gave him two aquarium tickets for him to go with his friends.

Chi Yan had a nightmare and woke up to find Xiao Xiu sleeping quietly next to him. He woke her up and told her that they could not sleep in the same bed in the future. Xiao Xiu panicked and explained that the thunder was too great last night. Qin Liangliang gave Xu Zihao the ticket and asked him to go with Qin Mingming. Qin Mingming came to Chi Yan again with two book fair tickets and asked him if he was interested in going together.

When Xu Zihao outside the bookstore heard that he was a little sad, Chi Yan did not accidentally reject Qin Mingming, and Qin Mingming was a little bit disappointed. Xiaoxiu saw Xu Zihao feel uncomfortable. Xu Zihao gave her the aquarium ticket. Xiaoxiu was very excited to go with Chi Yan, but Chi Yan had no time to take a bite.

Qin Mingming was obviously lost when he returned home. Qin Liangliang thought she was rejected by Xu Zihao, but he didn’t expect that the person she liked was not Xu Zihao. Xiaoxiu quietly met with Lawyer Ke Bei and asked him to pay him the money in installments, so that he could expedite the investigation. Ke Bei fell in love with He Meng who was passing by at first sight and decided to make a deal with Xiaoxiu.

As long as Xiaoxiu helped him catch up with He Meng, She didn’t need any of the consultation fee, and she immediately agreed to the break. Xiaoxiu and Lin Mo went to the aquarium together, and did not forget to sigh that there is no such place in Cat Star. Lin Mo quickly changed his words to Mongolia when he heard it. Chi Yan found the note left by Xiaoxiu saying that she was a little bit disappointed to go to play with Lin Mo, and asked Xu Zihao to meet in the old place.

Lin Mo saw that Xiaoxiu liked to eat fish, so Xiaoxiu hid. Lin Mo used Xiaoxiu to block the peach blossom next to him, and asked Xiaoxiu if he should think about herself. Xiaoxiu subconsciously refused. Lin Mo believed that she rejected herself because of Chi Yan. He felt the feelings between Xiaoxiu and Chi Yan. , But he wanted to say that Chi Yan was not as good as he looked.

Xiaoxiu was very angry because Chi Yan was slandered, and he never paid attention to Lin Mo again. Xu Zihao and Chi Yan fencing together, realizing that Chi Yan is a little different today, Xu Zihao asked him what happened. Since the break came, Chi Yan’s happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy are all related to her. Xu Zihao can see that the break is very concerned about Chi Yan, and they can also see that they are happy, so Chi Yan should be proactive and not let him go. Fate.

Xu Zihao took the drunk Chi Yan back home, told Xiao Xiu that Chi Yan was not what he looked like and left. Xiaoxiu quickly helped Chi Yan take off his coat, and tried to get Chi Yan to bed, but accidentally kissed Chi Yan. Xiaoxiu fed Chi Yan a few sips of water and started talking for herself. Today she had a great time at the aquarium, but if Chi Yan could come together, she would be happier. She just wanted to do everything Share with Chi Yan and do what you want to do with Chi Yan.

Xiaoxiu realizes that he should like Chi Yan, but Chi Yan has already fallen asleep and didn’t hear it. When Chi Yan woke up the next day, he was shocked to find that his clothes had been changed. Xiaoxiu ran over to ask him if he remembered what happened last night, but Chi Yan only remembered that Xu Zihao sent him back and broke the scene. Xiaoxiu wanted to repeat what was said last night, but at this time the doorbell rang.

Zhang Yi lay in the hospital bed and the live broadcast was selling miserably. Zhang Yi’s fans have been pressured by the police station, and things have been raging. Chi Yan said that the glass of wine that day belonged to him. If someone really wanted to harm someone, it was not Zhang Yi, but Chi Yan. Qin Mingming and Xiao Xiu decided to help Chi Yan find the murderer first. Several people found a surveillance camera in the bookstore.

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