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Make a Wish 喵,请许愿 Episode 1 Recap

4.6 billion years ago, due to a big bang, two planets were formed on both ends of the black hole, namely, the earth and the cat star. They have exactly the same biological conditions, but they have evolved completely different dominant species, due to the superiority of evolution. Sex, the cat’s four-legged beast gained the ability to enter another planet and change its physical form. This secret was kept for a long time until this day.

In a bookstore, the owner Chi Yan is busy. He has no relatives or friends. He takes care of the bookstore every day. He is not good at interacting with people at all. He hates holidays and socializes. On the contrary, he likes to get along with animals and often Feeding a stray cat, the warmth brought by those social interactions, in his opinion, may not be as good as a cat. Of course, Chi Yan still has a human friend, and he is the most troublesome friend in the world.

Xu Zihao, a veterinarian working in the animal hospital, came across a difficult cat. He hurriedly called Chi Yan to the hospital. The irritable kitten was immediately calmed down by Chi Yan. Xu Zihao wanted to meet Chi Yan for dinner and watch a movie, but Chi Yan resisted and left. Back at the door of the bookstore, a white cat suddenly rushed out and coveted the cat food in his bag for a long time.

Before Chi Yan could react, he rescued the little cat that was hit by the car. Xu Zihao was busy with work and let Chi Yan deal with it briefly. Chi Yan carefully helped the cat treat the wound, and the cat fell asleep lazily on the sofa. Early the next morning, Chi Yan woke up as usual, but never thought that there would be a naked beautiful girl taking a break at home.

Chi Yan closed his eyes awkwardly, quickly put his clothes on the girl, and then called the police. Xiao Xiu looked like he didn’t understand, and he was curious about everything here. After taking a bite of Chi Yan involuntarily, he ran to the fish tank to fish for fish. Chi Yan went to prevent accidental close contact with Xiao Xiu. Xu Zihao opened the door and saw Chi Yan pressing a young girl on the ground and quickly leaving, but the dog Nietzsche in his hand refused to obey the call and ran back.

There were two more marks on Xu Zihao’s face. Chi Yan finally took a restless break and asked Xu Zihao to take Nietzsche to another room. Seeing the girl playing with wind chimes, Chi Yan and Xu Zihao discussed whether she was a fool or a lunatic, and decided to send her away. Xiaoxiu rushed to the kitchen to eat, and Xu Zihao quickly ordered her a bowl of noodles. Chi Yan didn’t want to bother about the break. Xu Zihao saw the injury on her leg and wanted to take her to the hospital to treat the wound. In the car, Xu Zihao asked Xiaoxiu to put on the pants, but Xiaoxiu didn’t understand what he meant. Xu Zihao closed his eyes and finally helped her put on the pants.

Coming to the hospital, Xiaoxiu was very happy to see the cat. Xu Zihao asked her to sit on the cat’s operating table to help her treat the wound. Xiaoxiu blurted out a word, it hurts! Hearing the calls of the same kind, Xiaoxiu wanted to rescue them all. After some tinkering, he finally opened the door and released each one.

After Xu Zihao found out, he could only call Chi Yan for help. Chi Yan and Xu Zihao struggled to find animals. After a short break, they came to an empty place. After chanting the spell, they tried to return to their own planet, but they did not succeed. Xiaoxiu was attracted by the roadside bakery. She ate the food in the cupboard like a kitten, but she had no money to pay and was almost driven out by the clerk.

Uncle Fu saved the break, told her patiently that she could not speak cat language here, and encouraged her to speak human words slowly. Uncle Fu told Xiaoxiu that during the cat ceremony, the cat will have a short time to become a humanoid. Unless he owes the human intelligence grace, he can go home. The bracelet on Xiaoxiu’s hand is the proof of the gratitude. Uncle Fu is also a cat, and his true identity is the messenger of the cat in the human world.

Xiaoxiu found Chi Yan on a rampage, and patiently uttered a voice asking him to make a wish. Chi Yan looked horrified and didn’t understand what she meant. Chi Yan was about to save the cat from the tree, Xiao Xiu rushed to the tree to pick up the cat, and said a complete sentence in his emotions: You don’t know if the cat is unhappy when it is closed in the cage! Chi Yan was taken aback and explained that the cat needs to be in the cage when he is sick. So Xiaoxiu gave the cat to Chi Yan, but still chased him to make a wish.

Only in this way can she return to Maoxing! Chi Yan looked at him with a neurotic expression, unexpectedly Xiaoxiu transformed into the white cat he saw yesterday in front of him. The frightened Chi Yan called the police in the taxi that a girl had become a cat, but both the police uncle and the taxi driver regarded Chi Yan as a neurosis. Chi Yan sent the lost animals back to the pet shop, and returned home with the feeling of seeing a ghost. As soon as he entered the door, he was thrown on the sofa by a short break. In order to cope with the short break, Chi Yan made a perfunctory wish: get rich overnight.

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