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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 29 Recap

In the base, Cheng Yao and Cheng Yao were awkwardly together. Just when they were sweet and sweet, the parents of the nursery rhyme called the nursery rhyme to ask about Lu Sicheng, and the two decided to go home together on weekends.

At the door of the house, the nursery rhyme felt very nervous and stopped Lu Sicheng from trying to persuade him to leave. When the two were chatting, the virgin mother opened the door and came out. The two who were not ready had to bite the bullet and go in. After entering the house, the nursery rhyme found that Dad had started to catch up with the fashion, and he also went shopping online and watched the game live. After the group chatted for a few words, Lu Sicheng went to the room to help his father assemble the computer, and the nursery rhyme went to the kitchen for his mother.

In the kitchen, the virgin mother who was not worried about the nursery rhymes repeatedly taught the nursery rhymes some experience of the people who came over. On the other side, the virgin computer was installed for the virgin father, and Lu Sicheng also ushered in the entrance examination of the virgin child. Seeing Lu Si’s pledge of sincerity, the stone in Tongfu’s heart finally fell.

In the evening, Chengyao and Chengyao came out of the community, and the nursery rhyme began to inquire about the conversation between Lu Sicheng and Tongfu, even though they knew that Lu Sicheng was given a routine again, they played a rogue. After a few conversations, the two kissed emotionally.

In the hotel under Chen Jinyang, Ai Jia and Chen Jinyang were sweet and crooked after taking a shower. Slowly, something indescribable happened to the two. The next day, Chen Jinyang yawned for a long time after not sleeping well. At this time, the nursery rhyme gave Chen Jinyang breakfast. The two sisters began to chat without a word.

Soon, the knockout matches are about to begin, and all teams are actively preparing for the game, and each other is studying restraint tactics. In ZGDX’s team base, Myoshin led everyone to analyze, and at the same time played with everyone, while the nursery rhymes were silent, writing something in the notebook. The game was about to begin, and Lu Sicheng intimately comforted the nervous nursery rhymes on the contestant passage.

The CK team’s Yangshen began to deploy tactics, putting all the bans on the nursery rhymes for the mid-laner, while the ZGDX team used the ban more to limit the Yangshen when picking heroes. The old cat took the lead in singing the heroic songs and playing nursery rhymes. The team atmosphere was full of joy and there was no sense of tension in the game.

The BP link ended and the game officially kicked off. CK’s jungler seized the opportunity to try to gank the old cat on the road, but the old K and the nursery rhyme immediately went to support. The CK team stole the chicken and missed the game. Just when ZGDX botlanth thought that Yangshen had no displacement skills and could develop with peace of mind, Yangshen cooperated with the top laner to catch the botched chubby.

ZGDX, who was beaten in a wave, immediately counterattacked and caught CK to death. The two sides came and went, and soon the head-to-head ratio reached 4:2, but economically, there was no obvious gap, and the battle of the big snake was about to start. And this big snake will also become the key point of the game. Before long, a fierce team battle broke out between the two sides. But the ck team regretted losing because of some small mistakes. The ZGDX team also took the lead to win the first victory.

During the break, Lu Sicheng came to the stairwell to eat candy, and happened to meet Yang Shen who was on the phone. The atmosphere of the rivalry was jealous, and the two were full of gunpowder. In the lounge, after listening to the planned deployment, Yang Shen looked at the two posters of Chengyao, with killing intent in his eyes.

At the beginning of the next game, CK selected his own discussion hero. The old cat of the ZGDX team started the game because of carelessness and tried to cooperate with the old K to force CK to go to the laner, but was killed first. Soon, ck’s top laner Guiqi took advantage of the early heads and quickly snowballed and merged into the uninhabited world. No one in ZGDX can limit the harvest of Guiqiu, and the CK team has also successfully recovered. Back in the lounge, Chengyao and Chengyao staged a scene of a young couple quarreling, saying that the quarrel is more like spreading dog food. Seeing the two flirting and yelling, everyone expressed very rich expressions.

At the beginning of the third game, old K squatted in the grass in advance, and quickly took advantage of the first hand advantage to make ck team suffer a big loss. At the same time, the nursery rhyme of the middle road also successfully killed the CK mid laner. Just when everyone in ZGDX was talking and laughing, Yangshen immediately cooperated with his teammates to kill the careless nursery rhyme. After the resurrection of the nursery rhyme, the ZGDX team began to prepare to fight the big snake, but this was obviously a trap for CK. The CK who had just assembled clearly responded to the urgency, and only the Yangshen CK team was unable to recover. The ZGDX team also successfully advanced to the semi-finals.

Seeing the two Chengyao walking towards each other hand in hand, Jian Yang suddenly saw something, and after simply shaking hands with the nursery rhyme, there was only a real blessing left between the two.

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