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My neighbor is not grown up 我的邻居长不大 Episode 4 Recap

When he was a child, Lin Yang made milk powder for Lu Zhengan, but Lu Zhengan refused to eat well. Lin Yang drank the milk powder in a fit of anger, and was angry that he refused to eat well. After that, Lu Zhengan ate very well every meal. Lu Zhengan decided to come to Japan with Lin Yang. Ma Le was worried that this incident would break Yunlang’s signature life and death and refused to cooperate with him in selling miserably.

Lu Zhengan said that he would immediately sign a contract with Yunlang and release a new song, and Ma Le agreed immediately. But Lin Yang was unwilling to treat Li Tian as a secretary calmly, and then personally sent her to Lu Zhengan. Yao Dan and Cao Ling agreed that she must do it if she can’t.

Lin Yang knew that what Lu Zhengan was right was right, but she refused to admit that she really didn’t like the current life without passion. After so many things, she no longer had that kind of passion and couldn’t be interested in anything. Cao Ling thinks that everyone will have such a stage, that Lin Yang should find a boyfriend and Yao Dan should have a baby. They both dismissed it. Cao Ling took Lin Yang and Yao Dan for a drink. Although her chicken soup was not very delicious, it was indeed very nutritious.

In the box, Yao Dan, who had just finished arguing with her husband, sang endlessly. Lin Yang went to a toilet and met Shenanke, who came to accompany the client. Seeing her in such a beautiful dress, Shenanke thought she was here for the party. Lin Yang obviously cares about Lu Zhengan, after all, he is his younger brother and has always cared about her. Lin Yang ended the awkward atmosphere with Shenanke, ran to the bathroom to tidy up, and saw that Lu Zhengan was eating instant noodles in the Moments of Friends and couldn’t help but call.

Lu Zhengan looked happy when he received the call from Lin Yang, but found that she was angry again after going out for a drink. He said that he didn’t bother to care about her while looking for her. Lin Yang returned to the box and found Yao Dan was crying. Her husband didn’t want to be a DINK anymore, and wanted to have a love crystallization with her. She is too old to be born and dare not leave. The dilemma is really too difficult. Lin Yang sighed as she watched her cry.

Cao Ling is Lin Yang’s university classmate. She is gentle and virtuous and everyone will like her. Later, she met Xiao Zhe, who was three years old. No matter how everyone objected, Cao Ling chose love without hesitation. The two were married for less than a year, and they became pregnant when they fell in love the most. However, the original enthusiasm was obliterated by the life of the two, and their problems surfaced. Xiao Zhe and Cao Ling divorced, and Cao Ling became a single mother.

She did not say anything about it. In the end, she cried and called her mother to collapse and show weakness for the so-called dignity. In the seventh year after graduation, Lin Yang and Cao Ling got in touch. She introduced Cao Ling to Ruiye and helped her conceal the past. No one knew about Xiao Zhe and Tongtong except Lin Yang.

Lin Yang and Cao Ling helped Yao Dan, who was drunk, looking for a driver by the side of the road. Lu Zhengan suddenly appeared, and Yao Dan called his little brother one by one. Lu Zhengan said that he lives in the company, and he only found out that she was here after asking Xie Nanke. He brought his driver’s license just in case.

In the car, Yao Dan watched Lu Zhengan commit a nympho, thinking he was driving on behalf of him. Yao Dan drunkly shook out a lot of Lin Yang’s affairs, saying that Lu Zhengan’s use of Lin Yang as his wife was unilateral. Isn’t it also unilateral for Lin Yang to treat Lu Zhengan as his younger brother. Lin Yang hurriedly played a song and changed the subject. Sending Lin Yang downstairs, Lu Zhengan suddenly hugged her, saying that she was going to add some fuel. Lin Yang touched his head and encouraged him according to his words. It was the best.

Lu Zhengan had just come to Qingning and was unfamiliar with her life. He was too busy to worry about her. Lin Yang was actually very grateful to him and gave him the most sincere encouragement. Lu Zhengan lowered his head to end his tears, hugged Lin Yang again, and ran back into the car without looking back, and drove away. After this night, Lin Yang regained her confidence again. At the age of 31, she could lose, but she would never admit defeat.

Lin Yang got up the next morning under the sound of the alarm clock, and returned to the company to work with the exquisite makeup as always. Seeing Lin Yang, Li Tian gave a smiling face and expressed welcome to her back, hoping that they could live together peacefully in the future. Having said that, Li Tian couldn’t help but secretly observe Lin Yang, not forgetting how to deal with his rivals.

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