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Non-human idols are popular with me

Non-human idols are popular with me
Other Name: 非人爱豆都被我捧红了

Genre: novel, N dimension
Author: Jiang Ajiu
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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This time, I will bring the book friends a reading of the wonderful ending chapter content of Jiang Ajiu’s original N-dimensional novel “I love the non-human idols”. What will happen to the two protagonists of Bai Yue and Lu Yan? Let us wait and see together! The sky outside the window is already dark, because the rain is noisy, and the night is not much quieter because the number of pedestrians on the road decreases. Bai Yue planned to terminate the contract and glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the computer, and it was already displayed at half past eleven.

Free Reading Highlights:

The sky outside the window is already dark, because the rain is noisy, and the night is not much quieter because the number of pedestrians on the road decreases.

Bai Yue planned to terminate the contract and glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the computer, and it was already displayed at half past eleven.

Sighing and touching the tail ring on her little finger, Bai Yue remembered what Lu Yan had said when she was leaving tonight.

Bai Yue’s parents both passed away six months ago because of a plane crash, leaving her only a large insurance compensation and a shell entertainment company named Jiaojiao.

Don’t laugh at this name, it’s not her.

Her family’s company is handed down from the ancestors. From the Goulan Wasi in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, it slowly developed into a nightclub during the Republic of China. After World War II, it barely survived in the concession, and now it moved to the mainland and became an entertainment company.

The ancestors of the Bai family: the descendants of the inheritance, can not break the incense.

The Bai family’s company has a history of almost 400 years, and no one dared to change its name.

However, when Jiaojiao was in his parents’ generation, many companies and studios in the entertainment circle have emerged, and the development momentum has not been very good.

After arriving at her, after half a year of unremitting efforts, Jiao Jiao directly became a shell company.

Because she disregarded the opposition of her parents during the college entrance examination, she went to study a biology major that couldn’t be beaten by her ancestors.

After the parents’ accident, not to mention the small staff, even many company veterans have changed jobs one after another. The entire company’s artists have been arguing for half a year, but Bai Yue did not tire of it. After receiving some liquidated damages, the meaning was lost.

The only thing left in the company are 28 line artists who can’t pay the liquidated damages, and nine trainees who haven’t even had time to make their debut.

Bai Yue means that now she doesn’t have to worry about eating and drinking, so she cancels the company, and then she goes back to school to study her graduate student.

These artists, lose some money and let them find their own careers.

But Lu Yan firmly disagreed with this idea. The two had just had a big quarrel in the afternoon.

Lu Yan is thirty-four this year and has worked in the company for ten years. When Bai Yue was in high school, his parents were busy with work. Lu Yan acted as a father and a mother to give Bai Yue clothes and food, and when necessary, he would help hold parent meetings.

The father and mother Bai also regarded Lu Yan as a confidant, and often told the story of his company in front of Lu Yan. Lu Yan was thoroughly exaggerated by the company’s culture.

Bai Yue is now going to cancel her 400-year-old company, so why can’t Lu Yan stop him?

But Bai Yue couldn’t help it.

I rubbed the tail ring of unknown metal material in my hand-besides the company, another ancestral baby-I remembered the scene when my father had to put this ring on himself when he was an adult.

Past events followed one after another in his mind, coupled with today’s quarrel, Bai Yue turned off the computer upset, but found that the planned file was not saved.

Bai Yue jumped her feet with anger, rubbed her temples, and took a deep breath three times back and forth.

Forget it, anyway, there is time.

Bai Yue exhaled, it was getting late, picked up his handbag, closed the office door and prepared to leave.

Although there was no one in the whole building, she still habitually walked down one layer after another to see if the lights were off.

Going down to the second floor, Bai Yue passed by the practice room. Through the glass, he saw nine trainees still practicing, and felt sour.

Bai Yue knocked on the window.

The nine boys were taken aback, but Bai Yue was still working overtime.

“Boss!” Jiaojiao is a sole-stock company, and the general manager, chairman, finance and so on are all Bai Yue, so they are collectively referred to as the boss.

“It’s late, go back to the apartment and rest.” Bai Yue looked at these little brothers, feeling a little uncomfortable.

You still have to sit down and talk about the termination of the contract. This is not the time to talk about it.

“The boss works hard for the company, and it’s not too late for us.” One of the trainees had blue-green hair and showed a standard pear smile, very pleasing.

Bai Yue’s lips moved, and said: “Then I will go back first, you remember to turn off the lights.”

“it is good!”

It is also that most of the company’s artists have left before they can use this best practice room.

Originally the company was going to close down, but seeing the boss working so hard today does not seem to give up the company.

Thinking about it this way, these trainees have a little understanding in their hearts.

Bai Yue didn’t know what these trainees were thinking, so she turned around and went into the basement to pick up the car.

Because of the heavy rain tonight, which aroused a lot of water vapor, Bai Yue’s vision was not clear, and the speed of the car did not dare to drive too fast.

“Boom.” A white object fell on the hood of her car and rolled down again.

Bai Yue hurriedly stopped, the wipers flashed and flashed, and she felt more anxious when she watched.

“What the hell?”

Before he could get the umbrella, he ran off the car and saw a white animal at the front of the car.

Looking closer, it’s a cat.

“Are you touching porcelain?” Bai Yue picked up the cat, and the cat was dripping into soup.

“…” The cat opened his eyes, seeming dumbfounded.

Seeing that it was awake, Bai Yue carried the cat into the car.

Take out the towels from the car and put one on his seat while the other wraps the cat.

“It’s raining heavily today, I will take you in for one night. If I agree, I will give a meow.” Because the cat is very well-behaved, Bai Yue is not too bad.

On this heavy rainy day, one can never throw a kitten in the street.


“Hey, interesting.” Bai Yue laughed out loud, originally just wanting to tease him, but he didn’t expect to actually respond.

“It’s so clever.” The rain was getting bigger and bigger, and Bai Yue turned the key and hurried to go home.

Jin Xuanjin was very haunted along the way.

Did he cast a cat tire?

Wrapped tightly in a small towel, Jin Xuanjin analyzed his current situation.

This starts with the reduction of cholera in the human world over the past millennia. The four-sided beasts guarding the human world were sent to the world to take turns to take care of the tribulations because they were too idle. To put it simply, in the human world, people who came down to the tribulations in the form of beasts turned into monsters. It’s all under their control.

Suzaku Xia Rong has returned to the sky, and now he has been in charge of the White Tiger Divine Beast for one hundred years.

But why is it like this!

He couldn’t feel a bit of supernatural power, and he couldn’t even load the list of descendant fairies.

Jin Xuanjin bowed her body, maintaining a feline alert posture, and glanced at Bai Yue next to her.

Although I don’t know what this big moving box is, it seems very safe.

Jin Xuanjin used to go down to the world, but she will also turn into a cat to deceive the world.

So he knew that a girl the size of Bai Yue was the least resistant to his animal form at the moment.

It’s time to take him back to serve him.

Jin Xuanjin narrowed his eyes and came to such a conclusion.

At least until the divine power is restored, there is no need to sleep on the street.

Jin Xuanjin was thinking and fascinated along the way, and in Bai Yue’s eyes, she was a good cat who was well-behaved and did not cause trouble.

After stopping the car, Bai Yue took Jin Xuanjin out with the towel.

“Very good, I have worked hard to have a family.” Bai Yue teased the cat in his arms, feeling better.

Hey, I just happen to be unemployed, so let’s play the cat for the elderly.

Bai Yue took Jin Xuanjin back home, and even though she was still wet, she first found a towel to wipe Jin Xuanjin clean.

“You are good, I’ll go and pack myself first.” Bai Yue found a cardboard box and stuffed the cat in it.

“Meow.” Jin Xuanjin said OK.

After Bai Yue entered the bathroom wet, Jin Xuanjin jumped out of the carton, shook off the hair that was still stuck together, and patrolled the place.

It was very different from when he came to the world last time.

Jin Xuanjin sniffed everywhere, jumped on the sofa, and was immediately conquered by the soft pillow.

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