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Love Is Beautiful 对你的爱很美 Episode 2 Recap

Luo Yufeng felt that Luo Qing was abnormal. Wang Xiaomi took the opportunity to vomit bitterness to Luo Yufeng and wanted to stand on her own here. Luo Yufeng persuaded her to be financially independent first, but Wang Xiaomi majored in economic management, and she would not find a suitable job for a while. Luo Yufeng promised for the time being. Take her in, let her find a job first and then become independent.

Wang Dashan was panting and hurried home. He saw Luo Qing shut herself in the room and became sulking. Wang Dashan tried to persuade her to come out and have a good talk. Luo Qing felt bitter in her heart, but she was crying silently, and Wang Dashan was helpless. . Luo Qing hadn’t slept all night after tossing and turning, and when he saw Wang Dashan sleeping on the sofa in the middle of the night, he helped him cover the blanket.

Luo Yufeng only made a bowl of fatty intestine noodles. Wang Xiaomi was so hungry that she grabbed the bowl of noodles and ate it. Luo Yufeng had to take the bowl and share it with her. Luo Qing plucked up the courage to find Wang Dashan for a showdown, but in the end she didn’t open her mouth. Luo Qing didn’t allow Wang Xiaomi to talk about the talk show, let Wang Xiaomi fall in love, and occupy all her time. Wang Dashan couldn’t think of a better one. The method had to be agreed.

Luo Yufeng started live selling goods early in the morning. Wang Xiaomi secretly called Chen Mu and learned that he was in the Ke Lei Bar. Ke Lei asked him to write a joke. Wang Xiaomi sneaked out to see Chen Mu. Luo Yufeng closed one eye and pretended not to see it. Chen Mu wanted to write interesting stories about Wang Xiaomi’s house into the paragraph. Ke Lei was very interested. Wang Xiaomi promised to provide materials for Chen Mu to create. She thought Ke Lei’s bar was good, and she wanted to stay as a waiter and find a chance to talk about the talk show. Ke Lei asked Assistant Gao Sen to interview Wang Xiaomi.

Gao Sen thought that Wang Xiaomi was on a whim and deliberately put forward harsh conditions. Wang Xiaomi agreed one by one. She officially took up the post. Chen Mu and Xiaolu came to the bar to join in, and also called for Wang Xiaomi to serve. Luo Qing asked Wang Dashan for the car key. She drove to her mother’s house to block Wang Xiaomi, and found that there was no one at home. She hurriedly called Luo Yufeng. Luo Yufeng was shopping in the supermarket and lied that Wang Xiaomi was with her. Luo Qing believed that it was true. Stay and cook.

Luo Yufeng was worried about revealing the stuffing, and hurriedly called Wang Xiaomi to join him. The two went home together. Luo Yufeng was stunned to see Luo Qing cooking. The last time she saw this scene was 20 years ago, Luo Yufeng forced Wang Xiaomi bitterly. What bad things did Wang Xiaomi just go to the bar to perform. Luo Qing cooked a large table of dishes and left without eating. Before leaving, she repeatedly told Luo Yufeng not to let Wang Xiaomi leave.

Luo Yufeng wanted Chen Mu and Wang Xiaomi to fall in love, but Wang Dashan was unwilling to find a more suitable candidate. Luo Qing invited Chen Mu to the noodle restaurant. She and Wang Dashan tried to test Chen Mu with one word and one word. Chen Mu mistakenly thought they wanted to inquire about Wang Xiaomi’s secrets. He cursed that Wang Xiaomi did not fall in love and promised that no one would dare to do anything wrong with her. Thinking about it, Luo Qing found an excuse to push Wang Dashan away, but Wang Dashan got rid of him in a few words.

Wang Dashan bitterly asked Chen Muxi if he didn’t like Wang Xiaomi. Chen Mu didn’t know how to answer and wanted to find an excuse to leave. Wang Dashan asked Chen Mu to clarify his relationship with Wang Xiaomi in front of Luo Qing, so that Luo Qing completely gave up. Chen Mu admitted that he and Wang Xiaomi It’s buddies, but Luo Qing thinks buddies are the beginning of love.

Wang Xiaomi works as a waiter in a bar. When she is not busy, she listens to the talk show by Ke Lei. She is more and more fascinated by the talk show, and she can’t help herself. At the end of the performance, Ke Lei called Meimei and found out that his parents took Meimei to the baby shop every day. He was so amused that he laughed and persuaded Meimei to bear with her for a few more days and promised to compensate her well in the future.

Chen Mu asked Wang Xiaomi and his girlfriends to eat skewers. Suddenly received a message from Wang Dashan. Wang Dashan asked him about Wang Xiaomi’s current situation. He also transferred him 666 yuan for the benefit. Chen Mu lied that Wang Xiaomi was the teaching assistant of Professor Du, and they were doing one. Wang Dashan believed the matter to be true and immediately reported to Luo Qing, but Luo Qing felt that there was something wrong with the matter and asked him to take a closer look.

In the blink of an eye, on the weekend, Wang Dashan called Chen Mu to inquire about Wang Xiaomi’s situation. Chen Muxin said that Professor Hu Bian’s name was Du Minjun and repeatedly claimed that Wang Xiaomi could stay in school as a teacher after the project was completed. Wang Dashan was dubious. He personally came to school and learned from his classmates that Du Minjun was an alien in the TV series. Angrily, he called Chen Mu to teach him a lesson. Chen Mu had to admit that Wang Xiaomi worked at the Ke Lei Bar and wrote in his spare time. In the story, Wang Dashan turned around so angry that he forced Chen Mu to spit out all the beef noodles he had eaten for nothing.

Gao Sen called and persuaded Ke Lei to cooperate with the Internet masters to live broadcast the goods, and promised to make him rich overnight. Ke Lei flatly refused. He didn’t want to mislead his children, but just wanted to take the students to talk about the talk show. Chen Mu came to the bar to persuade Wang Xiaomi to go home. Wang Xiaomi not only refused to listen, but also taught him a lesson. Wang Dashan went home and reported Wang Xiaomi’s situation truthfully to Luo Qing. Luo Qing was immediately discouraged and wanted to divorce Wang Dashan.

Wang Dashan disagreed, but Luo Qing had no choice. She was tortured by this incident for twenty-three. In 1970, the better Wang Dashan treated her and Wang Xiaomi, the more guilty she felt and felt sorry for Wang Dashan. Wang Dashan asked the whole story hard. Luo Qing didn’t want Wang Dashan to carry it any more, and let others poke Wang Dashan’s spine in the back, only them. Only when the two divorced can Luo Qing be completely relieved.

Wang Dashan was puzzled. Luo Qing had the courage to admit that Ke Lei was her ex-husband, that is, Wang Xiaomi’s biological father. When Wang Dashan and Luo Qing were dating, they knew she was pregnant, but she didn’t expect it to be such a coincidence. Wang Dashan thought twice and decided to close the noodle shop and take Luo Qing to leave the city. Wang Xiaomi came into the house suddenly. She heard the conversation of her parents and learned that she was Ke Lei’s daughter. Not only was she not surprised, she was thankful that she was a rich second-generation, and there would be money to spend in the future. Wang Dashan felt unhappy. Going back to the house alone, sulking.

Wang Xiaomi followed up and tried to make Wang Dashan happy and promised to be his daughter. Wang Dashan felt different. Wang Xiaomi explained that Ke Lei only gave birth to her, and Wang Dashan was the father who brought her up. When Wang Dashan is a father, Wang Dashan just can’t let go.

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