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Hengshan Hospital 衡山医院 Episode 19 Recap

The Ma brothers were tied up in Ding Siye’s mansion. Ding Siye took out Zhang Nana’s photo and threatened Ma Tianming to tell the whereabouts of the child. Ma Tianming recalled how Zhang Nana saw herself in Bai’s house. She could basically determine her true identity. She simply pretended not to know her. However, in order to save the two younger brothers, she had to say that Zhu Tiande had five million mysterious funds and Tao Chengkai was in charge. Regarding the Hengshan Hospital, they pretended to use the money in exchange for their lives.

Ding Siye had already heard about this matter, and believed that Ma Tianming was definitely not a random fabrication, and he was willing to give him a month to get money, provided that Ma Tianliang stayed as a hostage, otherwise he would not talk about it. Ma Tianming and Ali were released, and suddenly remembered the meeting with Xue Ning, but when they rushed to the agreed place, the other party had already left.

The next morning, Ma Tianming took the initiative to confess to Xue Ning, admitting that he was pretending to be Cai Likun. He wanted to explain why, but Xue Ning forcibly took him to see Dean Su and took out what he had found in Niu Er’s residence. Twenty thousand yuan. Ma Tianming thought that Xue Ning was going to expose himself. Just as he was hesitating about how to speak, he did not expect Xue Ning to take the initiative to speak for him, falsely claiming that the orphans of the Niu Er faction stole the donations. If it were not for the clues provided by Ma Tianming, he would There is no way to find out the truth.

The donation came to an end for the time being. Xue Ning accompanied Ma Tianming to find Bai Zhuli, saying that Ding Siye was looking for Zhang Nana everywhere, so it was not safe for her to stay at Zhang’s house and should be sent out to Shanghai in time. However, Bai Julie resolutely refused and insisted on leaving Zhang Nana to take care of her, and did not follow Xue Ning’s arrangement.

Due to Tao Chengkai’s mistakes in handling the Xiaoyang Mansion, he was held accountable by the director. Shangfeng ordered him to withdraw from Hengshan Hospital and let Lixingshe take over. Seeing that it was a foregone conclusion, Li Quanxin was unwilling. He and Tao Chengkai quarreled, and they were shot and wounded by the other party. They simply ran to seek refuge in Qu Rusen. In fact, he acted as a bitter scheming lurking advance company.

After the incident, Tao Chengkai approached Ma Tianming and claimed that he would not appear in Hengshan Hospital in a short time, but Zhu Tiande would still be treated by Ma Tianming. Ma Tianming pretended to be panicked, saying that there is no protection from the Party Affairs Investigation Office, and worried that the Communist Party will be against him.

The Doctors Association wanted to register information. Dean Su took out a few envelopes from the drawer. First he saw a black and white photo of Ma Tianming wearing a bachelor’s hat. Then he found a graduation photo. Cai Likun who took a photo with his tutor was actually Han. Cheng himself. Dean Su knew that the current “Hancheng” and “Cai Likun” were both untrue, but she still gave the false information to Chen Zhengyuan to conceal their identities.

At the meeting, Dean Su publicly criticized Chen Zhengyuan for provoking Commander May and causing the hospital to become a miasma. Chen Zhengyuan was angry, so he accused Ma Tianming of using the bus as a private car. Dean Su thought that too much happened in the hospital now and they should reorganize the discipline, so he decided to find a full-time driver tomorrow.

Ma Tianming intends to recommend Cai Likun as a driver, who can use this identity to enter and leave the hospital casually, so he looks for an opportunity to let Cai Likun show off his car repair skills in front of Dean Su. Dean Su did not take it to heart. Instead, he asked Ma Tianming to interview the driver. Old Wu wanted to get this fat job for his son, and deliberately sent the applicant away. He did not know that Ma Tianming was in the trap. In the end Dean Su agreed to let Cai Likun. Try the driver.

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