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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 11 Recap

As Qin Yiyue said before, He Qiaoyan arranged the home warm and pleasant. Doctor Qin and Xiaobao were pleasantly surprised when they came back, just like the little house in a fairy tale. Mr. He also made special meals, even The dining tables are all replaced by small round tables that can be closer together, and Xiaobao is very happy.

Ruofei came to the place agreed by Wen Gu, and Wen Gu played the violin and fed the wagyu. He was unpredictable, but Ruo Fei saw it through at a glance. It turned out that he specially arranged for someone to take a sneak shot, trying to prove that Yang Ruo Fei approached him and wanted to do it. Wen’s daughter-in-law, so that Dong Wen can fire her and set herself free. Then the two of them bet each other, whoever is tempted will leave.

Dr. Qin brought Xiaobao to Senior Brother Ning Fang, who happened to have brought basketball, and Mr. He also secretly followed. They played basketball. If Mr. He lost, he would let Xiaobaolai Sunshine Primary School go to school. Mr. He deliberately released water during the game. In order to know that Xiaobao wanted to come to this school, he had learned about it on the spot, and took the opportunity to agree.

Two days before school started, Dr. Qin had prepared a lot of necessary items for school start, as well as a sense of ritual before school started, covering the book cover, but Mr. He’s sense of ritual before school started was a preliminary sample of a smart schoolbag. Can defend against danger, positioning and camera etc. However, Dr. Qin believes that this is unnecessary. The teacher’s logistics can ensure Xiaobao’s safety throughout the day, and if he wants to integrate Xiaobao into the lives of normal people, he can’t be so maverick, but be normal.

After being sent to the entrance of the elementary school, Little Bao didn’t want to go. The teacher also advised them to kiss and cheer on Little Bao. They kissed him, but Mr. He and Doctor Qin only borrowed places, but Xiao Bao still didn’t find out. Later, Senior Brother Ning Fang came to let her in, so he went in with him.

Mr. He returned to the car and found that he had forgotten the smart schoolbag he was studying, so he temporarily changed the meeting place for the meeting. It was directly opposite to the second floor of the Yangguang Elementary School’s teaching building. He took the binoculars and saw Yi Yue Brother He Ning Fang, still a little jealous, lied that there was something serious and called Yi Yue to go home quickly.

After returning home, Mr. He actually said that he was hungry. This is a big deal, so he asked Yiyue to cook the noodles made for Xiaobao last time. The taste was not bad. Yiyue made instant noodles with seafood and forced Mr. He to finish eating. , But if you don’t give Mr. He chopsticks, the two of them grabbed the chopsticks, but the behavior was a bit misleading.

At this time, the aunt of He Qiaoyan came back. He happened to see the two of them in the kitchen, so Mr. He introduced himself to the aunt. His wife Yiyue. But his aunt didn’t believe it. When he asked Xiaobao, Xiaobao said that this was the mom he was looking for. The aunt felt that they were not real husbands and wives, but for Xiaobao.

But President He saw that the aunt had already had doubts, and asked Yiyue to think of a way, so they pretended to be sweet and ambiguous, and did something normal couples should do. Yiyue and Aunt Liu cook the food together. Yiyue picks up the food for Aunt Liu, but the aunt doesn’t appreciate it, and asks Aunt Liu to take a pair of chopsticks. Mr. He tells him to give it to him. My aunt left suddenly, and Mr. He went to see his aunt, so Yiyue and Xiaobao dared to eat.

The aunt talked to others in the car to see Qiao Yan’s thoughts. Although the marriage was fake, He Qiaoyan seemed to be moved by Qin Yiyue. Therefore, she must quickly let Lin’s daughter come over. The He family and the Lin family must be married.

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