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Lover or Stranger 陌生的恋人 Episode 6 Recap

Back on the snow-capped mountain, Huo Youze held Luo Qianyi emotionally to save her and told her not to leave her. Luo Qianyi tried to break free from Huo Youze’s confinement. She struggled and pushed Huo Youze away, but she didn’t stand firmly and fell back on the cliff. Huo Youze didn’t. Grasping Luo Qianyi, Luo Qianyi fell off the cliff.

Back to the present, after Huo Youze was stabbed by Luo Qianyi, he said that he had never thought of hurting her. Now that she was stabbed, would she feel better? Huo Youze fainted after saying this, and Luo Qianyi was afraid that Huo Youze would have His life was in danger, and he called for help in the rain. Fortunately, Yuhang arrived in time and sent Luo Qianyi and Huo Youze to the hospital.

Huo Youze came out of the rescue room, and Sun Lei and Huo Youxi also rushed to the hospital. After Sun Lei learned that it was Huo Youze who was stabbed by Luo Qianyi, he immediately called the police. The weak Huo Youze raised his hand to prevent Sun Lei from calling the police.

Although Sun Lei did not call the police, she could not tolerate Luo Qianyi. Luo Qianyi could only look at Huo Youze from outside the ward. She wanted to clarify the matter, so she told Yuhang and left. Luo Qianyi went to the cafe and saw that Qi Fan was waiting for herself in the cafe. Qi Fan was wearing a bunch of lavender on his collar.

Qi Fan took out a bag of coffee beans to Luo Qianyi, saying that Luo Qianyi would let him buy it when they met. A bag of coffee beans as an excuse. Xiaoding photographed Luo Qianyi and Qi Fan meeting, and sent the photo to Sun Lei. Sun Lei asked Xiaoding to follow closely and listen to what they were saying.

Luo Qianyi said that she had forgotten Qi Fan. She looked at Qi Fan without any special feeling. She asked Qi Fan to come out just to know what happened before. Qi Fan was unacceptable for a while, and her attitude towards Luo Qianyi was a bit aggressive. Luo Qianyi was originally Just because yesterday’s things were painful, facing the emotional Qi Fan, she poured a glass of water over to calm him down.

Qi Fan said that Luo Qianyi never treated herself like this before, and Luo Qianyi asked him what he was like before. of. Qi Fan said that she used to be quiet and taciturn to everyone. The two met on a train. Luo Qianyi was very interested in Qifan’s violin. The two met because of the piano. Qi Fan asked Luo Qianyi’s name. Luo Qianyi said I didn’t want the previous name, so Qi Fan asked Qi Fan to give her one, and Qi Fan named her Luo Qianyi.

The two formed a band together to perform together. At the bar, someone recognized Huo Youze’s identity. Luo Qianyi stepped forward to say hello and developed a relationship with Huo Youze, but she still couldn’t let Qi Fan go. Before going to Japan, Qi Fan asked Luo Qianyi not to. I am embarrassed again, but Luo Qianyi said that she still needs Huo Youze. She hasn’t succeeded. She almost made a mistake in her last performance. She is afraid of failure. If she fails, there will be nothing. Qi Fan is very distressed and patiently comforted. With Luo Qianyi.

After Qi Fan talked about the memories, he continued to persuade Luo Qianyi to return to her, but Luo Qianyi said that she wanted to find out the truth. Qi Fan and Huo Youze are now strangers to her. When Qi Fan was still pestering Luo Qianyi, Yuhang rushed to Luo Qianyi relieved the siege and took Luo Qianyi away, all of which were photographed by Xiaoding.

Luo Qianyi and Yuhang went to the park to chat for a while, before saying a few words, Huo Youxi called and said that Huo Youze woke up and wanted to see Luo Qianyi. Luo Qianyi hurried to the hospital. Both Huo Youxi and Sun Lei didn’t have a good face for Luo Qianyi, but Huo Youze didn’t. I blamed Luo Qianyi for the meaning, and asked Luo Qianyi not to take it to heart.

Luo Qianyi said that she went to see Qi Fan. She now understands why Huo Youze is so wary of A Chao and the others. Huo Youze said that he wanted to live with Luo Qianyi, a lot. Everyone said that Luo Qianyi was using him, but he knew that Luo Qianyi was not only using him, but also had special feelings for him. Luo Qianyi didn’t know how to answer. Huo Youze said that she was a little tired, so she let Luo Qianyi go first.

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