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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 4 Recap

After returning home, everyone asked about Dr. Qin’s marriage proposal, but Dr. Qin explained that it was just a fake. Mr. He wanted her to beat her ex-boyfriend in the face and named the new building Yiyuelou. Doctor Qin threw it out as soon as he took a bath in the bathtub. At this moment, his best friend came in and flushed the toilet. This time, I can’t find it again. There are also a lot of comments on Weibo, and many people call Dr. Qin. Wen Gu ran over to ask Mr. He about this, but Mr. He said that the proposal was true and everything was just for Xiaobao.

Many people came to shoot in front of Yiyue Hall. Qin Yiyue pulled Mr. He aside and questioned him, but Mr. He said that the proposal was true, and asked her if she couldn’t afford to play for fear of falling in love with herself, but Dr. Qin said that he would not die. Will fall in love with him. Wen Gu took Mr. Xiao He to buy milk tea just in time to ran into Qing Qing, and she actually murmured at each other, so Xiao Bao proposed to give her an idea.

When Qingqing entered the door, Xiaobao loosened the rope holding the cake and smashed it on Qingqing’s head. Zhou Ziyang just came in, and both of them were embarrassed. Doctor Qin was drinking water, and Mr. He insisted on using her cup to drink water. When the two were fighting, Mr. He found that Dr. Qin’s ring was not wearing, and asked where she had gone.

Dr. Qin was a little flustered and said that he had put it at home. President He took the opportunity to put pressure on how valuable this ring is. Doctor Qin wanted to go out with the excuse of looking for Xiaobao and Xiaoan, but Mr. He told me to call, and then Doctor Qin called to find out that they were in trouble again. Just now, Qingqing and Zhou Ziyang were embarrassed, so they went to take a bath, Wen Gu and Xiaobao took their clothes away, making them embarrassed in front of everyone, but they mistakenly thought that all this was done by Doctor Qin. ghost.

In the evening, Doctor Qin, her best friend, and Xiao An were eating out, and there were people who made a video, and Doctor Qin used other methods to chase them away. President He also educates Xiaobao at home and asks him to put himself in the situation for Doctor Qin’s consideration. Wen Gu also suffered. When his father saw the news of Mr. He’s proposal, he replaced all the female employees around him, unless Wen Gu found a girlfriend. Wen Gu had to go to the Internet cafe to pick up girls. It happened to meet Dr. Qin’s best friend, but Ruo Fei not only messed up his gentle thoughts, but also drank him, sent him to the hotel and left a sum of money.

Dr. Qin was walking on the road and suddenly found a kitten trapped in a tree, so he went to rescue it, just knocking off the ring. Mr. He showed that he was in danger, so he hurried to find Doctor Qin. Unexpectedly, Dr. Qin almost fell while saving the cat and was picked up by her brother Ning Fang. The two went to his studio together. Mr. He went to her house to find her and no one was there, and he changed the password. At this time, Doctor Qin was treating the cat in Ning Fang’s studio.

They walked and talked about recent events. When they walked to the door of the house, Mr. He happened to be waiting for her at the door of her house. Mr. He was still jealous and told her to take care of her fiancée’s image not to walk with a man casually. After returning home, Mr. He looked for someone to check the remarks about entering Dr. Qin by mistake, and he would prosecute in his name. Someone slandered Doctor Qin in front of Yiyue Hall and was heard by Mr. He. Mr. He not only scorned these people, but also praised his fiancée.

When he arrived at the hospital, Dr. Qin still refused to marry him, at least he had to fall in love first. But Mr. He said that she and Zhou Ziyang had been in love for several years and were not married. Doctor Qin seemed to be persuaded, and his heart was a little shaken. After returning home, I recalled what Mr. He had said. Suddenly the doorbell rang. After opening the door, Dr. Qin was also stunned. It turned out that her parents had come without notifying her.

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