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Summer Again 薄荷之夏 Episode 1 Recap

In Xihai Town, when school was about to start, Tao Zhu and Wang Yiming ran to the café Big Blue Elephant to find Lin Nan for his homework, and told him gossiping that a white swan was going to be transferred to the class, but Lin Nanyi disagreed.

In Dacheng City, Tong Xi’s mother insisted on taking Tong Xi back to her hometown. Although Tong Xi was reluctant, she was unable to resist. She prayed silently that she would not run into Lin Nanyi, the nasty ghost.

The new domestic cartoonist cartoonist Qinghe is about to hold a press conference. Tong Xi does not want to miss this press conference, nor does he want to miss the first date with Senior Wei Ze. Her plan is to perform better in the past two days, paralyze her mother’s nerves, rush back to Dacheng City before the signing ceremony, and return before school starts, without delay. Thinking of this, Tong Xi immediately bought a round-trip ticket. As everyone knows, the great God Qinghe she has always wanted to meet is Lin Nanyi, the detestable ghost.

Tong Xi’s father heard from friends in the theater saying that Tong Xi’s mother and daughter moved back to Xihai Town and hurried to find them with flowers, but Tong Xi’s mother ignored him.

On the day of the press conference, Tong Xi woke up early and prepared to arrive at the bus station before 8 o’clock. Unexpectedly, her mother’s delay in leaving home caused Tong Xi’s time to be very tight. Just when she finally got a taxi, Lin Nan got into the car one step ahead of her, making Tong Xi half angry. On the narrow road of Yuanjia, Tong Xi met him again at the bus station, and angrily stepped forward and grabbed him. Unexpectedly, he discovered that he was a childish nuisance, the so-called fiance.

Tong Xi recognized Lin Nanyi and hurried away, but was caught by Lin Nanyi. In order to protect Tong Xi, Lin Nan accidentally fell to the ground. In the end, neither of them caught the plane, and instead stayed in the hospital for a day. As soon as Lin Nan was injured, Qinghe Great God’s signing event could only be cancelled, and everyone did not see the true face of Qinghe.

Wearing Dacheng uniform, Tong Xi went to the new school to report. Unexpectedly, she met Lin Nanyi who was injured because of climbing a tree to save the cat. She hurriedly helped him up and put a band-aid on him.

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