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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 28 Recap

The ZGDX team who lost the game introspected in the lounge, and Myojin simply pointed out a few problems with the ZGDX team. After listening to Myojin’s words, Lu Sicheng also gave the reason for his different style of play. Looking at the silent teammate, the old cat was still angry, and after smashing the table angrily, he got up and left.

At the start of the second game, the ZGDX team’s uncharacteristic lineup selection surprised the commentators in the stands. They wanted to play four guarantees and one. At the beginning of the game, both sides played steadily. After more than ten minutes, the two sides finally broke out on the bottom lane.

However, when the ZGDX gang gathered all the members, the YQCB people retreated decisively and fought a lonely one. ZGDX’s dissatisfied comments were everywhere, and the old cat had the biggest opinion. Soon everyone in the YQCB team was ready to fight snakes, and the old cat suggested to push separately, but Lu Sicheng decided to grab the snakes.

The nursery rhyme rate dropped Ai Jia first, but soon, the old cat who was forced to enter the game was killed, and the old K who tried to grab the dragon gave up his life. The situation suddenly became unfavorable, and everyone at ZGDX When they shouted to retreat, Lu Sicheng stood up, perhaps because he was burdened too much, Lu Sicheng tried his best to play the operation, but there was still no way to change. As the screen turned black, Lu Sicheng’s Shijin slowly fell. The ZGDX that was destroyed by the group was quickly exploded by YQCB, and the ZGDX team also failed to swallow again.

The people who failed looked at the exploding crystal, and their hearts were very complicated. When the two players shook hands, the pope told the nursery rhyme that Lu Sicheng had recurred his hand injury, and at the same time entrusted the nursery rhyme to take good care of Lu Sicheng.

On the way back, everyone at ZGDX refused to say anything on the bus, and everyone’s mood was very heavy. After returning to the base, Xiao Rui began to try his best to calm everyone’s emotions, but the effect was extremely poor. The unbearable old cat spoke fiercely and began to question Lu Sicheng loudly. Faced with the inquiry of his teammates, Lu Sicheng chose to remain silent.

As the conflict worsened, the nursery rhyme told everyone about Lu Sicheng’s hand injury. After that, Xiao Rui, who answered the phone, also gave a reply for Lu Sicheng. The old cat, who understood the cause and effect, was still excited and accused the captain of Lu Sicheng for his lack of teammates. Trust, then the sad old cat left. Xiaopang and others rushed out and stopped the old cat. After some comfort, they finally calmed down the old cat’s emotions.

After temporarily calming the emotions towards the people inside, Xiaorui and Myoshin began to talk, Xiaorui also began to reflect on whether it was the correct decision to bring nursery rhymes, and Myoshin on the side heard Xiaorui’s words and made a difference. Views. At the base, the nursery rhyme took medicine for Lu Sicheng, but Lu Sicheng did not choose to open the door. There was no way for the nursery rhyme to squat outside the door and quietly accompany Lu Sicheng. On the other hand, other people from ZGDX also went to Internet cafes to open black, watching others laugh and laugh, and several people in ZGDX were in a mixed mood. Xiao Rui, who was chatting with Myojin alone, also chose to get drunk because of too much trouble.

The nursery rhymes sitting outside began to persuade Lu Sicheng, and Lu Sicheng was also thoughtful when listening to the nursery rhymes. Xiao Rui in the bar also began to confide in his heart, and then Xiao Rui, who could no longer control his emotions, burst into tears. Perhaps it was the behavior of crying and telling the nursery rhyme that touched Lu Sicheng, and Lu Sicheng in the door cheered up again. Lu Sicheng who opened the door immediately hugged the nursery rhyme tightly in his arms. After Lu Sicheng stabilized, the nursery rhyme also sent text messages to the others, arranging a meeting time tomorrow.

The next day, Lu Sicheng and the nursery rhyme were waiting downstairs in the base early, fearing that Lu Sicheng would be under pressure, the nursery rhyme hugged Lu Sicheng’s arm tightly. When the time came to two o’clock, the door of the base was pushed open, and a group of men entered menacingly. Seeing the crowd arrived, Lu Sicheng also began to apologize to everyone, and the gap between the group of people also disappeared.

Everyone who accepted the apology also turned their eyes to the old cat. The old cat who forced the cold could no longer hold back his expression. Crying and hugged Lu Sicheng. The team atmosphere of ZGDX has also returned to before.

When everyone was enjoying themselves, Lu Sicheng also received a call from the Public Security Bureau. Lu Sicheng took the nursery rhyme to the police station and confronted the silent family. The Lin Mo family, who was exposed, also realized the seriousness and began to apologize. It’s nothing more than a matter of age.

Hearing these, Lu Sicheng frowned slightly and chose not to reconcile. Lin Mo’s parents who had torn their faces also changed their attitudes, revealing meanness in their words. Subsequently, the policeman who was in charge of mediation also lost patience with this family, and Lin Mo was also punished as he deserved.

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