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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 27 Recap

The nursery rhyme hiding in the toilet cried heartily while dealing with the wound. At this moment, Lu Sicheng pushed the door in, and the nursery rhyme hurriedly wiped away the tears. Faced with Lu Sicheng’s inquiry, the nursery rhyme stubbornly covered up. Afterwards, Lu Sicheng squatted down and began to patiently help the nursery rhyme bandage the wound. Just when Lu Sicheng got up and left, the nursery rhyme hurriedly got up and hugged Lu Sicheng, and suddenly vented the grievances in his heart.

Seeing the nursery rhymes like this, Lu Sicheng was slightly displeased, and began to inquire about the nursery rhymes with a little sadness. But as soon as he turned around and looked at the nursery rhymes of grievances, Lu Sicheng suddenly softened and began to blame himself. A thousand words are not worth a kiss. Facing the endless stream of nursery rhymes, Lu Sicheng directly sealed the nursery rhymes and then pushed them onto the bed.

No words for a night, in a daze, the nursery rhyme woke up and received news of a good sister. Open the nursery rhyme of the news and found that ZGDX’s official blog also explained the ban on nursery rhymes. At the same time, netizens also found the person who sent the blade silently. There are different opinions on the Internet, some support nursery rhymes, and some condemn the human flesh incidents of nursery rhymes.

Under the pressure of public opinion, the perpetrator who sent the blade silently posted a video asking netizens for forgiveness. In the video, the perpetrator cried and apologized like a fan while telling everyone that he was a depression patient. The more he talked, the more excited he was silently preparing and even taking sleeping pills to commit suicide. At this time, public opinion on the Internet became even more crazy, and netizens began to overthrow the nursery rhymes.

However, soon some fans began to suspect that the silent diagnosis was a fake. Public opinion intensified, and the head of the club began to arrange a series of measures to try to restore the reputation of the team, but was strongly opposed by Lu Sicheng, the two sides disputed, and the negotiations failed, Lu Sicheng decided to come forward to resolve the incident by himself. After leaving the club, Lu Sicheng dialed a call and drove away.

In the base, Myoshin led everyone to develop and analyze YQCB. When everyone was discussing, Lu Sicheng answered the phone and got up and left, and everyone didn’t want to continue the analysis. Lu Sicheng, who had left, lost contact directly, the training match was approaching, and Myojin decided to play instead.

At this moment, Lu Sicheng also returned to the base in time. Before the start of the training game, Lu Sicheng rubbed his hands and noticed the details of the nursery rhymes. But Lu Sicheng said it was OK. After some deployment, the game officially began. Although Lu Sicheng was still calmly commanding his teammates, he was obviously out of state and was killed soon after. Although everyone was puzzled, Lu Sicheng did not say, and others did not say much.

The next day, the nursery rhyme waking up found Lu Sicheng training downstairs all night, and hurriedly went downstairs to stop Lu Sicheng. Seeing the nursery rhyme came down, Lu Sicheng had to give up and went upstairs to wash his face.

Netizens are also looking forward to this light and shadow duel, and it is hard to get a ticket for the match. Before the start, the teammates were listless in the lounge, and Xiao Rui enthusiastically served coffee. Because Lu Sicheng and Mingshen were out, the nursery rhyme brought two cups of coffee to them. Outside the door, the nursery rhyme and the old cat who arrived later heard something vaguely. But as the broadcast sounded, the conversation between the two stopped.

At the beginning of the game, the audience was enthusiastic and shouted. At the beginning of the BP session, Lu Sicheng tried his best to ban Iron Rat. Now, the Pope’s expression is extremely complicated, and he feels betrayed by his close friends. Both sides did a lot of research before the game, and after the BP link for each other was over. The game has also begun, and the master moves, and the moves are fatal. The two sides who know the roots and know the bottom line are ready to go, but the thunder is heavy and the rain is small.

Soon, Lu Sicheng seized the opportunity, and the limit counter-killed the opponent’s support. When everyone breathed a sigh of relief, the Pope killed the ZGDX team’s bottom lane combination with an instant stepping tower. The focus on both sides is also placed on the bottom lane, doing things separately. At this moment, the old cat arbitrarily stepped forward to fight, but was killed by the YQCB team, and then the old K stepped forward to harvest, and he was also killed by the tower. Subsequently, ZGDX engaged in trouble in the middle and successfully replaced the center tower of the YQCB team.

At this time, Lu Sicheng chose to command the big snake. The resurrected YQCB was also preparing to fight for the dragon. The old cat who had a premonition proposed to retreat, but Lu Sicheng Unmoved, everyone at ZGDX had no choice but to hard drive. Then, Lu Sicheng, who was squatting in the grass, made a fatal error. Team YQCB also seized the opportunity to destroy the ZGDX team, then pushed the base away and ended the game.

The ZGDX team that lost the game was very frustrated, and the old cat was also angry and left because of various things in the previous game. There seems to be a little problem inside the ZGDX team.

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