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Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 Episode 2 Recap

When Mr. He arrived, Qin Yiyue happened to be playing very well with Xiaobao, but Mr. He felt that Qin Yiyue’s things last night were deliberate, and she didn’t lose anything. His own company has suffered a lot of losses. He also told Xiaobao that it was all aunts who came out here, but Xiaobao said that he liked Doctor Qin and wanted to be friends with her, and wanted her to come home.

President He investigated Doctor Qin, and Teddy couldn’t understand why Xiaobao liked Dr. Qin. President He also did a chart analysis and analyzed it with business logic. And he thinks Doctor Qin is quite special. Wen Shun said that Xiaobao is very clever, and like his father, it seems that Xiaobao is not Mr. He’s biological son.

President He came to the hospital the next day, but was rejected by Doctor Qin. Mr. He wanted to send her an e-mail in person, saying that it was very rigid, so that Mei Shun changed a little, but he accidentally sent it out. Doctor Qin felt that Mr. He was narcissistic. Mr. He called himself, but was mistaken by Doctor Qin for a phone fraud.

The next day Mr. He brought cash to see Doctor Qin, but was rejected by Doctor Qin. President He came back to discuss with Wen Shun what Dr. Qin likes to see, but Wen Shun confidently said that he would wrap it on himself. It turned out that Wen Shun gave a bunch of dolls that could repeat other people’s words, but Dr. Qin refused. Then President He blocked Dr. Qin on the road, but he was misunderstood by Dr. Qin when he followed what he said docilely. Therefore, Mr. He had to use his own method.

President He was waiting for her at the door of the house. When Dr. Qin arrived, he heard someone calling for help, so he immediately went to help. He was rescued by President He when the bad guy was about to hit Dr. Qin and hit him on the wrist. Doctor Qin bandaged him, and when they were about to lower their heads to pick up the medicine, the two looked at each other, and there was a hint of affection in the air.

At the meeting the next day, Mr. He was absent-minded and asked how he could recruit the people he wanted. Mr. He also secretly read Qin Yiyue’s Weibo, and he even gave him a thumbs-up, and Xiaobao returned it to Mr. He. Pressure. Mr. He also personally took the cake he made and took Xiaobao to the tea garden party. It happened that Dr. Qin was also there, and the two of them played together.

He head office developed a new type of love bracelet, and actually called Wen Shun to test it together, but in the end it was not given to him. When Dr. Qin and Xiaobao asked about his birthday, the reaction was very abnormal. Dr. Qin called Mr. He out to ask. Mr. He said that on his birthday five years ago, they both lost each other’s closest person, congratulations. I have already consulted many doctors to no avail. Doctor Qin thought that since it was a birthday issue, he decided to spend a birthday to solve the problem. Dr. Qin and Mr. He also arranged an arrangement for Xiaobao together.

Dr. Qin also agreed to be Xiaobao’s private doctor, and he came to the head office to sign a contract, and he refused to replace him with a hot pot. The two discussed a lot of things together. After eating hot pot, Mr. He sent Doctor Qin home. On the way, Dr. Qin fell asleep. Mr. He put the couple bracelet on Dr. Qin and concealed his hand. The ring is paired with her.

After Mr. He returned home, Xiaobao put up a birthday note in his room, but changed his mind when he heard that he was going to have a meal with Dr. Qin.

The next morning, Dr. Qin fell ill, and President He’s watch strap reminded him that Dr. Qin was not feeling well, so he immediately stopped the meeting and called her to care about Dr. Qin.

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