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Absence Seizure

Absence Seizure. It is a form of epilepsy. This will cause delusional symptoms such as stopping to speak while telling a story. or stop walking suddenly But the symptoms usually go away within seconds. The epileptic seizures can be combined with other types of seizures.

Seizures are more common in children. But it can happen to people of all ages. Most of them disappear as they grow older. Initial treatment may include anticonvulsants along with self-care. You should see a doctor for diagnosis. Because this condition can affect lifestyle.

Absence Seizure Symptoms
Most of these symptoms are intermittent interruptions and distractions, which may occur during sitting, standing, walking, or other gestures, but are stationary without falling or weakening. Except in the case of other epilepsy symptoms such as tremors, muscle spasms. muscle weakness or epileptic This can cause the patient to fall and cause an accident. Silence usually occurs and disappears in less than 15 seconds, or even longer. But this is a rare case.

while floating The patient may have movements in specific parts that are different from the original, such as a posture like chewing food, blinking eyes frequently, pursed lips, fingers and hands moving, etc. After recovering from alopecia, they will resume their activities. like walking or talking without the memory of the numb

In addition, epileptic seizures in children can affect schooling and life, so if your child or other family member experiences such a seizure several times a day for several weeks or has an impact on learning You should see your doctor for a diagnosis. For those who know that they have such symptoms. If the drug is used regularly and has seizures more severe seizures Or have other types of seizures occur together, you should see a doctor as well.

Cause of Absence Seizure
An epileptic seizure is a disorder of the brain and nervous system caused by sudden changes in the neurotransmitter and electrical charge in the brain. Thus affecting the processes of the brain and body movement. The reason why neurotransmitters and electrical charge in the brain change may be due to genetic abnormalities. or get motivated by stimuli such as flash light or hyperventilation (Hyperventilation)

Other factors may also increase the risk of this form of seizure, such as age and gender. Because this condition is more common in children aged 4-14 years, it is more common in girls than boys. including those with a family history of epilepsy there may be an increased risk of this condition, for example.

Diagnosis of Absence Seizure
Initially, the doctor will ask about the symptoms and examine the medical history. and perform a physical examination to find and analyze the nature of the disease The doctor may then perform additional tests with an electroencephalogram (EEG), which is the most commonly used method of detecting epileptic seizures. It is used to look at changes or abnormalities in electrical signals within the brain.

Your doctor may also perform tests to look for other diseases that can cause epileptic seizures or similar symptoms, such as:

  • blood test
  • liver and kidney function tests
  • machine photography Computed tomography (CT Scan)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • cerebrospinal fluid puncture

Absence Seizure Treatment
If a doctor diagnoses a type of epilepsy Your doctor may recommend an anticonvulsant medication such as valproic acid or ethosaccimide. Ethosuximide is prescribed by your doctor first to prevent side effects. As for the duration of medication use may depend on the patient’s condition. in some cases, if necessary Your doctor may recommend surgery.

Complications from Absence Seizure
An epileptic seizure in a child can affect schooling. The child had a feeling of separation. have behavioral problems There is a risk of accidents if you become distracted while crossing the road, driving, or swimming. These problems may have consequences in the future. In addition, some children may not be fully cured. Even as an adult, you still need to use anticonvulsants. Or they may have seizures that can become more severe and develop into other forms of epilepsy.

Absence Seizure Protection
The epileptic seizures in some patients may be inherited from family members. therefore cannot be prevented For patients who have been diagnosed with this condition by a doctor You should take the medication as prescribed by your doctor to prevent such symptoms. Your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes along with medication. This may reduce the risk of recurrence, such as eating a healthy diet. Especially good fats and low carbohydrates. get enough sleep This includes avoiding potentially dangerous situations such as driving or swimming.

In addition, prevention of complications in learning, behavior and emotions, since this condition often occurs in children. Parents should talk to the patient and the people around him to gain an understanding of the symptoms and help plan care. You may consult your doctor for further advice.

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