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Summer Again (2021) 薄荷之夏

Summer Again (2021)
Other Title: 薄荷之夏, Mint Summer, Summer of Mint, Bo He Zhi Xia, Bok Ho Ji Ha

Genres: Romance, Youth, Drama
Mi Bao
Xin Xiao Yang
Release Date:
 July 10, 2021 – Jul 18, 2021
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  • Ni Ke Xin as Tong Xi
  • Chen He Yi as Lin Nan Yi
  • Han Xin Yu as Ni Xiao Wan
  • Zhuang Sen as Xu Ao

Tong Xi, a girl who lives in a big city, returns to the seaside town where she once lived to study because of her mother’s transfer. Due to a misunderstanding back then, she was stubborn with her childhood friend Ma Lin Nan. After the reunion, Lin Nan Yi always appeared next to her. With his encouragement, Tong Xi found her dream of dancing. Tong Xi helps Lin Nan Yi rekindle his passion for painting.

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