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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 29 Recap

Li Ruosheng testified for Mu Qing that it was indeed Ou Kexin who took the initiative to pursue Mu Qing, and that nothing substantive happened between them. But Mr. Ou insisted on shooting Mu Qing to death. Suddenly, Ou Kexin came. She took out a dagger and threatened Mr. Ou to release Mu Qing with her own life. In desperation, Mr. Ou agreed to Ou Kexin to take Mu Qing away. On the one hand, Mr. Ou ordered his subordinates to continue to stare at Mu Qing, and on the other hand he asked the glasses to find Camel for undercover information. After seeing Mu Qing and Ou Kexin safe, Glory also ordered the troops to retreat.

Glasses called Zheng Ke, and he asked Zheng Ke to find the undercover information quickly. Glory reminds Zheng Ke that he can modify Tieguanyin’s criminal record. The glasses said he only looked at the results. Glory reported this plan to Liu Ju. He said that although the plan was risky, he believed in the ability of his team members. After hearing this, Liu Ju agreed.

Tie Guanyin still refused to confess, Zheng Ke deliberately let Tie Guanyin see the words written on his hand: “Glasses let me save you”, Tie Guanyin immediately expressed his willingness to cooperate after seeing it.

Ou Kexin and Mu Qing deliberately acted for Mr. Ou’s men. They stayed in Ou Kexin’s studio after visiting the supermarket. Mu Qing reminded Ou Kexin that he must not push his head when encountering similar dangers in the future, and protect himself first. Ou Kexin happily ate the meals made by Mu Qing, watching Ou Kexin’s gestures, Mu Qing couldn’t help but fall into the sweet memories of himself and Rong Yu. Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing if he had recalled something, Mu Qing immediately became serious, and Ou Kexin didn’t ask any more.

In the police station, Zheng Ke tampered with Tieguanyin’s criminal record after obtaining permission from his superiors. Glory went to Linda for perjury, and Linda was also very cooperative. Glory told Tie Guanyin that Linda had helped her with the crime, and that Tie Guanyin was free now. The cautious Tie Guanyin still asked to meet Linda. Subsequently, the police station deliberately arranged Linda and Tie Guanyin in the same toilet.

Tie Guanyin sent a note to Linda to ask who was responsible for all this. Linda said that she was willing to commit the crime, as long as Tie Guanyin went out to take care of it. Good for your family. After that, Linda pretended to tear the note to pieces and threw it away. Linda gave the note of chatting with Tie Guanyin to the police. Linda told the police that although Tie Guanyin suspected her on the surface, it was only a test. Tie Guanyin had begun to believe all this. Glory is very grateful to Linda for her cooperation. Linda said she should thank the police for giving her such a chance of atonement.

Tie Guanyin left the police station. She immediately called the glasses and said that she knew who the undercover agent was. She wanted the glasses to arrange the location immediately, and she wanted to tell Mr. Ou in person. After the glasses sent the location to Tie Guanyin, Tie Guanyin immediately took a taxi and rushed to meet the glasses. However, the taxi driver was dressed up by Zhao Ran. Zhao Ran threatened Tie Guanyin with a gun to throw away his mobile phone, and then took Tie Guanyin away. The men sent by the glasses to respond to Tie Guanyin were also left empty.

The glasses will invite Mu Qing to Mr. Ou’s home. On the way, Mu Qing said that before the glasses, he wanted to kill himself. Isn’t he afraid of revenge in the future? The glasses confidently indicated that Mu Qing had no future. Suddenly, the men of the glasses told him that Tie Guanyin had been robbed. Zheng Ke called the glasses and said that he had taken Tie Guanyin away, and he asked his daughter to change the glasses. The glasses reluctantly agreed to Zheng Ke’s condition.

Glasses instructed his men to take Zheng Ke’s daughter to change Tieguanyin. He specifically asked his men to take Zheng Ke and his daughter out after success.

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