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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 26 Recap

Du Xiaosu kept following Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng went out to take a taxi to the bar. He drank alcohol alone. Du Xiaosu followed and advised him not to drink anymore and wanted to take him home. Lei Yuzheng yelled at Du Xiaosu and didn’t want to see it. The pity that Du Xiaosu’s eyes showed, Du Xiaosu was very annoyed and forced him to leave. Lei Yuzheng did not dare to face his father and regarded himself as the culprit. Du Xiaosu severely taught Lei Yuzheng and took a bottle of wine. Drink, get drunk with him.

Lei Yuzheng snatched the wine bottle and threw it on the ground, and murmured at Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu was not discouraged and insisted on taking him with him. Lei Yuzheng kissed Du Xiaosu forcibly, and Du Xiaosu promised to stay with him. Lei Yuzheng cooked dinner early in the morning. Not only did Lei Ting not know him, he did not eat the food he cooked. Lei Yuzheng was very distressed. Lei Ting clamored to find Du Xiaosu.

The recent real estate recession has caused few buyers to buy houses. Du Xiaosu’s studio has few customers. She goes out early and goes back to take care of Lei Ting every day and has no time to take care of the studio’s affairs. The assistant explains to her the current situation, and Du Xiaosu realizes the seriousness of the problem.

She still couldn’t let go of Leiting. Lei Ting rummaged through the boxes and cupboards to find the sugar cubes, and then gave them all to Lei Yuzheng to make up for the shortcomings he had when he was a child. Then Lei Ting began to watch current affairs news in a loop. Seeing that it was getting late, Lei Yuzheng persuaded him to go back and rest, but Lei Ting was in various rooms Find someone in it.

Lei Yuzheng turned over the big photo album. Lei Ting recognized his wife Wanhua at a glance, and clamored to take Lei Yuzheng to find Wanhua. Du Xiaosu came in time. She put Lei Ting in bed and rested, and Lei Ting urged Lei Yuzhen to go early. Married to Du Xiaosu and worried that such a good wife like Du Xiaosu would run away, Lei Yuzheng could only play haha ​​with a smile.

After Lei Ting fell asleep steadily, Lei Yuzheng was relieved. He thanked Du Xiaosu again and again. Du Xiaosu pulled out Wanhua’s photo and looked at it carefully. Lei Yuzheng remembered his parents’ previous quarrels because of their busy careers. Du Xiaosu persuaded him to face the present optimistically. Take a good grasp of the current life. Before leaving, Du Xiaosu repeatedly stated that she was willing to take care of Leiting, and promised to continue to see Leiting tomorrow.

Lin Xiangyuan and Xie Li saw He Qunfei cleaning the toilet, so they asked him to clean Leiting’s office. They both mocked He Qunfei and He Qunfei resigned on the spot. Lei Ting wanted to eat dumplings. Lei Yuzheng and Du Xiaosu prepared them together. They talked, laughed, and were not happy.

Lin Xiangyuan looked at Lei Ting and Lei Yuzheng forced him out. Lin Xiangyuan spoke harshly to Lei Yuzheng, and Lei Yuzheng fisted and kicked him. Du Xiaosu cooked the dumplings and brought them to Lei Ting. Lei Yuzheng came in with a gloomy face, urging Du Xiaosu to leave as soon as possible, and explained that this family did not need her. Lei Yuzheng ignored Lei Ting’s block and forced Du Xiaosu out, and Du Xiaosu had to take the medicine. Put it at the door and leave.

Zou Siqi came to the mall to buy a bag and learned that Shangguan Boyao bought the latest bag as a gift. Seeing the name Meimei on the card, Zou Siqi immediately understood everything. Zou Siqi took the bag and went to Shangguan Boyao to settle the account. He Qun flew to the bar to work as a waiter. He saw Shangguan Boyao spending time with a girl in his arms, so he gave him a severe lesson and warned him not to make Zou Siqi sad, otherwise he would never be merciless.

Zou Siqi came to Shangguan Boyao aggressively. He Qunfei desperately stopped him. Zou Siqi rushed into the private room and saw Shangguan Boyao hugging the girl, talking and laughing. The girl recognized that the bag was given to her by Shangguan Boyao. Zou Siqi slammed the door. And go.

Shangguan Boyao hurriedly chased it out, took out a bank card and gave it to Zou Siqi, persuading her to open her eyes, Zou Siqi gritted her teeth, threw the bank card on the ground and left, He Qunfei followed him out.

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