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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 22 Recap

It didn’t take long for the YQCB game to begin. Fans in the audience enthusiastically called the Pope. Not long after the start, a team battle broke out between the two sides. Ai Jia reversed the battle with extreme manipulation. But Chen Jinyang, who didn’t understand the game in the audience, didn’t catch a cold. Instead, he noticed the big bag on his subject’s forehead. With the pope joining the YQCB team, the YQCB team made great strides and soon won the game.

In the audience, Chen Jinyang suffered from the female fans behind him, but in order to let the subject play well, Chen Jinyang chose to be patient. In the ZGDX lounge, the teammates are also studying YQCB’s play style seriously. The game is still going on. YQCB, who has changed its style of play, has been losing out because of the changed style of play. Ai Jia also has a lot of eye-catching operations because of her unsuitability. Soon the YQCB team was pulled back.

In the audience, because Ai Jia lost the game, the female fan who had just made trouble suddenly cast her temper on Chen Jinyang. Ai Jia, who noticed the change in the audience, couldn’t bear it, stepped down to accuse the fans, and then hugged Chen Jinyang domineeringly and left. When the two returned to the lounge, Ai Jia also changed her past cowardice and was full of domineering. Ai Jia’s behavior also touched Chen Jinyang. After a heartfelt complaint, Ai Jia and Chen Jinyang embraced and kissed each other.

Seeing the nursery rhyme in this scene, he closed the door silently. As soon as he turned to leave, the nursery rhyme ran into Lu Sicheng head-on. Lu Sicheng, who cared about his girlfriend, had already figured out what the nursery rhyme was thinking about. There was no need to say more. The two hugged each other, enjoying the moment of tranquility that belonged to the two. On the other hand, the YQCB team lacking Ai Jia still won the game by virtue of its excellent strength.

Afterwards, the ZGDX game was about to begin. After discussion, the people of the ZGDX team decided to continue the legend of 4 guarantees 1. Seeing the choice of the heroes of the ZGDX people, the commentary was also very surprised. At the beginning of the game, maybe it was really because the version changed. Everyone in ZGDX didn’t play very smoothly.

The opponent team repeatedly caught people. At this time, the nursery rhyme relied on its own operation to fight back. A little disadvantage. Although it is a little back, there is still not much time left for ZGDX, and the chance of winning is still slim. Afterwards, the smooth Doom Orcs began to choose to fight the Orochi. The people of the ZGDX team were waiting for the appearance of Captain Lu Sicheng, but Lu Sicheng had been eating soldiers on the line.

Just when the Doomsday Orcs were about to take the Orochi, he was committed to The developed Lu Sicheng also arrived at level 18. After an order, the ZGDX group, who had been waiting for a long time, swarmed forward. The team battle was about to start. The real incarnation of the white wolf at level 18 was a bloodthirsty beast. The ZGDX team did not give the opponent a chance to breathe for a long time, and directly won the game. ZGDX team also continued to write their own legend once again, defending the dignity of the audience team.

In the post-match interview, Lu Sicheng mocked the Pope without emotion, and looked at Lu Sicheng, who was getting more wings, and the Pope cast a cold look. Soon, the reporters began to focus on the private lives of the players. Faced with increasingly excessive problems, Lu Sicheng also coldly replied, without mercy, watching the more and more excited Lu Sicheng, nursery rhyme quiet Mi squeezed. After receiving the hint, Lu Sicheng changed his mind, and also spotted some professional players in secret. Afterwards, Xiaopang, who was not too big to watch the excitement, directly led the disaster to Yangshen’s head. Facing reporters’ questions, Lu Sicheng also admitted that he belonged to him. This also caused a wave of laughter among the people present.

After the interview, Lu Sicheng took the hand of the nursery rhyme, and the five members of the ZGDX team came to the stage and bowed to the audience. During the period, the nursery rhyme and Lu Sicheng were discussing something in a low voice, and then the two seemed to have reached an agreement and stopped talking. Only the children’s rhymes were left to look at Lu Sicheng’s perfect profile.

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