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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 21 Recap

Facing Lu Sicheng’s sudden confession, the nursery rhyme was sluggish for a while, and then maybe it was lack of confidence. The nursery rhyme deliberately raised the tone. After a few words of Lu Sicheng, he got up and left, but he had not walked to the door and was called back by Lu Sicheng.

The two people who sat down began to discuss carefully. The nursery rhyme accused Lu Sicheng of being too aggressive, and Lu Sicheng was also convinced and began to talk carefully. Lu Sicheng, who happened to say a few words, changed his tone again because of the attitude of the nursery rhyme, and then immediately changed under the accusation of the nursery rhyme. Faced with Lu Sicheng’s repeated inquiries, the nursery rhyme did not give a clear answer in the end.

After the incident, the two came to the interview site and heard the nursery rhymes praising the Korean aid. The jealous Lu Sicheng immediately gave the opposite opinion. Then the two of them faced the host’s questions, basically each holding their own opinions, faintly competing with each other. In the end, the host asked the question about love, and Lu Sicheng took the opportunity to publicly inquire about the nursery rhymes, and the awkward nursery rhymes gave an ambiguous answer. The interaction between the two also caused whispers in the audience.

After the interview, the nursery rhyme who went to the toilet heard the comments from outsiders about her, and she was so frightened that she kept waiting for others to leave before she dared to show up. On the way back, the nursery rhyme recalled bit by bit with Lu Sicheng before, maybe she didn’t understand her feelings for Lu Sicheng. The nursery rhyme back to the base saw Lu Sicheng’s seat in a daze. Hearing the sound of Lu Sicheng’s car, the nursery rhyme hurriedly went downstairs. After looking at each other for a while, maybe she really liked it, maybe she liked cats. The nursery rhyme agreed to Lu Sicheng’s Asked, the two held each other tightly. Facing Lu Sicheng’s teasing, the nursery rhyme hid in Lu Sicheng’s arms embarrassedly.

Without a word for a night, the nursery rhyme called to tell my good sister Chen Jinyang the news last night. Chen Jinyang, who had been on the front line of eating melons, immediately rushed to the base of ZGDX. Then the two hid in the room and began to chat in whispers.

The nursery rhyme downstairs saw Lu Sicheng on the phone and asked. The nursery rhyme also learned from Lu Sicheng about the club’s rectification of the player’s style. Afterwards, the nursery rhyme hits Lu Sicheng’s short report to Xiaorui. The revengeful Lu Sicheng took the opportunity to interlock with the nursery rhyme. The shy nursery rhyme tried to break free but there was no way, and Xiaorui, who focused on the cat, did not notice the intimate behavior of the two. .

After a while, he finally escaped from the nursery rhyme, but soon I received a teasing text message from Lu Sicheng on the phone.

The nursery rhymes returned to the room and Lu Sicheng had a lively chat on their mobile phones. The nursery rhymes put down the mobile phone and found that the impact of the incident had affected his good sisters. Then, the nursery rhymes immediately sent their condolences to the good sisters. While reading the comments of netizens, the nursery rhymes began to worry about themselves. On the other side, in the face of doubts from netizens, Ai Jia also opened a live broadcast to explain the matter. Subsequently, Chen Jinyang also showed his face domineeringly, and showed a strong wave of love in the live broadcast room.

At ZGDX base, Lu Sicheng and the nursery rhyme exchanged text messages, and Lu Sicheng, who was not asleep, ran upstairs with a smirk. Subsequently, the moment Lu Sicheng opened the door with the help of the nursery rhyme, he entered the nursery rhyme room. Lu Sicheng also changed from the old coldness and hurriedly hugged the nursery rhyme. Listening to the nursery rhyme concerns, Lu Sicheng gave his promise, and then Lu Sicheng hugged the nursery rhyme from the front, kissed the nursery rhyme, and began to lick his tongue. The shy nursery rhyme drove away Lu Sicheng in anger.

The next day, the nursery rhymes ran to the scene to watch Ai Jia’s game. The nursery rhymes recognized by the fans also enthusiastically interacted with the fans. After that, Chen Jinyang also followed the nursery rhymes. What just happened was seen by Lu Sicheng at the entrance, and the cold Lu Sicheng also had rare tenderness in his eyes. The two were chatting on their mobile phones, and soon Lu Sicheng was discovered by fans, and the audience at the scene also erupted in exclamation. Lu Sicheng, who felt unsuitable to stay for long, confessed the nursery rhyme and left.

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