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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 40 Recap

Bai Jue knew the pain of separation between Qingmu and Houchi for a hundred years, but it was useless to mention the past, and even he could not change this fate. Gu Jun was willing to keep this secret with Bai Jue. Bai Jue said that he knew that the Feng Clan was the work of Wu Huan, but he did not detect a trace of devilish energy on Wu Huan’s body. Little Queen Bai Ju didn’t care about it, but Bai Ju had been to Yuanling Swamp before, and his divine power was damaged in order to delay the power of Chaos, so he could only deal with it carefully this time, not wanting any accidents.

The future has become a certainty, and Bai Ju let Gu Jun lively comfort Houchi, but he has no choice but to be unfeeling. After Gu Jun left, Jing Zhao came to see Bai Jue. She wanted to make a marriage contract with Bai Jue and marry him into the Changyuan Hall, so that Bai Jue had a break with Qingchi Palace. Bai Ju thought about it again and again, and responded to the matter out loud.

Houchi saw the ancients in her dream, and saw the ancient spirits wandering in the void. She talked with the ancients and told them about Qingmu. The ancients did not believe that Bai Jun would hurt others for her own sake. Houchi spoke out against the ancients. Under the fate of the ancients, everyone could only bear it, just as she, as a true god, had to deal with the chaos of the world, The reason why she made the last wish that she would not become a god was just to fulfill the wish of a future life to stay with her beloved one for a lifetime.

Jing Jian played alone in front of Qing Mu’s cloak. Bai Jun stood behind Jing Jian, knowing the reason why he had been losing to Jing Jian when he was Qing Mu, but he could not come forward to talk to Jing Jian, he must Control your own affection. Afterwards, Jing Jian came to Tiangong. He learned that Jing Zhao was going to marry Bai Ju, so he asked to be stationed at the Rakshasa Site. Twilight asked Jing Jian to attend the marriage ceremony between Jing Zhao and Bai Ju.

Then he mentioned Danfeng of the Feng clan. With the disappearance of the elder, Twilight even remembered Feng Ran’s identity, hiding this unknown secret alone. After leaving the hall, Jing Jian met Wu Huan, he avoided Wu Huan like a scourge, Wu Huan guessed that Jing Jian knew the secret of Wutong Forest, so Feng Nu went to investigate.

The story of Bai Jue’s marrying Jing Zhao spread to Qingchi Palace, and Qingchi Palace wanted to hide Houchi. Gu Jun knew that this was the method that Bai Jue came up with to cut love for Houchi, but this method was too cruel for Houchi. . Hou Chi found that the Soul Resurrection Tower at the bottom of Huajing Pool had disappeared. She guessed that this had something to do with Qing Mu, so she planned to go to Beihai alone.

Wuhuan had found Elder Danfeng. She knew that Elder Danfeng had asked Fengran to go to Wutonglin. It turned out that Fengran was the child of Fengyan and Wuxi. Back then, Wuhuan asked Danfeng to kill Fengran, Danfeng She only secretly released Feng Ran for a while, but now she knows that she can’t survive, so she only tells Wu Huan that when Feng Huang returns, what is waiting for Wu Huan is endless purgatory.

Wuhuan has always been cruel, since she already knows that Fengran is the Emperor of Phoenix, she also wants to kill Fengran. She only leads Fengran to the realm of the sky in the name of Baiju, and then secretly abducts Fengran. Ran tried a bit and saw that Feng Ran gave birth to wings, which confirmed that Feng Ran was Huofeng.

Back then, Wuhuan was passed down as the patriarch of the Feng clan, and the old patriarch asked her to guard the birth of the Phoenix Emperor, and then assigned the position of the patriarch to the Feng Emperor. The Phoenix Emperor’s birth and Nirvana rebirth are the hope of the Phoenix Clan, and Feng Yan and Wutong are also her own killers. Hearing her own life experience, Feng Ran wanted to kill Wuhuan for revenge, but was trapped in Hunyuan Dafa by Wuhuan. After twelve hours, she would be drained of her spiritual energy and turned into a bone-blood spirit pill. After swallowing her, she became the real Phoenix Emperor.

Today is the marriage of Jing Zhao and Bai Ju. Wu Huan has already deployed a heavy army in the sky. If Houchi wants to make trouble, she will have no return to Houchi. On the other side of Beihai, Houchi came to Yiguanzhong and told Qingmu that she was pregnant. She wanted to say it in front of Qingmu, but she never thought that Qingmu had already left her.

Before leaving, Qingmu left a reflection for Houchi. After Houchi rescued Bai Xuan, many memories that did not belong to him were opened. As early as when he opened the ice coffin on the bottom of the North Sea, Qingmu realized that he It was Bai Jue and Bai Xuan. He hoped that Hou Chi would not be sad because of him. Although his life was short, it was enough to have him. He loved Hou Chi, his only wife in this life.

Jing Jian has Feng Ran’s Ling Yu on his body, which makes Yu different. He learned that Feng Ran was wrong, and anxious and worrisome appeared in his heart, so he followed Ling Yu to find Feng Ran, and he desperately tried to save Feng Ran. With him in the Three Realms, he would never allow anyone to hurt Feng Ran, even his mother god Wu Huan.

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