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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 14 Recap

Zhao Xiaolei chatted with Han Shuang and felt that he had a fate with the uncle, but the uncle was very good, and she was not worthy of the uncle. The uncle’s ex-wife also sought out herself, which made Zhao Xiaolei feel like a third party destroying her family. Han Shuang told Zhao Xiaolei not to be like that. The uncle is already divorced. Zhao Xiaolei should not feel guilty. That is what she should do. Go for the happiness.

Xu Chengyi took Xia Yan to a party with a few bosses, some of whom felt that Xu Chengyi had already occupied all the apps on the market, and now he has developed a girlfriend software that is even more powerful. Xu Chengyi told them which project Xia Yan was in charge of now, so everyone cancelled Xu Chengyi’s business and beauty. Xia Yan stood up to toast everyone, hoping to take care of all the bosses in the future.

After that, Amy also stood up and toasted to the bosses. Xia Yan winked at her for fear that Amy would drink too much, but Amy was a little drunk and didn’t see Xia Yan’s intention to continue drinking with those bosses. After that, everyone asked Xia Yan to accompany them for a few drinks. Xu Chengyi quickly relieved Xia Yan and said that Xia Yan was only suitable for projects and was not good enough to drink. Xu Chengyi wanted to drink for Xia Yan. Those bosses thought that Xu Chengyi would drink for Xia Yan and would not spare him lightly. .

Zhao Xiaolei and her uncle met and talked about his ex-wife’s going to find her. The uncle told Zhao Xiaolei not to mention her ex-wife. They had nothing to do with him. He told Zhao Xiaolei not to take her ex-wife to heart. The uncle knew that Zhao Xiaolei would go to travel for fear of touching her, so that Zhao Xiaolei could go to book at any time in the future. Zhao Xiaolei knows that the uncle likes herself, but cannot continue, or he will become a sinner who destroys the family reconciliation, and bid farewell to the uncle to go back, but the uncle’s eyes are already moist, watching Zhao Xiaolei’s back chase out to give it to him.

One of her gifts is the uncle’s award-winning sculpture. Zhao Xiaolei felt that the thing was too precious to accept. The uncle knew that Zhao Xiaolei had nothing to do with it, so he took out a seal with a small character engraved on it, which represented Zhao Xiaolei’s meaning and should be given to her as a souvenir.

Xu Chengyi Xiayan went home after drinking, and Amy sent a message to Xia Yan that Xia Yan must send Mr. Xu home safely. He drank too much for Xia Yan, really desperate. Although Xu Chengyi is drunk, he still tells Xia Yan to do a good job of the girlfriend planet project. If they can negotiate business with those bosses, then the girlfriend planet will be able to become popular. After talking about Xu Chengyi, he will fall into Xia Yan’s arms. went.

Zhao Xiaolei went to the senior Lin Hao’s house. Lin Hao enthusiastically asked Zhao Xiaolei to go to the restaurant to visit his house. Lin Hao pulled Zhao Xiaolei into his bedroom to visit, but Zhao Xiaolei found it inconvenient. Lin Hao told Zhao Xiaolei that there were no women in his house. Just open the door to Zhao Xiaolei. Zhao Xiaolei felt that Lin Hao must have drunk too much, but Lin Hao told Zhao Xiaolei that he hadn’t drank too much, so he danced to Zhao Xiaolei and jumped up as he said.

When Zhao Xiaolei knew that Lin Hao drank too much and wanted to get rid of him, she told Lin Hao to guard the sofa, otherwise the sofa would run away. Lin Hao felt that what Zhao Xiaolei said was right, so she told Zhao Xiaolei to pour water and lie down on the sofa. Fell asleep. Zhao Xiaolei watched Lin Hao fall asleep and went to take the quilt to cover him.

I want to send Xu Chengyi home and tell him to rest and then leave, but Xu Chengyi grabbed Xia Yan and did not tell her to leave. Xia Yan must not leave SG. Unless Xia Yan has a better place to go, Xu Chengyi will never allow Xia. Yan left the company. There are many projects on Xu Chengyi’s desk. They are all projects Xu Chengyi has done before, but they are all failed projects. Xia Yan knew that Xu Chengyi also failed. She had always thought that Xu Chengyi was going well.

Xu Chengyi tells Xia Yan that only when she fails too many can she learn lessons and avoid failure. Just when Xia Yan was about to continue chatting with Xu Chengyi, I saw that he was asleep, but there was a picture frame behind the table, which was the agreement signed by Xia Yan to Xu Chengyi. I didn’t expect Xu Chengyi to formally mount that agreement. He got up and hung it on the wall, and there was a bracelet on the table that Xia Yan had lost, which he didn’t expect to be kept by Xu Chengyi. Xia Yan helped Xu Chengyi to rest on the sofa and suddenly realized that Xu Chengyi was still very handsome.

After Zhao Xiaolei went home, she watched Xia Yan waiting for her in the living room before she went home very late. Zhao Xiaolei didn’t feel relieved until Xia Yan came home. Xia Yan asked Zhao Xiaolei what his mentality would be if he kept a piece of other people’s thing at home for many years alone? Zhao Xiaolei thinks that it should be a memorial to the collection. In one person’s eyes, things that may be of no value to others will be invaluable in his eyes. Xia Yan felt that Xu Chengyi kept a worthless bracelet of her own as a commemorative meaning, Xia Yan was also very incomprehensible.

Xu Chengyi woke up early in the morning to understand that he was covered with a blanket and knew that Xia Yan must have made it, and Xia Yan did not fall asleep all night. Thinking of Xu Chengyi standing up for him at the wine table, he still didn’t call at home. When Xia Yan left, it seemed that Xia Yan had a different feeling towards Xu Chengyi than before.

Xia Yan went to Mr. Yan and wanted to introduce their project, but Mr. Yan didn’t even look at Xia Yan, so he called the secretary and sent her away. Xia Yan went back to the company before meeting Mr. Yan and told Xu Chengyi that she learned that Mr. Yan often went to play and wanted to open Mr. Yan’s channels through there. Xu Chengyi tells Xia Yan that he and Yan are always alumni, and they are not pleasing to the eye. Yan always never cooperates with SG, but Xia Yan thinks she has to try before giving up. Later, Xia Yan asked Xu Chengyi if they had seen them before, and Xu Chengyi asked Xia Yan to find a place to chat.

Many years ago, Xu Chengyi and Xia Yan met at the airport. At that time, Xia Yan was crying and calling others. Xu Chengyi was very impressed. After that, Xu Chengyi was a little dizzy. Just when Xia Yan passed by, she noticed that Xu Chengyi was low in blood sugar, so she took out some supplements for Xu Chengyi to drink. After Xu Chengyi finished speaking, Xia Yan remembered what they had met at the airport, and the convergence was also lost that day, but Xia Yan was anxious to board the plane and Xu Chengyi had no chance to return it to Xia Yan.

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