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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 37 Recap

Tourmaline knows that Houchi is a man of great merit, and he must be forgiven by Houchi, and he has no regrets, and his soul disappears before Houchi and Qingmu. Jingjian returned to the Imperial City. He blamed himself for letting Jingyang go away privately. Fengran didn’t blame Jingjian. She wanted to face everything with Jingjian, but Jingjian stepped back and rejected Fengran, Feng. Ran Qiang endured the sadness in her heart and left, and when the two met again, they were just friends, nothing else.

On the night of the wedding of Houchi and Qingmu, the two drank a cup of wine. Since then, the two have shared joys and sorrows. Qingmu knows that Houchi is concerned with the three realms of common people. During the hundred years since Houchi has left, he has guarded the world for Houchi. Everything. This night, the two of them are sinking for each other, hugging and loving each other tightly.

The next day, Qing Mu sent Houchi to the gate of Shenyin Mountain, and he let the little paper man accompany Houchi. Houchi kissed Qingmu goodbye and told Qingmu to remember to take her home in a hundred years, but he didn’t know that Qingmu had made plans to separate from Houchi, and when Bai Jue returned from the restoration of spiritual consciousness, he would no longer be there. exist.

Houchi entered Shenyin Mountain alone. Although Shenyin Mountain has been sealed by the gods for 60,000 years, its divine power is still strong. Houchi found a house in the mountain, exactly the same as Baixuan’s bamboo house in Wangwangshan. Tianqi appeared in front of Houchi. This bamboo house was moved by him. He was going to stay with Houchi for a hundred years. Even if Houchi was Qingmu’s wife, he only wished to guard Houchi silently.

Qingmu conveyed the words of Houchi to Jingjian, letting Jingjian decide whether to disclose what Jingyang did. Now that the tourmaline is dead, killing Jingyang will not help. If Jingyang can be controlled for the benefit of the three lives, It is also a good thing. Jing Jian admired Jing Jian’s heart and mind. Jing Jian told Qing Mu about the evil in the world. He wanted to go with Qing Mu to resolve the evil in the world. Qing Mu asked Jing Jian to stay in the Tiangong to help Twilight. At the same time, he also warned. Jingjian don’t evade, if you evade again and again, it will disappear.

Jing Jian has a soft temperament. He came to the gate of Qingchi Palace because of Qingmu’s words, but he still did not enter Qingchi Palace. Chang Que reported the matter to Feng Ran. Feng Ran was very angry at Jing Jian’s indecision, and was angry that he did not want to see Jing Jian again. Gu Jun came to enlighten Feng Ran. He believed that Jing Jian was thoughtful and thoughtful, and Feng Ran was worthy of entrustment, and Feng Ran also had a heavy responsibility, and Feng Ran really should not miss Jing Jian.

Qing Mu clears his sorrow in the six cities of the world, Jing Zhao has been with Qing Mu, secretly helping Qing Mu, but Qing Mu has been keeping a distance from Jing Zhao, and only Houchi is in his heart. In a blink of an eye, two years have passed. In the past two years, Qingmu has been sending letters to Houchi. Although Houchi is accompanied by the apocalypse, he still misses Qingmu very much. Through the small paper people, Qingmu only feels that the hundreds of years have passed. Very difficult.

Donghua has found out that Jingyang has a slight relationship with the evil spirits in the world, and Twilight asks Donghua to find out about the matter. If this matter is by Jingyang, he will not be merciless. At the same time, he also learned from Donghua that the reappearance of devilish energy in the Three Realms was no trivial matter.

He asked Donghua to keep it secret first, and then made a decision after the matter was found out. After that, Twilight summoned Jingjian. Jingjian was the body of Baifeng. Now Wuhuan can’t handle the affairs of the Feng family in Jiuyou, so he asks Jingjian to go to Wutonglin to inherit the position of elder. Wu Huan learned of this from Feng Nu. She was very upset. Her secrets were hidden in the Wutong Forest.

Over the years, she accidentally let the devil energy into her body when refining magic weapons, so she kept letting Feng Nu be She sucked the spirit power of the demon soldiers and generals, and used it to purify the devil energy in her body. Now, Wu Huan is preparing to sacrifice the Feng Clan to purify the devil energy for her. Elder Danfeng, only by taking the order of Elder Danfeng can she keep the secret of Wutong Forest.

Jing Jian came to Wutong Forest, but met Feng Ran. Now the Wutong Forest has changed. Feng Ran returned to the Feng clan by the order of Elder Dan Feng. Elder Dan Feng is about to sit down and plan to inform Feng Ran’s life experience before then. . Qing Mu also went to Wutong Forest. When Qing Mu saw Feng Ran, he shot her, claiming that Feng Ran in front of her was transformed by a demon, so that Jingjian would not be deceived by Feng Ran. On the other side, Houchi was pregnant. She was very happy when she learned about it, and was about to tell Qingmu in person.

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