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Tomb of God 2021

Tomb of God 2021
Also known as: Tomb of God 2021, 神墓2021, The Warrior from Sky

Genre: Drama, Action, Movies
Tong Hui
Release Date:
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  • Li Mingxuan
  • Zhang Di
  • Liu Guanqi
  • Wang Zhuoda
  • Shan Mingkai

The ancient god of war Chennan, who led the gods and demons to fight the way of heaven, awakened from the tombs on the top of the snow-capped mountain after tens of thousands of years of sleep. His divine power and memory have been closed. After a fierce battle with the tomb guard, he fell into the cliff. Inadvertently strayed into the territory of Chu State, and finally embarked on the road to save the world in order to explore the mystery of his life experience, to unlock his own divine power.

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