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The Tomorrow’s War

Tomorrow’s battle
Also known as: 明日之戰

Genre: Drama, Science Fiction
United States
Chris McKay
Zach Dean
Release Date:
July 2, 2021
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  • Chris Pratt Yvonne
  • Chomsky J · K ·
  • Simmons Edwin
  • Jiabuaier Fei Lisha
  • Terrell Melissa
  • Andelade Patelike
  • Malone Shi
  • Kuita James
  • Rodney L. James

Chris Pratt discusses starring in the science fiction film [Ghost Draft] (Ghost Draft, tentative translation), directed by Chris McKay ([Lego Movie]), and written by Zach Dean ([Trap]). The story tells that a father and son are recruited into a future war that determines the destiny of mankind. Funded and produced by Skydance.

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