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Shennong Golden Eye

Shennong Golden Eye
Other Name: 神农金瞳

Genre: novel, Fantasy
Author: The Melancholy Hedgehog
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The main characters in “Shen Nong Golden Eyes” are Song Jiang and Chen Jing. This male-frequency novel is carefully written by the author “The Melancholy Hedgehog”. The content of the novel is introduced: Song Jiang is a little fool who is always caught by the villagers. Bullying, that day, the unscrupulous young man in the village took Song Jiang to take a peek at the village chief’s daughter-in-law to take a bath, and was caught by the village chief. After the village chief knocked him unconscious, he was dragged to the backyard. After waking up, Song Jiang not only regained his sanity, but also got the inheritance of Shennong. From then on, he was in charge of medical skills and became a fearsome little doctor.

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Anyway, the old man was also sent to first aid. I believe that he has his own six-pointed cynomorium needle. The old man should not be in danger of life. Although he is a little depressed, Song Jiang did not take it seriously. After he came to the board, he couldn’t wait. Eat it up.

Except for a bowl of porridge and a steamed bun in the morning, I haven’t eaten much for a day, and now I’m already hungry.

And this Pan Mee is worthy of being a time-honored brand. It tastes very strong, especially the chili inside. It is very spicy and refreshing. Song Jiang ate three bowls enough, and then he burped contentedly and paid to go. people.

It’s getting dark, and I have to find a place to sleep today.

at the same time.

The old man surnamed Zhai was rescued in the emergency room of the town hospital at this moment.

At this moment, all the expert doctors standing beside the old man in the town hospital are all looking at the old man on the bed with embarrassment.

“Heart disease caused by myocardial infarction is a serious problem. Why not send it to the county hospital or directly to the city hospital?”

A middle-aged doctor said in a deep voice.

“It’s definitely too late to send it to the county hospital. We can only get treatment here. Everyone think of a plan as soon as possible and get rescue right away!”

Dean Qiao Wende said with a wry smile.

“Our hospital has simple equipment and no cardiologists. Let us do this operation. The success rate is not high!”

The middle-aged doctor shook his head and said.

Everyone was silent, and they groaned secretly in their hearts.

In normal times, they wouldn’t be so embarrassed, but when they saw the patient’s name, they were all shocked.

The old man’s name is Zhai Longyue, the richest man in Lishui City.

They really couldn’t understand how a dignified richest man would show up in that broken noodle restaurant with only a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl with no one around him.

With such a special identity, he is now lying in the emergency room of the town hospital. If Zhai Longyue has an accident in the town hospital, then their entire hospital will be unlucky!

“Have you contacted the experts at the county hospital?”

Qiao Wende asked very upset.

“I got in touch, saying that it will take half an hour to arrive. The experts from the city hospital are also arriving by special car now!”

A nurse next to him said quickly.

Hearing this news, everyone was slightly relieved.

“The patient’s condition seems to be stable now, maybe we can wait for the experts to arrive before giving treatment!”

The middle-aged doctor said in a deep voice.

There are really no experts in the treatment of heart diseases, and they dare not treat patients at will.

“It’s also strange. According to normal circumstances, the patient should be very painful now. Why does he fall into a coma, and all his physical characteristics show normal!”

Someone raised this doubt.

Everyone nodded, yes, this is even more strange.

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