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Huo Shao’s Flash Marriage Warm Wife

Huo Shao’s Flash Marriage Warm Wife
Other Name: 霍少的闪婚暖妻

Genre: novel, Romance
Author: Yefei
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The author “Yefei” created this modern romance novel “Huo Shao’s Flash Marriage and Warm Wife” through the description of the protagonists Lu Yiyu and Huo Yushen. This article mainly narrates: Lu Yiyu’s family is the debt of her previous life, and her sister took away her money and her people together; her mother spoke harsh words to her every day, and even almost pushed her to jail; if it weren’t for Huo Yu With the appearance of Shen, she will live with a crime all her life, but that man is also her robbery…

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“You, who told me that I only have you as a child. You want to be your carve again. Your father and I have an attitude that can make you 30 years old and allow you to experience a few more years outside. You will be 30 years old. When your father was old, you should go home and take on the responsibilities you should bear. Can you accept that?”

Li Xiang hesitated, but nodded.

Mrs. Li said, “Go and rest. I’ll go back to the hotel to meditate.”

“Isn’t there another room here?”

“Living here, you and I will be uncomfortable. We are mother and child, so don’t be so polite.”

Li Xiang heard what she said, and didn’t insist on it anymore.

Get up and take her to a nearby five-star hotel.


After returning to the villa, Huo Yushen has not yet returned.

She turned on all the lights downstairs, and then she picked up a change of clothes to take a shower.

While taking a bath, she pondered what Mrs. Li said tonight.

She didn’t care much about Mrs. Li’s words.

However, there is nothing else to distract now, so I thought about it carefully.

She is not very fond of the play of holding the wrong child or the child’s father losing the child after the death of the child’s mother.

Because in terms of her own life experience, no matter how she loses her mind, she will not lose her child.

Idol dramas and romantic novels are no longer in favor of this kind of bloody drama and plot.

He was a little bit ridiculous and thought, after the water in the bathtub became cold, he fumbled and got up, changed his clothes and went downstairs to find milk.

Huo Yushen just came in from the door, and the two of them met each other.

He smiled, “Are you back?”

“Didn’t you go to dinner with your friends? It’s early for me to come back.”

“Go to Li Xiang’s house for dinner with Mang Xue. Li Xiang’s mother came to Yincheng these two days.”

Huo Yushen replied as a response, and then switched to the indoor drag.

To heat two cups of milk in one word, Huo Yu sat down on the sand, looking tired, as if he could fall asleep at any time.

He said lightly and sat beside Huo Yushen, “Huo Dong, do you want to take a bath in the building and just fall asleep?”

“Let me slow down.”

“Are you so tired today?”

“Yes. Every time I get tired, I want to close the company and leave. This business is too tossing.” Huo Yushen said in

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