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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 9 Recap

Xia Yan’s parents went to visit their daughter, and the old couple did not stop until Xia Yan and Lin Hao had broken up. Xia Yan was afraid that her parents were sad and didn’t tell them. Xia Yan asked her parents to go to the restaurant for dinner. When she went to the bathroom, her father saw that Lin Hao and Hao Jie were very close together, so he went to ask them what was going on. Lin Hao told his father that he had broken up with Xia Yan.

But my father said that Xia Yan asked them to see her in-laws, and asked Lin Hao to go back to Xia Yan to make it clear. After several people saw Xia Yan, their father asked Lin Hao to clarify the matter, otherwise he would be rude to him, but Hao Jie told them not to get excited, and soon they would have a new son-in-law. But Dad didn’t listen and insisted on beating Lin Hao. It must be Lin Hao who Hao Jie seduced. Xia Yan didn’t want to be entangled with Lin Hao, so she told her father to stop, because she didn’t like Lin Hao.

Later, his father Xia Xueli asked Xia Yan that he had gone to live and work for Lin Hao. He didn’t believe that his daughter would give up the seven-year relationship. Xia Yan told her father that he had strict tutoring before, and had never cared about comforting her. This time, he wanted to tell them when things subsided. But Xia Xueli had to ask Xia Yan always said that she was wrong, but just didn’t tell them where she was wrong, Xia Yan was pissed off by her father’s words. Mom scolded Xia Xueli, even her daughter didn’t believe it.

The uncle and Zhao Xiaolei met again and introduced themselves, saying that they were divorced and had a seven-year-old son. Zhao Xiaolei felt that she could not accept a marriage with an ex-wife. She also talked about the fact that she and Liu Yiming almost got married before. Although that person didn’t like it very much, her family was satisfied and almost got married. At this time, the younger brother Xiaojun passed by and asked Zhao Xiaolei who was that person, so he called Zhao Xiaolei not to be fooled if he knew that the uncle was in the second marriage. That kind of person asked her to be a stepmother, but Zhao Xiaolei told Xiaojun not to talk nonsense, they were just friends. That’s it.

Xia Xueli took the initiative to ask Lin Hao about his ability to reconcile with Xia Yan. He felt that Xia Yan must have caused Lin Hao to get angry with Xia Yan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have encountered a restaurant so coincidental. Lin Hao must have arranged it deliberately.

But Lin Hao told Xia Xueli that he knew who Xia Yan liked, so Xia Xueli went home very angry and asked what happened to Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi? When Xia Yan heard it, she knew that her father had gone to Lin Hao. Xia Xueli warned Xia Yan that their family was a scholarly family. Xia Yan really lost the Xia family’s face. In order to be promoted, she went to seduce her boss and gave Xia Yan a mouth.

At this time, the neighbor’s aunt heard Xia Yan’s house noise and went in to persuade her to fight, saying that Xia Yan was a good boy and often worked overtime until late, but the pressure of going to work as soon as dawn was too heavy and she couldn’t take a few hours a day. The two of them only heard Xia Yan’s good news but not the bad news, and they couldn’t realize the hardships of their daughter. Considering the feelings of parents at home, on the other side they bought a car for Lin Hao to rush to the front. It was really embarrassing for Xia Yan. Xia Xueli turned around and went to find Xu Chengyi.

Mother knew that her daughter had been wronged to comfort her, but she still wanted to know whether she had anything to do with Xu Chengyi. They have always believed in Xia Yan, but they are too far away from her to be with her at any time. Mother does not want her child to make money, as long as she is safe. When the family made dumplings at home and watched Xia Xueli still not going back, her mother said that Xia Xueli seemed to have gone out with Xia Yan’s employee card. When Xia Yan heard it, she knew that her father must have gone to Xu Chengyi. Several people hurried to the company. .

Xu Chengyi talked about Lin Hao and Xia Yan when he was playing games with Mark, and it happened that Xia Xueli walked to the door and heard their conversation. Hearing Xu Chengyi found out that Lin Hao and Hao Jie were at home, Xu Chengyi didn’t open the door to send Xia Yan. After that, they took Xia Yan to the hotel, but nothing happened. They just asked the waiter to help Xia Yan change and wash her clothes. When Xia Xueli fainted outside the door, Xu Chengyi heard something outside the door and hurried out to check. Xia Xueli said that he had harmed his daughter. Xu Chengyi saw that the employee card turned out to be Xia Yan’s father and rushed to the hospital. .

When Xia Yan received a call from Xu Chengyi on the way to the company, Han Shuang quickly turned around. After arriving at the hospital, Han Shuang heard that Xia Xueli fainted when he heard their conversation. Xia Yan went to Xu Chengyi to question her, but Xu Chengyi was called Xia. Yan Xian treats Xia Xueli, anyway he heard the truth.

The doctor said that Xia Xueli wants Ma Shang to undergo surgery, and there is an aneurysm in his head that requires minimally invasive surgery. The doctor introduced Xia Yan to the risks of surgery. Xia Yan was very scared when she heard that she did not dare to sign. Ma Xiangnan told Xia Yan that the doctor must sign to perform the surgery. As long as the surgery is risky, Xia Yan struggled with the notice. Owe a name.

My mother also knew that Xia Xueli had gone to the hospital and ran very excitedly to ask what was going on. At this time, Xu Chengyi passed by and Han Shuang asked him to explain clearly. When my mother heard that the person in front of him was Xu Chengyi, she was even more excited to ask him to give an explanation.

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