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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 9 Recap

In the process of joint certification by China and foreign countries, the domestically-made new turbofan regional passenger aircraft will usher in the aircraft experiment, the very difficult static load test of the whole aircraft. The success or failure of this experiment will affect the future of the domestically-made regional passenger aircraft. When all the staff evacuated to the scene, every detail of the experiment affected everyone’s hearts. Although my country’s aircraft manufacturing industry has stepped into intelligence and widely used new materials, some links still need to be made by hand by sheet metal workers, and the sheet metal workshop is an important part of it.

Teacher Jiang was explaining to the classmates and suddenly fell, so people hurried to help. Liu Mengyu was intern in the sheet metal workshop. She thought that although they were newcomers who were not proficient in business, they would be willing to learn as long as Master Zhao Xudong was willing to teach. You can get started soon. Zhao Xudong ordered the team leader to arrange work.

Zhao Xudong deliberately called the team leader to talk. Before, he clearly told the Ministry of Manpower not to arrange Liu Mengyu in the sheet metal world. What is going on now. The team leader mentioned it to the Ministry of Manpower, but the Ministry of Manpower said that Liu Mengyu graduated with a major in sheet metal, and he wanted to come to the sheet metal workshop, and had good grades during school.

Zhao Xudong decided to go out in person and asked the team leader to arrange for Liu Mengyu to do the cleaning and tidying up of the tooling. Liu Mengyu was a little confused at first glance, but Zhao Xudong comforted that Liu Mengyu should know the operation of each link, and then master it in all aspects. Technical essentials means that the focus of training is different.

When Liu Mengyu was sweeping the floor, he saw some improper operation by his colleagues, so he immediately started to help. The colleagues repeatedly said that he was told by the team leader to clarify the responsibility of each post, and whoever dared to go beyond him immediately left. Liu Mengyuan found her master and said that she really wanted to learn sheet metal craftsmanship, and wanted to learn something real.

Zhao Xudong criticized Liu Mengyu for picking and choosing just as an apprentice, and he was impatient after he swept away for a long time. Liu Mengyu didn’t dare to say that the aircraft project was in full swing, and he couldn’t help, and he was a little anxious. Zhao Xudong said that he has the knowledge of miscellaneous. Liu Mengyu humbly accepted the criticism, and while earnestly completing the work of the cleaning post, he secretly watched other students operate the sheet metal.

After finishing work, Liu Mengyu asked Zhao Xudong to stick to his work. Zhao Xudong asked questions such as which molding process Liu Mengyu used today. As a result, Liu Mengyu was asked and couldn’t answer at all. Liu Mengyu thanked Master for his guidance and promised to pay attention to it in the future. Zhao Xudong checked the finishing of Liu Mengyu’s tooling and found that it had not been put in order, but Liu Mengyu humbly accepted the criticism and said that he would pay attention to it and check it carefully in the future.

After returning home, Liu Mengyu’s mother asked Liu Mengyu how she felt at work on the first day. Liu’s mother did not seem to know that Liu Mengyu had entered the sheet metal room. Liu Mengyu had afternoon tea with Xiaoxue and Luo Zhengjing. Luo Zhengjing heard that the teacher was Zhao Xudong. He immediately praised that he was a craftsman from a great country. Luo Zhengjing asked Liu Mengyu to communicate with Zhao Xudong. When he went to work the next day, Liu Mengyu took the initiative to report to Zhao Xudong the question he had not answered last time.

When Mr. Jiang fetched water to Zhao Xudong, he asked Zhao Xudong that he was still testing Liu Mengyu, and Zhao Xudong reminded Mr. Jiang to pay more attention. On the hammer. Liu Mengyu took advantage of other colleagues to walk away and immediately went to help. He happened to be seen by the team leader and was reprimanded. Teacher Jiang immediately came over and took the team leader away, but Liu Mengyu complained about the sheet metal post he reported, but was assigned to the cleaning post.

Teacher Jiang told Liu Mengyuan that this was Zhao Xudong’s test, and he was afraid that the apprentices would not be able to bear the hardship. Teacher Jiang reminded Liu Mengyuan that Zhao Xudong also had a weakness, and gave Liu Mengyuan a move. Liu Mengyuan came to Zhao Xudong’s house and helped his mother Ai Zhi.

The mother was very happy and asked Zhao Xudong to cook and leave Liu Mengyuan to eat at home. During the meal, the mother asked Liu Mengyu where his internship officially ended. Liu Mengyuan said excitedly that she reported to the sheet metal post, and her mother did not say anything, but Liu Mengyuan helped her to make soup to relieve her. Liu Mengyuan knew that Master was muttering about her choice, but she wanted to learn crafts from her sincerely.

Only by learning the real craftsmanship can she contribute to the flight to the sky. Liu Mengyuan used soup and wine to respect the two and the elderly. Zhao Xudong clearly told Liu Mengyu that she could choose any place in the company, and she could apply for her by herself. But Liu Mengyu didn’t want to go anywhere, so he wanted to stay in the sheet metal workshop. The mother asked Liu Mengyu’s family whether they knew her decision. Liu Mengyu said that her family did not know.

After knowing Liu Mengyu’s intentions, her mother took charge of Liu Mengyu and respected her wishes. But Zhao Xudong still said the same. At the end of the internship period, Liu Mengyu can choose any position, saying that she does not support her staying in the sheet metal post. The mother twisted her waist when she got angry, and Liu Mengyu, who was under her, hurriedly left.

Liu Mengyu was a little depressed, Zhao Xudong handed over the paper, and asked Liu Mengyu to do it quickly, which made Liu Mengyu very happy. Teacher Jiang asked the team leader why Zhao Xudong always had trouble with Liu Mengyu, and the team leader told Teacher Jiang not to participate in this matter. Liu Mengyu handed over the salary of the internship period to Mama Liu.

Mama Liu was a little skeptical, but Liu Mengyu was fooled by it. When the results of the internship were announced, Liu Mengyu found that she did not have her own name, and was very disappointed, so she asked Zhao Xudong the reason. Zhao Xudong introduced Liu Mengyu to the head of the military department of the Ministry of Manpower.

Section Chief Wu praised her for her enthusiasm and enthusiasm for her work. He considered transferring her to the archives department and signed if she agreed. If she is really unwilling, the company cannot keep her. I hope she will consider it. Liu Mengyu knew that this was Master’s opinion, so he was so angry that he asked Master to reason. Liu Mengyu asked Zhao Xudong why he did this. Zhao Xudong made it clear that he did it for Liu Mengyu’s craftsmanship.

Liu Mengyu believed that he had craftsmanship and was absolutely capable of gaining a foothold in the sheet metal workshop. Liu Mengyuan also challenged Zhao Xudong, to let him see his true ability, and suggested that the two of them have a test. If they lose, they don’t move and leave. If they win, Zhao Xudong must leave himself in the sheet metal workshop. Teach yourself true skills. Liu Mengyu resorted to her family handicraft, and everyone on the left and right watched her operation, but the result was still overturned.

The finished product did not even complete the most basic inlays. Zhao Xudong didn’t count Liu Mengyu’s loss, so he decided to give her another chance to find an uneven board and told Liu Mengyu that he would lose if he knocked it out. But no matter how Liu Mengyu knocked it, it wasn’t even. After Zhao Xudong took the board, he took the hammer and knocked it.

Soon the board was leveled. Everyone applauded and praised Master. Liu Mengyu was still not convinced, and pointed out that the hammer used by the master was hers. According to the regulations, the hammer was hers. She knocked the board flat, and immediately worshipped Zhao Xudong as his teacher. Zhao Xudong only laughed and said nothing, telling Liu Mengyu that he would not let her stay in the sheet metal workshop for her good.

Teacher Jiang told Liu Mengyu the reason why Master did not accept her as a disciple. She was also a member of the sheet metal workshop, but she did not tell her about her pregnancy. Later, she was overworked and lost their only child, Liu Mengyu. The aggressive temperament is very similar to the old lady of the year. Guessing that the master did this to sharpen her temperament, Liu Mengyuan kept silent and came to Zhao Xudong again.

Liu Mengyu found the master and asked him if he remembered Liu Lingyun. Zhao Xudong said that not only did he remember, they were good comrades-in-arms, and he was a role model for himself. Liu Mengyu said that Liu Lingyun was his father and told Zhao Xudong the story of himself and his father. Zhao Xudong told Liu Mengyu that when he saw the materials, he knew she was Liu Lingyun’s child, but the sheet metal workshop was really hard. , A man as iron as her father did not end up.

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