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Ground zero

Ground zero
Also known as: 歸零地

Genre: Drama
South Korea
Release Date:
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  • Ma Dongxi

The background of the story is the Hosan prison riot in South Korea in 1983. As long as you kill Ma Kangzai (played by Ma Dongshi), you can get rewards. Ma Dongshi was severely controlled by a chain in the prison, and one of them was not afraid. The dead man stabbed Ma Dongshi with a sharp blade, but he didn’t expect it to untie Ma Dongshi’s clothes so that Ma Dongshi’s hands could move freely. This time is good. A group of prisoners who don’t know the height of the earth are all easily knocked down by Ma Dongshi with a few punches.

Even the tall and robust jailers were beaten to the ground by him, successfully getting rid of the shackles of their hoods and chains. Without the shackles on his body, Ma Dongshi stood up and punched, punching left and right, even if nearly 10 big men climbed on Ma Dongshi, he was still broken by him, and even picked up one of the men several times at a time. The prisoner was heavily pressed on the iron gate and successfully escaped. In the end, this video recording the Hushan Prison riot fell into the hands of Russian smugglers and was renamed “Gulag Video Tape” and sold.

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