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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 16 Recap

At the start of the game, Ai Jia, who was watching the broadcast in the hotel, was silly and cheerful. The curious Chen Jinyang asked incomprehensibly. After hearing Ai Jia’s explanation, Chen Jinyang frowned slightly and began to watch the live broadcast.

Soon, the game ended and ZGDX won easily. At this time, Su Luo was also holding a rose and preparing to take the stage. Seeing the nursery rhyme, he pulled Lu Sicheng by hand, and imagined the plot of face-slapped Su Luo in his mind, but the reality finally began to be too realistic, and the caught Lu Sicheng asked coldly. A nursery rhyme, a nursery rhyme with a guilty conscience, put everything behind in a moment, and hurriedly returned to the lounge alone.

Not long after, Lu Sicheng returned with the huge flower, and his teammates were amazed. Watching the excitement is not too big, Lu Yue began to spread rumors, his teammates also joked about nursery rhymes, and even sang songs, and the old cat made up nursery rhymes to tell everyone about it. The matter was not over yet, Kun came again to give the nuts. Seeing Kun appeared, Lu Sicheng’s face was obviously black. Then the teammates began to tease Lu Sicheng again, and Lu Sicheng got up and left in an angry way.

On the second day of the game, when the winning ZGDX team stepped off the stage, Xiaopang accidentally stepped on the heel of the nursery rhyme. Just when the nursery rhyme was about to fall, Lu Sicheng hurriedly turned around and hugged the princess of the nursery rhyme. The audience in the audience saw the intimate appearance of the two people, and suddenly exploded, watching the two people interacting closely with Su Luo and leaving in anger, Kun also looked surprised and disappointed.

After picking up the nursery rhyme, Lu Sicheng didn’t immediately put her down, but held it all the way to the interview site. This really showed everyone’s face, and the nursery rhymes interviewed meticulously recalled my journey along the way. After the end, the nursery rhyme who was about to leave found out that the anchor who had something good was analyzing the relationship between Su Luo and Lu Sicheng for netizens.

The winning ZGDX gang came to the store to buy shoes, and the heroic Lu Sicheng simply and directly asked his teammates to report their numbers. At the same time, the shop assistants in the store were also attracted by Lu Sicheng’s appearance, boasting about the photos, and they were inexplicably happy when they heard the nursery rhymes discussed by the shop assistants.

The people who had sold their shoes were walking and ran into Su Luo head-on. Su Luo enthusiastically invited Lu Sicheng to dinner, but was indifferently rejected. A group of people passed Su Luo and continued on. Just when Su Luo was about to chase him, Lu Yue grabbed Su Luo’s hand, gave her a verbal warning, and deleted Su Luo’s WeChat account.

At the base, the live broadcaster Lu Sicheng responded to the questions of netizens in a simple and clear way. Then Lu Sicheng suddenly wanted to solo with nursery rhymes because fans asked about the criteria for choosing a spouse. Hearing that Lu Sicheng wanted to solo with someone, it was not only his teammates who came to be interested, but also netizens quarreled. The two chose the warrior hero for each other with a bet on eating out.

Soon the game started, and the two of you came and went in the middle, but Jiang was still hot, and Lu Sicheng successfully killed the nursery rhyme and scored blood. But then Lu Sicheng began to release water. The nursery rhyme also successfully killed Lu Sicheng. Slowly, the two sides played 2 to 2, and the solo match came to the match point. Teammates also cheered for the nursery rhyme. Lu Sicheng deliberately put it under the water, and the nursery rhyme won. Just as the teammates were happy to congratulate him, Lu Sicheng, who had lost the game, also showed a tricky expression.

At this time, Su Luo called Lu Sicheng and asked to see him for the last time. The nursery rhyme that was originally cheerful all of a sudden fell back to his seat. In the end, the unhappy nursery rhyme aggrievedly put forward an objection to Lu Sicheng. Seeing the aggrieved and unhappy look of nursery rhymes, Lu Sicheng was obviously moved.

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