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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 26 End Recap

Tong Wei asked if Yu Shengsheng was angry. She denied it. Tong said that she was a little angry after hearing it. Jiang Yi said that the person who made him make a choice was Yu Shengsheng. As a result, he is now an ordinary person. Fangfang’s fall in love will become the lingering sound of lingering trees, and she will be worthless for the lingering sound.

Yu Shengsheng said that there was no way, and Tong Wei asked Yu Shengsheng if the problems they exchanged were solved, would they still be able to get back together. Yu Shengsheng did not answer Tongyu’s question, and took the clothes to take a bath. Tongyu told her that Pei Jiashu would like to invite them to dinner tomorrow.

The next day, Jia Shu invited Yu Shengsheng and Tong Wei to dinner. They talked about investment. Although Tong Wei and the others wanted to start a business, although they were still new media, they didn’t plan to be in the entertainment industry anymore. This was in line with Jia Shu’s intentions. He also wants to invest, and he also feels that the content in real life is more meaningful. After serving a lot of dishes, Yu Shengsheng wondered how the three of them could finish so many dishes. Jia Shu didn’t need to worry about saying that there were others.

Le Yi, Jiang Dachuan, and Jiang Yi all arrived. Tong Wei and Le Yi met, and a few of them started eating. Jiang Yi chatted with Yu Shengsheng, but even though Yu Shengsheng felt embarrassed, he was always paying attention to Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi and Jiang Dachuan talked about looking for a girlfriend at the dinner table, but the rest of the voice was silent after listening to it. After eating, Tongwei asked Pei Jiashu to go to meet his old classmates and asked Yu Shengsheng to go home by himself. Jiang Yi offered to send her home.

Jiang Yi sent Yu Shengsheng home. Yu Shengsheng planned to get off. Jiang Yi took her hand. He told Yu Shengsheng that they would not exchange anymore. He told his mother about them. She checked the information. Asked some of her friends to help find the third-party magnetic field that affected them is an asteroid named B56743, and now this planet is far enough away from the Earth that it won’t affect them anymore.

Jiang Yi said that she still liked Yu Shengsheng, and asked her if she would still be his girlfriend, Yu Shengsheng pushed Jiang Yi away and said to think about it. Yu Shengsheng went home to accuse Tong Wei and the others of deceiving himself. Tong Wei admitted that he was entrusted by Jiang Yi, and also to test Yu Shengsheng’s mind. Tongyu also saw that Yu Shengsheng had not forgotten Jiang Yi before he came to help, and Jiang Yi has been very concerned about Yu Shengsheng for the past six months.

Yu Shengsheng went home the next day and saw Jiang Yi at home, and Tong Tong also came. Tong Tong is here to share science with Yu Shengsheng’s parents. If Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng are combined, why is it convenient? Why doesn’t it need to be kept secret. Uncles and aunts are very enthusiastic to Jiang Yi, only the remaining voice feels embarrassed.

After the meal, Yu Shengsheng sent Jiang Yi down. Jiang Yi told Yu Shengsheng that he would not come to her house if he felt troubled. Yu Shengsheng said that she didn’t mean that. Jiang Yi laughed and he was joking. Come. Jiang Yi asked Yu Shengsheng how she was thinking about it. Yu Shengsheng said that she would resign from the company tomorrow and leave work early, and they will go hiking together.

Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi reunited on the mountain, and they held hands and walked freely on the road. The two booked a room on the mountain, and Yu Shengsheng came to fulfill her wish. Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi took a group photo and sent them to Tong Tong. Yu Shengsheng’s parents, Jia Shu, Leyi, Jiang Dachuan and Jiang Yi’s mother received their blessings. Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi confessed to each other affectionately that they kissed each other.

It turns out that this is a novel by Shen Yu. She used her emotional life as a sample to write such a novel. During the time before the editor, Shen Yu had no inspiration and Yi Jiang often quarreled and cold wars. She could not understand the concerns of being a star. He was anxious and said to her that he wished to exchange identities with her and let her experience him. In her life, it was this sentence that inspired her. In this way, she learned that the life of the other person is not easy, and that life is full of change and impermanence, and they should cherish their hard-won love. In real life, Shen Yu and Yi Jiang also reunited, just like Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng in the novel have a happy ending.

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