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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 9 Recap

Soon, a group of ZGDX people came to the shooting location. The makeup artist gave everyone makeup. Because the nursery rhyme is a girl, it takes a long time to put on makeup. The other teammates took the shot first. Before they knew it, everyone was about to finish taking pictures of the makeup, but the nursery rhyme still didn’t appear. Xiao Rui decided to call Lu Sicheng to urge nursery rhymes. Lu Sicheng, who came to the dressing room, pushed the door in.

As a result, it happened to see Lu Sicheng who was changing clothes. The two looked at each other awkwardly, and Lu Sicheng hurriedly backed out. Lu Sicheng’s blushing heartbeat hurriedly ate a candy and was shocked. At this time, Lu Yue also came to urge him to see that the two had not returned, but was sent away by Lu Sicheng. The nursery rhymes that came out began to question Lu Sicheng Xingshi, and unexpectedly, this time Lu Sicheng actually apologized for the first time.

The nursery rhyme came to the studio and started taking pictures. Xiao Rui suggested that everyone and the nursery rhyme should be taken together, so Lu Yue started to take pictures. Lu Sicheng followed closely. Because of the height problem, the studio also brought a stool. The two began to pose for a photo. The others looked at the two taking pictures, and the old cat sighed that it looked like a wedding photo. The expressions of the two people who heard the discussion became obviously unnatural.

After the shooting, everyone returned to the base to continue training. The group began to chat about the makeup photos. Everyone talked about the photos. At this moment, Brother Cheng appeared and began to question Master Xiao Ruixing, because Mother Lu saw the photos. Misunderstood that his two sons were getting married with the same girl. Hearing this, Lu Yue hurriedly called his mother to explain, but the inappropriate words successfully provoke the pillow attack from his elder brother Lu Sicheng.

In the evening, nursery rhymes and good sister Chen Jinyang chatted, Chen Jinyang frantically inquired about nursery rhymes and Lu Sicheng’s gossip, and spit out his boyfriend by the way. The two were chatting enthusiastically, and the nursery rhyme received news from Lu Sicheng and hurried down to train. The nursery rhyme that came to the top of the stairs accidentally fell down and rolled down the stairs. Everyone hurried forward to ask questions. Lu Sicheng frowned as he watched the fallen nursery rhyme, and then pointed at his younger brother.

Sending away the nursery rhyme of a friend and returning to the room to start commenting on Lu Sicheng’s theory. At this moment, Lu Sicheng suddenly deceived him and put his head to the ear of the nursery rhyme. The nursery rhyme was so scared that he stepped back and held his fingers firmly on the sofa. Later, Lu Sicheng, who succeeded in the trick, began to spit out nursery rhymes again. At night, the nursery rhyme had a strange dream.

Lu Sicheng and the nursery rhyme in the dream turned into rabbits. Lu Sicheng ran with the nursery rhyme all the time, then pushed it to the ground, and then said what he had previously molested with the nursery rhyme. The nursery rhyme, who was awakened by the dream, looked at the doll on the bedside and thought of Lu Sicheng, which seemed to be startled.

A group of ZGDX people are preparing for training. Xiaorui and Mingshen suddenly came to announce to everyone that they are going to play a training match with the YQCB team. At the same time, they decided to start the nursery rhyme. Lu Yue, who was dissatisfied, rose to question, but his brother Lu Sicheng responded a few times. Sit down honestly after the sentence. At the beginning of the game, the new shooter of the YQCB team obviously made sufficient preparations and squatted to death Lu Sicheng with the mid laner.

After the resurrection, Lu Sicheng took Xiaopang to the bottom road to force a wave. You came and I met, and the fight was inextricable. In the end, it was Lu Sicheng who defeated the opponent and killed the opponent. Soon, ZGDX continued to do things and won several small team battles one after another. The team cooperated and cooperated tacitly, and finally narrowly defeated YQCB. After the game, Lu Sicheng was not as excited as everyone else, but coldly said that the pope came and got up and left. Curious nursery rhymes and everyone inquire about the past of Cheng Ge and the Pope.

Brother Cheng, who left, turned the Rubik’s Cube by himself, and at the same time began to recall his previous career in Korea, and remembered the scene of his first meeting with the Pope.

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