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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 11 Recap

At the beginning of the game, when the nursery rhyme told the teammates that Jian Yang was his ex-boyfriend, he called for old K to catch more, but old K responded coldly. As the game progressed, Lu Sicheng and Xiaopang partnered to kill the CK team. Double down. Here, Jian Yang, who quietly touched the middle of the road, also chose to catch him. The nursery rhyme hurriedly called old K for help. The two sides hit you and me, but after all, the two fists were hard to beat. Jian Yang was still caught. Seeing Yang Shen die. The CK team simply asked about Yangshen’s situation.

Yang Shen, who was killed, soon came to the road. Taking advantage of the old cat’s carelessness, he easily killed the old cat. The disadvantaged old cat began to question his teammate Lao K how to help him all the time. Hearing Lao Mao’s complaint, the nursery rhyme and Lao K went on the road to help. The three of them worked together to win a wave of small team battles, and the three CK who were killed were very upset. Soon ZGDX took the advantage of Orochi, and then pushed up to the height of the CK team.

After losing the game, CK everyone returned to the lounge to discuss countermeasures, and a group of people decided to fight against the sick Lu Sicheng. On the other side, the nursery rhymes returned to the lounge began to make up. Xiaopang casually brushed Weibo. The group of people who won the first victory were talking and laughing, but the captain Lu Sicheng collapsed on the sofa to rest because of a fever, and found the situation. The nursery rhyme asked with concern, and Lu Sicheng only replied with a quick answer and continued to rest.

At the start of the second game, Lu Sicheng, who was not in the state, was suppressed and beaten, and then Jian Yang cooperated to kill Lu Sicheng easily. See the main force opposite has been killed. The CK team is ready to open the big snake. Just when the people of ZGDX were about to give up the big snake, suddenly the nursery rhyme ignored the teammate’s position and came to the big snake pit alone.

A series of strong moves defeated the butterfly of CK in seconds, and then continued to advance, killing Xiaohua to complete the double kill. , Jian Yang and Good Luck, who decided to counterattack here, rushed directly to the face of the nursery rhyme. At this critical moment, Xiao Pang appeared in time to resolve the crisis of nursery rhymes. The ZGDX gang who arrived began to chase and intercept the CK team. Easily played a wave of zero for three.

ZGDX also took over the Orochi, and after taking the Orochi, ZGDX hugged and pushed. Everyone in the CK team was tired of coping, and they were defeated steadily. In the end, a wave of nursery rhyme skills burst into the crowd and flashed back to their original position. They successfully deceived a lot of skills from the CK team. Because the position was too high, the ZGDX team also seized the opportunity to start a team. The players of the CK team After falling down one after another, I could only watch the ZGDX team explode its own crystal.

ZGDX, who had won the game, went on stage and waved to the audience. Then the interview time came. The invited nursery rhyme and Lu Sicheng simply said a few words and then left. At the base, the sick Lu Sicheng was returning home, and the rest of the people began to prepare for the evening carnival. At this time, the nursery rhyme also chose to go back due to physical reasons. For convenience, Xiao Rui will send away Brother Cheng’s driver and shout again. come back.

After getting in the car, Lu Sicheng looked at the nursery rhyme and asked the reason curiously. The nursery rhyme briefly explained it. However, the inexperienced Lu Sicheng mistakenly thought that the nursery rhyme was pulled on his pants, and shouted the nursery rhyme and leaned aside. The nursery rhymes returned to the base were boringly brushing the community. At this time, Xiao Rui sent a message calling for nursery rhymes to send medicine to Lu Sicheng, but the nursery rhymes had no choice but to agree.

The nursery rhyme that took the water and delivered the medicine called Lu Sicheng to wake up and take the medicine, but Lu Sicheng disliked that the water temperature was too high. Then, the nursery rhyme that the aunt came to suddenly broke out and began to criticize Lu Sicheng ruthlessly. Followed the requirements of the nursery rhymes. If I want to order a takeaway nursery rhyme, I looked at the restaurant on the takeaway, but I didn’t find the nursery rhyme from a satisfied seller and decided to cook my own porridge.

As soon as I went downstairs to pour rice, there was a severe pain in my lower abdomen. In an instant, the blood bar of the nursery rhyme almost returned to zero, and he collapsed to the ground while pressing his stomach. At this time, Lu Sicheng also came downstairs, took the pot from the nursery rhyme, and washed the rice. After finishing a set of things, Lu Sicheng intimately touched the head of the nursery rhyme. The two chatted for a few words, and Lu Sicheng went upstairs. The nursery rhyme was watched live downstairs by herself. Lu Sicheng, who heard the abnormal noise, thought it was a nursery rhyme that had an accident.

He hurriedly went downstairs to check and found that the nursery rhyme was okay. Living. Lu Sicheng, who found that the nursery rhyme did not prepare a hot water bottle, said a few words about the nursery rhyme, and went to find the hot water bottle. After some selection, Lu Sicheng finally found the hot water bottle with his own villain. The nursery rhyme covering the hot water bottle finally eased a little, and Lu Sicheng had dinner at the dinner table. Afterwards, the two went upstairs to rest.

After the carnival, the ZGDX gang returned to the base. Xiaopang went upstairs to check the situation with concern, and then hurriedly ran downstairs. When he was excited, he couldn’t say a word, so he could only make gestures with his hands, and waited. When people saw this, they went upstairs to check out curiously. Lu Yue, who ran to the front, opened the door and closed it hurriedly after a brief daze. At this time, everyone in the unknown is even more curious.

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