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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 10 Recap

In South Korea, Lu Sicheng was training earnestly. The Pope watched silently from behind. After the game ended, the Pope handed Lu Sicheng water and praised Lu Sicheng at the same time. The picture came to the game again. Lu Sicheng’s bench watched the game between TAT and opponents led by the Pope in the studio. Soon, the game won, and the Pope who returned to the lounge decided to let Lu Sicheng go on the next game.

Starting from the next hand, Lu Sicheng really lived up to expectations and won the game. In the subsequent games, the two played in rotation, and the tacit understanding gradually improved. Because Lu Sicheng and the Pope have too many similarities, they are called light and shadow by Korean netizens. Lu Sicheng, who has gradually become famous, heard the news that China’s e-sports career is about to start, so he decided to return to China. At the time of parting, the Pope gave Lu Sicheng the Rubik’s Cube that the two of them often played.

Lu Sicheng, who was falling into memories, suddenly received a call from Liang Sheng from the next-door team. It turned out that the Pope had just come to China and was lost. Liang Sheng had no choice but to come to Lu Sicheng for help. After hanging up the phone, Lu Sicheng hurriedly prepared to go out. Before leaving the house, the nursery rhyme asked with concern, but the indifferent Brother Cheng refused to eat this set and continued to mock the nursery rhyme. The nursery rhyme, kindly regarded as the liver and lungs of a donkey, returned to his seat indifferently. After meeting with Liang Sheng, Lu Sicheng looked at the location of Game City and walked straight. Sure enough, I found the pope in front of the claw machine, and the two chatted briefly.

In the base, heartless people were playing board games. At this time, Xiao Rui shouted nursery rhymes to go out and send an umbrella to Brother Cheng. The nursery rhymes who came to the mall found Lu Sicheng under the leadership of Liang Sheng. After seeing the two nursery rhymes, Lu Sicheng and the Pope stopped talking. The Pope gave all the dolls to Liang Sheng who had returned from buying water. On the other hand, Lu Sicheng also hung the doll in his hand around the neck of the nursery rhyme. Seeing the pouring rain outside, Lu Sicheng took off his clothes and put them on the nursery rhyme, and a group of four walked back to the base.

The two who returned to the base had a simple chat with Xiao Rui and the others. Brother Cheng sneezed from the cold because he didn’t wear a coat, and then Brother Cheng returned to the room to take a hot bath. After Lu Sicheng left, Xiao Rui and Xiao Pang turned their attention to the rabbit on the neck of the nursery rhyme. After knowing the origin, Xiao Pang decided to take the rabbit away, and the nursery rhyme hurried away with the rabbit. On the other side, the Pope, who returned to the base, played with the Rubik’s Cube previously given to Lu Sicheng, while recalling the experience of the two winning the championship, his eyes looming murderous.

The lottery started soon and was hosted by the big beauty Chen Jinyang and the boy’s partner. Seeing the nursery rhyme and Lu Sicheng chatting close together, Jian Yang felt very upset. Soon, it was the CK team’s turn to draw lots. Jian Yang looked at the people at ZGDX and made a gesture of wipe his neck. Then, Lu Sicheng also took the stage to draw lots, and looked at Lu Sicheng, who was unconscious due to illness, and asked about the nursery rhymes with concern. Then, Ai Jia of the YQCB team also came to the stage to draw lots. The shameless Ai Jia forced Chen Jinyang to take a photo and stepped down contentedly.

At the end of the draw, the ZGDX group returned to the base. Lu Yue and Mingshen chatted briefly. In the room, the nursery rhyme began to study the team that he was going to face in the first place, but soon chose to give up and started playing with his mobile phone. Looking at the comments of netizens, the nursery rhyme secretly cheered himself up.

Soon the game started, a large crowd of spectators poured into the game, and the parents of the nursery rhyme were also watching their daughter’s game in front of the TV. Under the introduction of the host, a group of CK team walked onto the stage. Soon the group of ZGDX also appeared at the passageway of the stage. Just when everyone was about to walk on stage, the nursery rhyme did not move because of nervousness, and found the nursery rhyme.

The strange Lu Sicheng turned back and walked around the nursery rhyme, and touched the head of the nursery rhyme with his hands. The first time the nursery rhyme came on stage, the nursery rhyme walked nervously at the end of the team, and his expression was very unnatural. After introducing the players of the game, the game is about to begin.

Players from both sides are preparing for entry. The BP session begins. CK first bans the nursery rhyme Yuzao, and then ZGDX chooses ban, and loses the lucky civet cat. The next two teams’ ban positions are left to the mid laner Shijin. , And successively banned Qing Ji, Bai Tong Zi, Yan Yan Luo. ZGDX also chose to ban Jian Yang’s famous hero Qingfangzhu. After the Ban session, the pick session started. Lu Sicheng, who decided to make a quick decision, chose an unreasonable demon fox. Soon the bp session ended, ZGDX had all the early lineups, and CK unanimously selected the late lineups.

The game is about to start, but the nursery rhyme before the game suddenly hurts. I don’t know that the nursery rhyme will be recorded in the background. I say loudly in Mai that I want to fly, but I am taunted by my teammate’s old cat. As my stomach hurts, nursery rhyme He started to retreat, but it was too late and could only continue the game.

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