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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 21 Recap

Situ Lin’s sudden expression made Xiao Wanzi feel uneasy. Sure enough, Wang Biao came from behind, and Situ Lin stretched out his hand and stunned Xiao Wanzi with a drug.

Xiao Wanzi was trapped in the dungeon. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Situ Lin looking at him fiercely and at the iron lock on his body. Only then did Xiao Wanzi see the true face of Situ darkness. Situ forced Xiaowanzi to tell the true face behind the Night Spirit Man, Xiaowanzi would rather die, Situ caught Xiaowanzi, making it breathless.

The Eternal Spirit kicked the guard and broke into the door. Situ Lin took advantage of Eternal Spirit who wanted to save Xiaowanzi, so she used an iron lock to help Eternal Spirit, and the two ends of an iron lock were tied together. Situ Lin punched and kicked Mei Shiqing, Ye Lingxia and Xiaowanzi, so that Xiaowanzi was locked at the other end and rose up, both of them suffered. Situ Lin uncovered the mask of the Night Spirit Man and saw Mei Shiqing’s true face. Xiao Wanzi angered Situ Lin, not wanting him to start with Mei Shiqing.

Under the stimulation of Xiao Wanzi’s language, Situ Lin ran to Xiao Wanzi’s side again. In exchange for Mei Shiqing’s life, she only asked Xiaowanzi to be her own woman. But Xiaowanzi would not succumb, and would rather live and die with Mei Shiqing. In a rage, Situ Lin attacked Xiao Wanzi and saw Xiao Wanzi being bullied by Situ Lin. In a rage, Mei Shiqing broke the iron lock and kicked Situ Lin away. Situ Lin saw it and fled. Mei Shiqing only cares about the safety of Xiaowanzi.

Under Lu Yingyao’s careful care and prayers, Xiaobao finally awoke, but he was still very weak. The two found the sixth child, Lu Yingyao first took the medicine prepared by the sixth child to fry, and Xiaobao took the opportunity to ask the sixth child to help Lu Yingyao go down the mountain with him. The sixth child was worried that Xiaobao would die because of this, but Xiaobao insisted on making it through. The moment Lu Yingyao went down the mountain, I knew that all of this was heard by Lu Yingyao outside the door. While decocting the medicine while thinking of Xiaobao’s face, Lu Yingyao’s heart was moved.

Xiao Bao, who had drunk the special medicine, felt that he did not recover at all. When questioning, it turned out that it was Lu Yingyao who deliberately told the sixth child not to use the special medicine. It would be better to spend the time to find the antidote. That was the case, but Xiaobao insisted on using special medicine to recover. At this time, the old fifth came over to sneer and sarcastically, Lu Yingyao appeared specially to speak for Xiaobao. As soon as Wu Ye went out, he told Nan Xiang about the matter. Nan Xiang was angry and began to reflect on whether he had really done something wrong, but Wu Ye was still talking bad about Xiaobao, and Nan Xiang left alone…

Situ Lin, who was running away, didn’t know what his next move was, so Mei Shiqing arranged to observe. After being beaten, Xiao Maruko was unconscious, but the first thing she did when she woke up was to remember Mei Shiqing. He fell to the ground and ran out of the room, looking for Mei Shiqing’s figure all over the world, waiting to see Mei Shiqing. , He hugged Mei Shiqing and finally felt relieved. Qiaoyun looked stunned, dissatisfied in her heart.

The news of the princess’s awakening spread throughout the Mei Mansion. The second wife deliberately mentioned the strangeness of the two injured by Mei Changyun’s side. Mei Changyun dismissed the second wife, and doubts arose in her heart. Mei Shiqing felt that Xiaowanzi cared about herself, so she reconfirmed Xiaowanzi’s sincerity towards herself. Xiaowanzi saw Mei Shiqing’s face gradually approaching, let go of the shackles in her heart, quietly closed her eyes, but the servant suddenly came. Report, it turned out that the general summoned the two.

The general asked the reason for the two men’s hands. Mei Shiqing lied because an accidental master molested the princess. He came forward and was injured. But Mei Changyun’s eyeliner had long since inquired about the disagreement between the Chamber of Commerce and Mei Shiqing, but he didn’t expose it in public, allowing the two to leave.

Qiaoyun privately asked why Xiaowanzi had crossed the boundaries of the two promises. Xiaowanzi felt guilty in his heart, so he promised to wait for the princess to come back and he would give an explanation.

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