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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 18 Recap

Mei Shiqing left with a smile after kissing Xiaowanzi. On the other side, He Yizhi found Lu Yingyao and said that he had inquired about the ring of the map. With He Yizhi’s observation of Nan Batian, He Yizhi was sure that the map must be in Nan Batian’s crutch. Lu Yingyao volunteered to take the task and turn. I found Nan Xiang and persuaded Nan Xiang to help Nan Batian cook a meal. Then he found a pharmacy’s staff and pretended to help Xiao Bao cure constipation…

As soon as Nan Ba ​​Tian came home and saw his daughter cooked such a bowl of food, he was very happy. Who knows that Nan Xiang’s food can’t be eaten at all. Lu Yingyao can only change his plan and put a laxative in Nan Ba ​​Tian’s wine, and wait for Nan. As soon as Ba Tian walked to the latrine, Lu Yingyao grabbed Nan Ba ​​Tian’s crutches and began to study, but Xiao Bao suddenly came and suspected Lu Yingyao. Nan Ba ​​Tian happened to walk out and saw the crutches in Xiao Bao’s hands and gave a vicious lesson. Fortunately, Xiaobao blocked the knife for Lu Yingyao, but Lu Yingyao did not find any mechanism or map in the crutch. After Lu Yingyao told He Yizhi the news, He Yizhi was very helpless and slumped on the bed…

Xiao Wanzi was caught in an incomparable entanglement at this time, wondering why Mei Shiqing was the Night Spirit Man, and why he was from such a humble background. In the many entanglements, Xiao Wanzi lay on the table and fell helpless. The next day, Xiaowanzi’s lost expression caught the attention of Qiuhua and Qiaoyun. When asked about the relationship between Xiaowanzi and Mei Shiqing, Xiaowanzi became a little flustered and had to take a few sentences, while Qiaoyun and Qiuhua were As she prayed that the real princess would return soon, Xiao Maruko slowly lowered her head.

Si Heng reported the progress of the private salt case to Mei Shiqing, while Mei Shiqing hinted that Si Heng had deliberately mentioned roast goose in front of Xiaowanzi. Xiaowanzi was moved at once, knowing that Mei Shiqing and Si Heng were going to Ruyi Tower. It must be a matter of private salt, Xiaowanzi said that he didn’t care, but when Mei Shiqing left and wanted to sneak out, she was caught by Mei Shiqing, and Xiaowanzi could only admit it back. After Mei Shiqing and Si Heng left again, Xiao Wanzi unexpectedly opened the door quietly…

A Rou mentioned that Wang Biao had been to Qinglong Village, and Mei Shiqing guessed that the fake night spirit man must have been Xiaobao. And the background of Penglai Casino is not only related to Qinglongzhai, and everyone suspects the salt gang. Mei Shiqing felt that there was an ear outside the door, so he called Xiaowanzi to come in. She was very concerned, but pretended not to care. Seeing Xiaowanzi’s stubborn expression, Mei Shiqing stopped asking. It turned out that Xiao Maruko secretly made up his mind to go to the casino to ask He Yizhi’s whereabouts in person.

Xiao Maruko’s trick is to pretend to be a ghost. Under Xiao Maruko’s persecution, the casino owner revealed that He Yizhi and the princess are in good condition, but Nan Batian has taken a fancy to the princess. Xiao Maruko is thinking about the gap. I was caught by someone, but fortunately, a real Eridan appeared and rescued Xiaowanzi. When the two returned to Mei Mansion, faced with Mei Shiqing’s accusations, Xiao Wanzi was unwilling to do so, and he was not a brave person, so he returned all the bracelets to Mei Shiqing in angrily. Mei Shiqing looked at Xiao Wanzi resented. The emotions in my heart are very complicated when I leave.

Xiao Maruko shared the information she inquired with Qiu Hua, and the two decided that they must rescue the princess who was in dire straits. Back in the room, Mei Shiqing and Si Heng used the old tricks again. Who knows that Xiao Wanzi didn’t care about it at all. It seems that Xiao Wanzi is really angry. Mei Shiqing turned to think about it, and asked Si Heng. Putting on the face mask of the night spirit man, sitting in front of Xiao Maruko.

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