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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 7 Recap

In the morning, the nursery rhyme woke up in a daze, and after a brief wash, the nursery rhyme went downstairs, and happened to be in front of Xiao Rui at this time, and Xiao Rui teased the nursery rhyme. The awkwardly nursery rhyme gradually recalled the various behaviors of last night, and she collapsed onto the bed without complacency in the socially deadly nursery rhymes.

Soon, the nursery rhyme came out of the room to the computer desk quietly wearing a mask. Getting up early, Lu Sicheng opened the refrigerator and found that his yogurt was missing, and ran to question the nursery rhyme. The two chatted briefly. Lu Sicheng briefly described her death experience in the local society last night to the nursery rhyme, and then chatted about the nursery rhyme.

The nursery rhyme returned to the room and called Chen Jinyang. The two were chatting. Ai Jia suddenly got up from the bathtub and interjected. Chen Jinyang hung up awkwardly. After hanging up the phone, the nursery rhyme also saw Jian Yang sending a text message to herself, but the nursery rhyme did not want to reply.

Downstairs, the ZGDX team was preparing for training. They appeared in nursery rhymes wearing monkey head masks and went downstairs to train. They found Lu Yue sitting in front of his computer. The two people quarreled. Finally, the nursery rhyme used a small trick and finally deceived Lu Yue. Get up. The time soon came to noon. A group of people came to the table to have lunch. When they saw Lu Yue eating on the table, Xiaopang and Old K picked up vegetables and left. The reflex arc slowed and the old cat did not react for a while. , And then got up and left with the dishes.

At night, the nursery rhyme who was about to go to bed found that someone was calling his own land number, so he went downstairs to check the situation. Sure enough, Lu Yue sat in the nursery rhyme place and ranked with the rest of the ZGDX place.

This is Lu Yue’s match-up, and the lineup is exactly the same as the nursery rhyme before. As the game progressed, watching the familiar routine, the nursery rhyme tightened his pants nervously. Unexpectedly, Atai’s routine didn’t work against Lu Yue, who was famous for counseling, and was killed by Lu Yue one after another. The situation is also tilted like this ZGDX side, and ZGDX quickly advances and pushes away the crystal on the side of Ah Tai. Seeing that A Tai was won, the nursery rhyme praised Lu Yue with excitement.

Just as Lu Yue Yangyang proudly showed off before, Xiao Pang poured a basin of cold water on his head and pointed out that Lu Yue was the guilty man who injured Myogo. It’s his attitude of resolutely not being teammates with Lu Yue. After speaking, Xiaopang left with angrily. Seeing things become unpleasant, Lu Sicheng hurried to chase Xiaopang to check on Xiaopang’s situation. The old cat was also replied by the old k because he said the wrong thing. Lu Yue, who blamed himself, also left sadly.

The nursery rhyme returned to the room was curious about what I heard today, and started to check ZGDX’s past on the Internet. Only then did I know that ZGDX had launched the finals when the voice was the highest, and it caused a lot of scolding, and all this involved the people involved. Lu Yue and Mingshen. The half-knowledge of the nursery rhyme went downstairs to grab some water and happened to hear Xiaopang and Old K chatting. The nursery rhyme stepped forward to say good things to Lu Yue, but their attitude towards Lu Yue remained unchanged.

No words for a night, the next day the nursery rhyme was awakened by a phone call, it turned out to be a call from a girlfriend. I don’t know who posted the previous video, which caused an uproar on the Internet, and ZGDX became the target of public criticism for a while. Soon, the ZGDX internal meeting was held. After a simple analysis, Xiao Rui believed that it was the so-called insiders. At this moment, Xiao Pang stood up and admitted his behavior. At the same time, he condemned Lu Yue in a row, and Xiao Pang said more and more. Excited, even though Mingshen also stood up to speak for Lu Yue, Xiaopang still refused to stop. Finally, Lu Yue couldn’t bear it either. Lu Yue and Xiaopang almost did it, and the others hurriedly drew them when they saw it.

The nursery rhyme took Xiaopang out to relax, and Xiaopang also told the nursery rhyme what happened before. It turned out that the previous match was over. ZGDX and other teams finished a friendly match and drank outside. As a result, after the opponent team lost the game, ZGDX didn’t give face to ZGDX at all. The people who stood up and toasted, and even took Lu Sicheng as a younger brother. Lu Yue stood up and drank a large barrel of wine to show his sincerity. After the episode, Yue Yue, who went to the toilet, heard Brother A’s gang talking bad about her brother, and at the same time said that she was a related party. Lu Yue, who was above Jiu Jin, slammed a bottle on Brother A’s head.

As a result, he was punched and kicked by ordinary people from Brother A. At this moment, Mingshen happened to pass by and immediately rushed to protect Lu Yue. He was pushed to the ground and his wrist was pulled with a big cut. From then on, Mingshen’s hands could not adapt to the strength of e-sports. This also became the direct cause of Mingshen’s retirement. Upon hearing this, the nursery rhyme finally understood the ins and outs. At this time, Chen Jinyang called the nursery rhyme, saying that Ai Jia was cleaning up for Lu Yue on the live broadcast.

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