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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 6 Recap

When everyone was asleep, Lu Sicheng woke up early in the morning, who could not put down the nursery rhymes. Looking at the nursery rhymes still downstairs, Lu Sicheng thoughtfully gave her a glass of milk. Unable to let the nursery rhyme continue like this, Lu Sicheng blocked the eyes of the nursery rhyme with his hand. This is good. The nursery rhyme that has been supported all night can no longer collapse. I felt wronged and found a breakthrough. The nursery rhyme lost his voice and pain. Lu Sicheng gently put his hand on the nursery rhyme head, gently stroked it, and whispered. To comfort the nursery rhyme of emotional breakdown.

The results of the training match spread quickly last night, and netizens almost leaned over at the nursery rhymes. At the ZGDX training base, the rest of the team members watched the malicious verbal abuse on the Internet and gathered to discuss countermeasures. At the same time, Lu Sicheng, with a cold appearance, took the computer and began to fight back against the verbal abuse from the majority of netizens on the Internet.

The people who were chatting downstairs watched the nursery rhymes coming down like walking dead, and got up to comfort them. After responding indifferently to everyone, the nursery rhyme chose to go out and relax. Just when everyone was about to go their separate ways, Lu Sicheng secretly sent a text message to the nursery rhyme, asking her to come back early.

The frustrated nursery rhyme and good friend Chen Jinyang came to the bar together. Not long after they sat down, they were harassed by a drunk man. At this moment, Ai Jia appeared and promptly drove away the annoying drunk. It was a scene of a hero saving the beauty, but Chen Jinyang didn’t appreciate it at all. Ai Jia who sat down began to act like a baby. Seeing that the good sister was wronged, Chen Jinyang, who was already bored, cast all his anger on Ai Jia’s head, even though he was showing a horizontal eyebrow. He raised his eyes, but looking at Ai Jia’s attitude, his heart was still happy. Ai Jia, who sat on the other side, hurriedly gave Jian Yang a short report.

In the ZGDX base, Lu Sicheng and Xiao Rui were chatting about today’s affairs. Lu Sicheng, who was chatting with Xiao Rui, paid attention to the time from time to time. The time soon came to 11 o’clock. Lu Sicheng, who was uneasy, received a text message from Chen Jinyang and rushed to the bar. . Jian Yang, who went to the bar first, found the drunk Ling Ding nursery rhyme. Ai Jia wittyly pulled Chen Jinyang away, leaving enough space for the two of them. Jian Yang finally caught the opportunity and said a lot about the nursery rhymes, but the drunk nursery rhymes did not know whether they were really drunk or fake drunk, and did not respond positively to Jian Yang’s compounding.

At the next table, Ai Jia and Chen Jinyang were discussing the professional affairs of e-sports, but Ai Jia, who couldn’t be stunned by Chen Jinyang, persevered again, pulling Chen Jinyang to act like a baby, and the relationship between the two began to get better. Jian Yang, who was chatting with nursery rhymes, was obviously not online, and the chat between the two was very embarrassing. At this moment, Lu Sicheng, who received the news, also came to the bar. Looking at the drunk nursery rhymes, Lu Sicheng’s presidential mechanism was perfected. In front of Jian Yang, he took the nursery rhymes directly. Jian Yang, who was just about to chase, had not left yet. He was stopped by Chen Jinyang. Chen Jinyang’s words also silenced Jian Yang, and could only watch the two leave.

On the way back to the base, Lu Sicheng carried the drunk nursery rhymes on his back. The two of them walked while chatting. When they reached the base, Lu Sicheng put down the nursery rhymes and was going to buy sober medicine, but was held back by the nursery rhymes. He was brooding about the matter, and this time Jiu Jin began to try to retaliate. Seeing such arrogant and cute behavior of the nursery rhyme, Lu Sicheng smiled helplessly. As soon as the front foot left, the nursery rhyme Jiu touched the back foot back to the base alone. In the base, Lu Yue, dressed in red, made the nursery rhyme think he was hell and ran away in a hurry.

The nursery rhyme who ran downstairs saw Lu Sicheng who had come back, and suddenly jumped onto Lu Sicheng. Lu Sicheng had no choice but to hold her drunk nursery rhyme and walked back to the base. This scene was met by Lu Yue, and at this time, the nursery rhyme realized that the two were brothers. A group of people began to sit down and chat, watching Lu Yue, who was giving a speech, and everyone was helpless. At this moment, the unintelligible nursery rhyme mistakenly thought that the team was about to be expelled, and Lu Sicheng madly explained and apologized, and then the nursery rhyme even gave the toilet paper used for sniffing as a parting gift to everyone present.

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