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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 9 Recap

Lei Yuzheng convened an emergency meeting to discuss people’s troubles caused by the demolition costs. Lin Xiangyuan expressed concern about the demolition costs. Lei Yuzheng suddenly pointed out that he was responsible for coordinating the costs with the demolition households. Lin Xiangyuan repeatedly claimed that those people were not qualified and regretted accepting their promises. Lei Yuzheng suggested that the placement fee should be increased appropriately, and then young and strong people should be allowed to work in the entertainment city. Lei Yuzheng suspects that someone is fanning the flames behind the scenes.

Du Xiaosu woke up in a daze and found herself in the hospital. He learned from the nurse that she was temporarily in shock due to low blood sugar. Lei Yuzheng sent her to the hospital. He was busy going through the formalities and buying food. Du Xiaosu saw that there was a sheet on the table. The note, Lei Yuzheng asked her to go back to work in Boyuan, her heart was enthusiastic.

Lei Yuzheng came home from get off work and saw Jiang Jin taking Jiang Fanlu to visit Lei Ting. Jiang Fanlu desperately to please Lei Ting. Lei Ting was coaxed to be very happy and envied Jiang Jin to have a good daughter. Lei Yuzheng couldn’t listen, so he hurried. Come in to interrupt the topic, and the four of them eat together. Du Xiaosu went to pay the treatment fee and hospitalization fee, only to know that Lei Yuzheng had settled it.

Zou Siqi and He Qun flew to pick up Du Xiaosu from the hospital. Zou Siqi learned of what Lei Yuzheng had done and believed that he was interesting to Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu repeatedly stated that they were rivals. She started to work as a driver as soon as she was discharged from the hospital and quickly paid Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng encouraged her to work hard in Boyuan.

Du Xiaosu returned to work in Boyuan and her colleagues warmly welcomed her. Jiang Fanlu believed that Lei Yuzheng was looking at Shao Zhenrong’s face and asked her to come back and let her complete the review of the Global Entertainment Center’s project within three days. Du Xiaosu Working overtime, Zou Siqi felt very sorry for her, because he wanted to date He Qunfei, Zou Siqi could not accompany her at home, Du Xiaosu urged her to confirm the relationship with He Qunfei as soon as possible.

He Qunfei gave Zou Siqi a limited edition bag, and took the opportunity to take her home to see her parents during the Chinese New Year. Zou Siqi didn’t want to get married so early, and He Qunfei’s hard pleading was of no avail. Zou Siqi went home without getting angry.

Lei Yuzheng came to the bar alone, thinking of the scene where Shao Zhenrong had a good drink together, his heart was mixed, and he drank a lot of wine in one breath. At the same time, Du Xiaosu was staying up late to sort out the plan, and she couldn’t help but think of Shao Zhenrong. She suddenly got inspiration and just wanted to write this down. Suddenly received an order for the driver, Du Xiaosu had to put down her work and rush over. Thinking that the client turned out to be Lei Yuzheng, Du Xiaosu pulled the drunk Lei Yuzheng into the car.

Along the way, Lei Yuzheng ridiculed Du Xiaosu, mocking her slow driving speed, and threatening her to meet a pervert. Du Xiaosu was not familiar with the condition of his Lincoln luxury car, so he crashed the car into the roadside flowerbed after a little distraction. Du Xiaosu She wanted to make more money to buy the house, but now she was facing high repair costs. She cried aggrievedly, and Lei Yuzheng called someone to drag the car away.

Lin Xiangyuan hosted a banquet for several investors, and Lei Yuzheng had to accompany him. Jiang Fanlu took Du Xiaosu to a dinner. The bosses sought Du Xiaosu for a drink. She was forced to drink a lot of alcohol. She vomited in the bathroom. Du Xiaosu came out in a daze and collided with Lei Yuzheng. Lin Xiangyuan came out to see this scene, he took the initiative to greet Du Xiaosu, admitting that they were both college classmates.

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