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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 4 Recap

As the match against FNC was approaching, Myojin took on the role of the coach and began to do pre-war analysis for everyone. After some discussion, the game began. But before the fight started, Mingshen said something strange to Lu Sicheng.

Soon the game began and the players from both sides started peacefully. Soon the nursery rhymes of the center line came to the 6th episode. With the help of the level advantage, a series of nursery rhymes directly killed the opposite mid laner. The FNC mid laner who underestimated the enemy was annoyed, and the jungler Li Hengshuo was also surprised, sending a message to nursery rhymes on the World Voice.

Although the nursery rhyme successfully killed the opposing mid laner, Lu Sicheng, the captain of the seat, accused the nursery rhyme of advancing. Soon, Lu Sicheng commanded everyone to conduct a simple deception and successfully let FNC into the game. With the subtle cooperation of the ZGDX team members, ZGDX successfully encircled FNC.

Soon, the big snake pattern kicked off. After Xiaopang attracted tons of damage, he was killed by the FNC. The old K who was about to retreat received the news of the nursery rhyme and decided to fight back. I saw nursery rhymes flashing into the crowd and continuously releasing skills, turning the tide to help his teammates win. The teammates all praised the operation of the nursery rhyme just now, but the captain made a sneer abruptly.

After the game, the FNC jungler apologized to the fans on the live broadcast platform. At the same time, he directly shouted nursery rhymes to fight again in the next game, and praised the skillfulness. This made Lu Sicheng on the side unhappy, and he threatened to praise him. Hearing the nursery rhyme of these words suddenly became interested, but who knew that getting Lu Sicheng’s so-called reward was actually just drawing a flower on his hand.

At night, Xiaopang praised nursery rhymes in the live broadcast room, but the fans’ attention was obviously more focused on the big melon “New White Snake”. The unbearable nursery rhyme took the headset and began to speak in the live broadcast room. The nursery rhyme’s remarks made Lu Sicheng dissatisfied. An angry Lu Sicheng took the headset and talked. Hearing Lu Sicheng’s overbearing president’s speech, the barrage suddenly exploded. But it comes fast and goes fast.

At the end of the episode, a group of people came to the restaurant to eat, and everyone feasted. Looking at the expensive menu, the nursery rhyme was so regretful that I couldn’t bear to put down my chopsticks. Later, Xiao Pang told the nursery rhyme that Lu Sicheng had already paid and heard this. The nursery rhyme suddenly became interested, and began to gulp. The meal was full of fun, the big guys talked and laughed, and the nursery rhyme was also asked by the manager, Xiao Rui, to tell everyone the reason for joining the team.

At the ZGDX base, watching his teammates have left, the old K, who was alone at home, put on earphones and got up from the high. The dance steps were humorous and humorous. Outside the door, the two parents who were looking for nursery rhymes also came to ZGDX’s base. Seeing that there was no one in the base, the old man opened the door and entered. The hilarious old K and his parents met, and the two groups of people looked at each other in embarrassment. On the way back, the nursery rhyme and Xiaopang talked about Lu Sicheng.

Only then did the nursery rhyme learn that Lu Sicheng was the eldest son of the Lu family. Lu Sicheng, who heard the gossip behind him, turned his head and asked, the frightened Xiaopang shut up and slid away. The nursery rhyme and Lu Sicheng were left behind, and the two began to talk about family affairs. Just about this matter, Lu Sicheng took advantage of the nursery rhyme to lift his head and gently pinched the nursery rhyme’s ear. In a short time, the nursery rhyme suffered repeated electric shocks. The son stayed in place.

The group of people came to the gate of the ZGDX training base and stared at the nursery rhyme parents standing at the door. The group was stunned. The mother who found the nursery rhyme was drinking while pulling the nursery rhyme was just a mess. On the other side, Xiaopang took Tong Dad to introduce the base, which attracted the attention of Tong Dad, and he could no longer take care of the mother and daughter on the other side.

After some chatting, the nursery rhyme took the parents to rest. The three of them sat down and began to talk. The development of the nursery rhyme also moved his mother. The three of them were chatting, Lu Sicheng knocked on the door of the nursery rhyme room, and the old man carefully looked at his baby daughter’s gossip boyfriend. Looking at Lu Sicheng, who is passionate and talented, the two elders are also very happy.

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