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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 3 Recap

On this day, the nursery rhyme and ZGDX’s chubby played a double row game. The nursery rhyme’s operation show took off, and the game soon became a personal show of nursery rhymes. . Soon after a game was played, the members of ZGDX praised and criticized the play of nursery rhymes. Afterwards, Myojin and Cheng Ge came to discuss outside. After some discussion, the two decided that Myojin was responsible for designating a training program for nursery rhymes. At this moment, Lu Sicheng’s father called to complain that his mother had ran away from home again, but Lu Sicheng had no choice but to decide to go home tomorrow.

The next day, Myojin held a bunch of books about e-sports to read and learn about nursery rhymes, and by the way, explained to nursery rhymes what team cooperation is.

At the beginning of the training, the nursery rhyme seemed to be just training some novices and suddenly lost interest. The boring training made the nursery rhyme yawn again and again. Taking advantage of the absence of Myojin, the nursery rhyme quietly played Spider Solitaire, but it was quickly caught by Myojin. Find. The nursery rhyme with a guilty conscience had to laugh awkwardly.

The day’s training was finally over. After a few chats with nursery rhymes and good girlfriends, they fell asleep in bed. After sleeping till night, the nursery rhyme that was sleeping soundly was awakened by his teammate Xiaopang. It turned out that Lu Sicheng had assigned the task and asked to rank with K. The nursery rhyme dragged his tired body downstairs. The game had just started, and the nursery rhyme was surprised to find that his ex-boyfriend Jian Yang was among them.

At the same time, Jian Yang on the other side of the screen also found the nursery rhyme and typed the words flying in the chat window. Lu Sicheng in the room brushed the circle of friends just to reach the circle of friends of nursery rhymes, and saw the complaints of nursery rhymes. Lu Sicheng, who was on the opposite team, decided to teach the newcomer. Seeing the frowning nursery rhyme, Xiao Pang made a detrimental trick to the nursery rhyme. The nursery rhyme who believes in chubby’s horror decides to type in to plead with Brother Cheng.

After a short start, the nursery rhyme was pushed to the bottom of the tower and found that the jungler Cheng Ge was not online. Just as the nursery rhyme was secretly happy, the fourth-level Cheng suddenly appeared from the wild area, and a set of combos combined with the defensive tower to easily kill After reading the nursery rhyme, Jian Yang secretly gritted his teeth while watching his ex-girlfriend being killed. Soon, Jian Yang also seized the opportunity to kill Brother Cheng under the tower.

Jian Yang was overjoyed after the kill. You come to me on both sides, and you can’t kill each other. Seeing the nursery rhymes being killed one after another, Xiao Pang came up with bad ideas and brought the cat, trying to make Lu Sicheng mentally upset because he was worried about his fish, but who knew that Lu Sicheng didn’t buy it, and continued to slaughter the nursery rhymes mercilessly.

There was no other way to type nursery rhymes to please Lu Sicheng. The behavior of nursery rhymes completely annoyed the old man next to him. At the same time, Jian Yang, who was an ex-boyfriend of nursery rhymes, also sent them jealously and began typing to accuse him of nursery rhymes. The impatient old K flicked the headset, borrowed the phone at home, and left the computer desk. As soon as Old K left on his front foot, Lu Sicheng called the nursery rhyme to inform him that he was going back tomorrow.

At the end of the game, the netizens who love to eat melons posted the game just now on the Internet. Soon Jian Yang posted nursery rhymes in the cold, and ZGDX dual-output ambiguous melons spread all over the Internet, causing heated discussions among netizens. At the same time, the nursery rhyme father and nursery rhyme mother who were thousands of miles away also saw the Weibo news, and the two elders immediately called and questioned their daughter.

Brother Cheng, who came back, directly asked about the nursery rhymes, Team CK, Yang Shen looked upset at the comments of netizens, and his teammates began to inquire about the news. Yang Shen also told his teammates about his past and the nursery rhyme and how he was. Playing games with a little church nursery rhyme, the two talked and laughed. Their love story has been well received by their teammates. A good story always has a sad ending.

Jian Yang began to become immersed in his own e-sports career, and the distance between the two became greater and greater. In the end, the relationship broke down. After listening to Jian Yang’s description, the heartless teammates began to tease Jian Yang, which directly annoyed him. Seeing Jian Yang who was angry, everyone apologized. On the other side, in the face of Cheng’s question, the nursery rhymes were all explained.

After understanding what happened, Lu Sicheng didn’t blame the nursery rhymes, but told her to play well. Seeing the fan’s mindless questioning, Lu Sicheng took the hand of the nursery rhyme. This behavior made the nursery rhyme blush. When the two were chatting, Jian Yang sent a message to the nursery rhyme asking for reconciliation. Watching the nursery rhyme and watching the phone all the time, this inevitably aroused Lu Sicheng’s curiosity. He took the opportunity to grab the fruit and chat with him secretly. But the clever nursery rhymes did not let Lu Sicheng succeed.

Helpless Lu Sicheng returned to his position and continued to discuss the incident with the nursery rhyme. He was about to speak to clarify his nursery rhyme, but suddenly realized that Lu Sicheng said it was unnecessary. In fact, he had already issued a clarification for this matter in private. The nursery rhyme praised Lu Sicheng and joked that his wife would be very happy in the future. Listening to the jokes of the nursery rhymes, Lu Sicheng gave a touch to kill.

In the evening, the nursery rhyme reply to Jian Yang that the two of them has become a thing of the past. Jian Yang, who failed to compound, immediately called Ai Jia who lives next door to ZGDX. Perhaps it was the tacit understanding of a friend. Ai Jia who answered the phone bluntly said that the two have nothing to do with each other. Then hung up the phone.

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