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Entertaining and Cultivating After Crossing

Recreational practice after crossing (Novel)
Other Name: 穿越之后娱乐修行

Genre: Novel, Martial Arts
Author: JI Cha
Year: 2021
Chapter: ongoing
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The protagonist is Xue Mu’s Xiu Xian novel “Entertainment and Cultivation after Crossing”, the original name of the novel is “Entertainment Spring and Autumn”, and the exciting content is introduced: Xue Mu, as a modern person, has always maintained a serious and rigorous attitude towards life, but why He has to go through, and he has also traveled to an era of cultivating immortals. In this era, he is a person who has no cultivation level. He is simply a waste, and he will be killed in minutes! In order to be able to live well, he began to practice hard, but later he discovered that practice really requires fate. He really didn’t have this understanding, nor did he have the root of wisdom, so after experiencing setbacks, he decided to change himself. Facing the world with an alternative attitude!

Free Reading Highlights:

“It’s okay to practice martial arts.” Mo Xue suffocated, and still said very contrary to his intentions. “It’s like Sister Xue, her temperament is the world, and she doesn’t know much.”

“The two paths complement each other. Xue did not say that literature is better than martial arts. Everyone has different hobbies and there is no need to force it.” Xue Mu smiled. “Actually, I think the girl’s temperament does not need to learn literature, since it is a cloud. At the Governor-General’s Mansion, it’s better to try to learn from the Seven Profound Valleys and learn from Mogu’s master to be a chivalrous man and to benefit the world. Well, having said that, my sister still learns music. It really embodies the charm of martial arts and is the most suitable object for girls to emulate.”

Talk as you speak, why are you talking about Lord Mogu? Mo Xuexin was too lazy to complain, so she could only say, “Do you admire Lord Mogu?”

“Yes.” Xue Mu said leisurely, “I Xue Mu is not a good person, but I admire good people.”

Mo Xuexin finally couldn’t help but said, “Then why don’t you enter the right way?”

“Eh? Didn’t I say that, I’m not a good person. Xue Mou is lustful, if he worships into the Seven Profound Valley, 80% of it is for the beauty of Lord Mogu.”

“…” Mo Xuexin squeezed her right hand on the hilt of the sword subconsciously, holding it back for a while before he could not pull it out and cut it over. After taking a few deep breaths, he smiled mockingly, “Just like you, and the people’s livelihood that King Qi keeps talking about, on the contrary, it is useless to say that righteousness is of no use to the world. Isn’t it hypocritical?”

“To be honest, I have never considered the politics of the world. This time it happened to be involved in royal thinking. It is also a collection of materials. It is quite meaningful.” Xue Mu poured a cup of himself and sighed softly. “Qi I also reserve my opinion about what the king said. When the princes are really full of ambitions? For their own power is the first, what they say is only for me. God knows what virtue is after the power, this I really lost at that time.”

Mo Xue was stunned, “Since you know that they are only talking, what use is it for you to contact them?”

“Otherwise?” Xue Mu smiled. “The magic door is not as strong as the righteous way. Xingyuezong has just developed, and the entertainment industry is also a fragile industry. It is too dependent on the wind direction of the court. Once the emperor becomes hostile to Xingyuezong, It’s too easy to limit the development of Xingyue Sect. I have to be in touch carefully, test everyone’s views on Xingyue Sect and do a good job of weighing. You think I want to spend my brains, I heard that Lord Mogu came to Beijing today , I can’t wait to talk to her, what’s the point of chatting with King Qi.”

Mo Xuexin was numb, and he said casually, “Master Mogu will see you? Most of the time I will cut you off.”

Xue Mu said leisurely, “Isn’t this good? The winding path leads to quietness. If you have a panoramic view of the oncoming scenery, wouldn’t it be less interesting to explore?”

Mo Xuexin was expressionless.


In the warm atmosphere of the literary meeting, Xue Mu still left the venue early. After all, they played for a day, and there were concerts and banquets later. Xue Mu really didn’t have so much time to spend here. So Xiang Ji Wuyou pleaded guilty, and gave a speech in public, expressing that she was very honored to participate in the gathering of the elegant scholars, and benefited a lot. The gentle and lovely girl Cheng beside her made people linger. In the midst of the flattery and response, Xue Mu greeted Kuiye and Zhuo Qingqing and slipped out of the garden.

Not long after leaving Wangyou Garden, Kuiye hugged his belly and rolled with a smile, “Dad, you are too bad…”

Zhuo Qingqing couldn’t help but laugh, Ye Guying panted and showed her figure, holding on to the wall and said hard, “No, I’m going to be suffocated again, let me laugh… Give you a buckle One day commission…”

“Guying, you are actually very bad too…”

“Ha…hahaha…it’s really bad than the leader.”

Kuiye said hard, “Why don’t I hate this old woman all of a sudden?”

Xue Mu smiled and said, “Because of the contrast.”

Zhuo Qingqing smiled and said, “The son can really have fun at any time.”

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