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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 1 Recap

Mr. Mo called Du Xiaosu who was sleeping. Today is Du Xiaosu’s day to interview Yan Jingjing. Du Xiaosu hurriedly sorted himself out while listening to the comments on Mr. Mo’s phone call. Mr. Mo said that he would resign and leave if he could not get to the airport before 9:45. Du Xiaosu agreed.

Lei Yuzheng and Shao Zhenrong drove alone, and the other was chatting with a motorcycle on the road. Shao Zhenrong asked Lei Yuzheng if he got up so early every day. Lei Yuzheng asked if Shao Zhenrong had seen the sun at four o’clock in the morning. Lei Yuzheng said that he sees every day, and Lei Yuzheng works only to prove that he is Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng and Shao Zhenrong tried fencing. Shao Zhenrong attacked too quickly and defensively and lost the game.

Lei Yuzheng asked if Shao Zhenrong was forced to go on a blind date by his mother again? Shao Zhenrong said his blind date, and when they met, he went straight to the subject and asked when to get married and when to get the certificate. Shao Zhenrong was surprised by the blind date. Lei Yuzheng said that he had a very high vision, but Shao Zhenrong said that he was Ning Que Wu Lian, and Lei Yuzheng Ning Lian Wu Lian, and the two men washed and changed clothes and went to their respective posts.

Du Xiaosu asked her friend to take her to the airport. Zheng Jingjing also left the airport and was very happy to learn that Lei Yuzheng would also come. Du Xiaosu rushed to the airport in time for reporter Bi to take a good position for her. When Mr. Mo called, he kept him away from reporter Bi. It turned out that Zheng Jingjing had come out of the staff channel to avoid her peers knowing that Mr. Mo began to threaten Du Xiaosu’s resignation again. Du Xiaosu Make sure to interview Zheng Jingjing and let President Mo wait for the good news. Du Xiaosu took the camera and ran to the employee channel. Unexpectedly, he ran into Lei Yuzheng on the road. Du Xiaosu hurriedly apologized. Lei Yuzheng asked if there was anything wrong with Du Xiaosu.

After Du Xiaosu heard the sound, he left in a daze. And Lei Yuzheng remembered a girl he rescued on a rainy night. After Du Xiaosu rushed to the parking lot, she found Zheng Jingjing was leaving in the car. Her friend Zou Siqi hadn’t left yet. She hurriedly got in the car. Unexpectedly, the fellow reporter Bi also got in the car. Du Xiaosu didn’t care about anything else and hurriedly asked her friend to chase the car. Zheng Jingjing’s driver also noticed that he was chasing by Du Xiaosu and others and speeded up.

Lei Yuzheng was told that something happened to the chairman. He hurried to the hospital to look at his father who was lying on the bed. He remembered the rebellious quarrel with his father back then. At this time, Shao Zhenrong walked to Lei Yuzheng to inform him of his father’s situation and let Lei Yuzheng. do not worry. The assistant informed Lei Yuzheng that Zheng Jingjing had a car accident and Shao Zhenrong was also called by the director.

Zheng Jingjing was taken to the hospital, and reporters also rushed to take pictures. Shao Zhenrong took over Zheng Jingjing’s operation and Du Xiaosu was also awake in the emergency bed at this time. Mr. Mo called to ask why Du Xiaosu lost the interview and had a car accident. A few minutes ago, Du Xiaosu chased Zheng Jingjing’s car, which indirectly caused Zheng Jingjing to have a car accident. Mr. Mo hung up the phone angrily and asked Xiao Su to take it. Interview with Zheng Jingjing. When Shao Zhenrong arrived in the ward, he found that Du Xiaosu had already left.

The board of directors was in a mess because of Zheng Jingjing’s car accident and the movie of Monster Slayer could not be shot in time. Lei Yuzheng arrived in time and informed the director that he would be responsible for Yutian’s affairs in the future. Lei Yuzheng said that the movie of Killing the Monsters must be filmed and the heroine must be changed, but Mr. Xie disagreed. Lei Yu really gave him a file bag. When Mr. Xie saw it, he hurriedly told Lei Yuzheng that he was going to resign, and Lei Yuzheng agreed. Looking at the bustling night scene, Lei Yuzheng made up his mind to protect his father’s career, Yutian.

Du Xiaosu came to the noodle shop to eat noodles and saw that the opposite Shao Zhenrong was eating very fragrant, so he asked the boss for the same noodles as Shao Zhenrong. Shao Zhenrong also noticed Du Xiaosu and was dumbfounded when he watched Du Xiaosu’s appearance. President Mo has been urging Du Xiaosu to get Zheng Jingjing’s interview.

Du Xiaosu left after eating two bowls of noodles without a few bites. Du Xiaosu walked halfway and found the phone missing. Just about to return, he collided with Shao Zhenrong. It turned out that Shao Zhenrong sent her the phone. After walking a few steps, Du Xiaosu was almost hit by a car. Fortunately, Shao Zhenrong pulled it back. , The two looked at each other closely, and Shao Zhenrong asked Du Xiaosu to pay attention to safety.

The reporters in the hospital are waiting for the opportunity. Reporter Bi deceived other colleagues with the presence of inspectors. Reporter Bi told Du Xiaosu that Zheng Jingjing was no longer in the ICU and moved to the third floor of the inpatient department. Du Xiaosu suspected that he was unkind. Reporter Bi said it was inconvenient that he came to Du Xiaosu.

It turned out that his bag contained nurse’s clothing. Du Xiaosu met Shao Zhenrong who had just checked Zheng Jingjing. Du Xiaosu recognized Shao Zhenrong as the man he met last night. Fortunately, Shao Zhenrong did not recognize Du Xiaosu either. Du Xiaosu came to Zheng Jingjing’s room in a female nurse’s uniform. Shao Zhenrong found that something was wrong and returned to the ward and found Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu hurriedly found a reason to leave the ward, but Shao Zhenrong hurriedly chased him out, but did not catch him.

Lei Yuzheng looks for the heroine of the movie Slashing Monsters again. Xu You has been contacted. Xu You is Lei Yuzheng’s ex-girlfriend, Xu You insists on seeing Lei Yuzheng, and Lei Yuzheng agrees.

The rival company heard about Lei Yuzheng’s change of heroine, and took this opportunity to hand over the difficult project they encountered to Yutian.

Du Xiaosu did not give up entering Zheng Jingjing’s ward, Du Xiaosu climbed up to the third floor and opened the window to take pictures. It happened that Shao Zhenrong was in the ward, and Du Xiaosu almost fell after being found. Shao Zhenrong pulled Du Xiaosu up. Du Xiaosu lay on Shao Zhenrong, and the two fell on the ground.

They were misunderstood by the nurse who came in, and the nurse left sadly. Shao Zhenrong didn’t believe Du Xiaosu’s explanation, and pressed on every step of the way, asking who she was? Du Xiaosu confessed that he was a reporter. Du Xiaosu pretended to be pitiful and hoped that Shao Zhenrong would let her take a picture of Zheng Jingjing. Shao Zhenrong refused, and Du Xiaosu turned to ask Zheng Jingjing about her injuries, but Shao Zhenrong said that he would not reveal the patient’s privacy. Du Xiaosu threatened Shao Zhenrong to let the raw rice cook mature rice without letting the shoot.

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