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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 9 Recap

Zhao Ran said that he knew Uncle Glasses and Tie Guanyin, and now he wants to cooperate with Da Kun. But Da Kun was very cautious, and he said that he looked down on small people like Zhao Ran. Dakun was indifferent to Zhao Ran’s aggressive action, and he even threatened Zhao Ran’s life in turn. Although the negotiation failed, Zhao Ran and the others successfully installed a location-eavesdropping device in the Dakun car. In this way, the police gradually figured out all the active bases of Dakun through the positioning device on the Dakun car. Glory said that only the strongholds related to Little Buddha will be cleaned up, and the remaining strongholds will be reserved for long-term fishing.

In the evening, Mr. Ou gathered everyone to have a dinner at home. Mr. Ou used fish as a metaphor, implying that everyone should value harmony. At this time, a younger brother whispered to the glasses that all of the 17 drug storage sites of Little Buddha had been taken, and everyone present was shocked. Mr. Ou’s face was ugly, and Da Kun assured Mr. Ou that such things would never happen again in the future.

Mr. Ou said that Da Kun had been with him for many years, so he would give him another chance. At this time, Ou Kexin had been pestering Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing to ask what had happened, but Mu Qing and the others were still silent and did not dare to disclose business matters to Ou Kexin. Later, Mr. Ou went to try the clothes Ou Kexin made for himself. Mr. Ou was in a good mood to be coaxed by Ke Xin.

Da Kun is very fortunate to have Ou Kexin today to stabilize Mr. Ou’s emotions. Uncle Glasses reminded Dakun that there is no more than three things, and you must make fewer mistakes in the future. He also hinted that as long as Da Kun can have a relationship with Ou Kexin, it is equivalent to an extra life-saving talisman. Da Kun looked thoughtful after hearing this. At this moment, Ou Kexin came, and Da Kun greeted him with a smile. Ou Kexin asked Da Kun to bring her younger brothers to buy clothes in her store in the future, and she slaughtered Da Kun fiercely.

Mr. Ou ordered Uncle Glasses to thoroughly investigate what happened tonight, and he also asked Uncle Glasses to send someone to stare at Da Kun. Uncle Glasses went to act immediately after receiving the order. Because he was seized by the police in multiple locations, Da Kun was very angry. He was beating his little brother severely.

In the police station, the members of Team 84 are celebrating this victory, but Honor said that this is just the beginning. Having a little Buddha can’t shake the foundation of the K organization, and everyone needs to continue to work hard. Glory was in a low mood. He was alone in the rain on a rainy night. He didn’t want to owe Mu Qing. At this time, Liu Ju came to persuade Honor to set his mind. Rong Yu’s sacrifice has nothing to do with Mu Qing. His top priority now is to cooperate with Mu Qing.

While washing, Ou Kexin recalled that Mu Qing once complained about his forehead lines. She touched the scar on her forehead, showing a thoughtful look.

Da Kun in the car accidentally discovered that the police had arranged a wiretap locator, so he made a living. Afterwards, he texted Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng, saying that he would treat him to dinner, and then he made it to Mu Qing and the others in person. Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng suspected that this was a banquet, but they still decided to attend the appointment.

In the morning, Ou Kexin personally cooked breakfast for Mu Qing to thank Mu Qing for taking care of herself for many days. Ou Kexin said that she would move to a studio to live in. She also kindly feeds Mu Qing for breakfast, and Mu Qing is shy. After learning that Ou Kexin had moved away from Mu Qing’s house, Li Ruosheng was very happy. He said that since Mu Qinglang was ruthless, he would go after Kexin.

Here, Da Kun is greeting Mu Qing and the others. Da Kun deliberately lowered his posture to apologize to Mu Qing and the others, and then said that he had a few batches of goods recently that he could give them.

Li Ruosheng came to the clothing store to find Ou Kexin. He bought Kexin’s favorite cake. Ou Kexin teased that Li Ruosheng was nothing but courtesy. Li Ruosheng expressed his gratitude to Ou Kexin for his life-saving grace to Mu Qing. At this time, Mu Qing also came.

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