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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 2 Recap

The news of the ZGDC team’s recruitment of female players spread throughout the network, which aroused heated discussions among the majority of screen names. The netizens who eat melon say the situation, of course, the majority of them questioned nursery rhymes.

In the training room, the members of ZGDX also ate the topic of adding nursery rhymes on the Internet. At this time, the door bell rang, and Lu Sicheng mistakenly thought that the nursery rhymes were for delivery, so he picked up the delivery and turned around. Until Xiaopang discovered something was wrong, everyone learned from the Internet that the new player’s nursery rhyme was just outside.

The nursery rhymes and Lu Sicheng who finally came in with big eyes and small eyes, the two of them directly turned on the happy enemy mode. At the same time, the team manager appeared and briefly introduced the nursery rhymes to everyone, and at the same time introduced the nursery rhymes to the people who will get along with each other. people. Known as the poisonous mouth shooter, Lu Sicheng decisively started the poisonous mouth mode, and he was a mockery of nursery rhymes. Because of Brother Cheng’s raising fish, he didn’t have a good face about the act of bringing cats to nursery rhymes.

Xiaopang took the new teammate nursery rhymes to visit her new bedroom and opened the door. The pink decorations immediately made the rhymes dumbfounded, but the straight boy Xiaopang pretended to introduce the new house, and the nursery rhymes could only answer. Before leaving, Xiaopang didn’t forget to turn around to cheer for the nursery rhymes.

The nursery rhyme returned to the room immediately shared his real-time dynamics. There was no words for a day, and the time came to night. The nursery rhyme reported to the parents that they were safe, and the restless nursery rhyme father immediately called the video. Through the video, the nursery rhyme father began to point out. If this is insecure, don’t worry. As soon as the father and daughter said a few words, the virgin mother began to count the daughters. The lost nursery rhyme reluctantly turned off the video, and lay back on the bed to read the ZGDX brochure.

I was speechless all night. In the morning, the nursery rhyme was awakened by the alarm clock. The nursery rhyme that came to the living room looked at the empty room and started looking for food. It happened that ZGDX’s aunt came back from shopping, and the two chatted briefly. Subsequently, the nursery rhyme began to work on his own affairs alone.

At this moment, Xiao Fatty, who had not yet adapted, walked to the living room wearing panties. Upon seeing the nursery rhyme, Xiao Fatty made a joke, and the recovered Xiao Fatty screamed and left. Afterwards, the team members got up one after another and went to the living room for breakfast. Like Xiaopang, Cheng didn’t realize that there was an extra female player in the team, and the atmosphere was immediately embarrassing. Cheng pretended to walk back to the room calmly.

Before long, the team manager Xiao Rui brought the former mid-single Myojin to see everyone. Xiao Rui shouted out the nursery rhymes and chatted briefly. After signing the contract, the nursery rhymes officially became a member of the team. Brother Cheng was also arranged by Xiao Rui to bring nursery rhymes to buy daily necessities. Brother Cheng, who couldn’t shirk off, had to agree.

After they left the house, the two began to frustrate each other. As the so-called mud bodhisattva still had three points of fire, Cheng’s yin and yang strangeness successfully aroused Tong Yao’s anger. At this moment, Ai Jia and Liang Sheng, friends of nursery rhymes, appeared. They were the mid laner and supporter of YQCB. The nursery rhyme enthusiastically introduced Cheng Cheng to his friends, but Cheng Cheng was still indifferent.

After two groups of people chatted briefly, they decided to have a friendly match. After Brother Cheng left, Ai Jia stepped forward and begged each other, begging the nursery rhyme to say something good about herself in front of her girlfriends. After learning the reason, Ai Jia was thoughtful. The two were chatting, Brother Cheng drove over and shouted nursery rhymes to get in the car.

When we drove to the mall, Brother Cheng looked at the nursery rhyme and pressed the back of the elevator, and suddenly remembered the first meeting of the two that day, but the nursery rhyme stubbornly refused to admit it, and the two people kept quarreling on the road. When choosing something, the short nursery rhyme couldn’t reach the slippers on the shelf. Cheng, who couldn’t stand it, couldn’t help but help. The two continued to talk to each other with each other. Cheng took the supermarket to hide water. The story ridiculed the children’s rhymes for being short, and the children’s rhymes suddenly realized that the water thief who he hated was in front of him.

After the checkout, the two before getting into the car were surrounded by a bunch of fans. Facing the fans’ questions, Cheng Ge explained the nursery rhyme as a staff member. The sad nursery rhyme took on the responsibility of taking pictures. Afterwards, the two of them got in the car and returned after giving a lesson from their predecessors to the younger ones. Everyone in the studio picked up the nursery rhymes for officially becoming members. Myojin also patiently explained some of his previous experience with nursery rhymes, so he started his professional career in the nursery rhymes of e-sports.

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