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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 1 Recap

At the beginning of the screen, I only saw Chen Jinyang striding toward the Internet cafe, where a group of people were watching the big screen enthusiastically. I saw the nursery rhyme beating the keyboard skillfully, as if a musician was playing music. Speaking of this nursery rhyme is not simple, but before the national service No. 1 Yuzao. On the big screen, the game characters controlled by Chen Jinyang flickered from left to right, slaughtering one hero after another, and the onlookers cheered for them. The nursery rhyme did not disappoint, and easily won the five kills.

At the end of the game, the nursery rhyme turned around, and was dragged away by Chen Jinyang anxiously before speaking. The two left the Internet cafe in large strides. At the door, Chen Jinyang told Tong Yao that they had broken up, and then went shopping with the nursery rhyme. The two were hanging out in the clothing store. While chatting, the nursery rhyme suddenly received an invitation from ZGDX, and the excited nursery rhyme shouted excitedly. , Suddenly attracted Chen Jinyang’s attention. The two sat down to discuss.

When the nursery rhymes came home and their parents talked about today’s affairs, the nursery rhymes mothers were completely inconsiderate and thought they were liars. At the dinner table, the nursery rhyme once again talked about playing e-sports, but was rejected by the virgin mother. In the evening, the nursery rhyme thinking hard on the bed finally decided, and the ticket to the stadium was set.

In Shanghai, the nursery rhyme who came to the gate of the stadium met with ZGDX’s team manager Xiao Rui, and the two had a brief chat. While the two were chatting, the ZGDX who had gone out returned in a bus, and the scene suddenly became restless. A group of reporters stopped Myojin to ask about his retirement. The teammates turned around, but Myojin did not respond, and a group of people left indifferently.

The local nursery rhymes go to the supermarket to purchase daily necessities. Because there is no extra bottled water, the nursery rhymes hide the water on the highest shelf of the supermarket. It happened that Lu Sicheng also came to the supermarket at this time, and the bewildering behavior of nursery rhymes was watched by Lu Sicheng.

Speaking of this Lu Sicheng, it is even more incredible. The myth of ZGDX, known as the god of ad, is the captain of ZGDX and the main shooter. After the nursery rhymes were gone, Lu Sicheng picked up the nursery rhymes and checked out. Back in the dormitory, teammate Xiaopang took the water and drank it. Lu Sicheng felt unhappy, but didn’t say much, and told Xiaopang about the strange incident that he encountered today.

In the elevator, Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng are sitting in the same elevator, which can make the nursery rhymes very excited. The short nursery rhyme is limited by the fact that there are too many things in his hand to reach the elevator buttons. Lu Sicheng, who couldn’t stand it, stepped forward to help. The nursery rhyme, who was afraid of being misunderstood, tried to justify, but Lu Sicheng only responded indifferently.

On this day, the nursery rhyme went to watch the game with his friend Chen Jinyang. Before the game, the host briefly introduced the five members of the CK team, among which the wild Yangshen was the most popular. The simple actions caused fans to scream again and again, and soon it was the turn of the ZGDX team to debut. Similarly, the host also briefly introduced the members of ZGDX to the audience.

Soon, the players entered the competition area one after another. Here, Yang Shen saw that his ex-girlfriend was also in the cold field through the screen of the director. He was shocked and the water he drank from his mouth spurted out. At the beginning of the BP session, ZGDX banned the sons of Shanfeng, Yuzhuanjin, and Jueba respectively, and CK banned the hands of Xiaosiu: Yan Mo; Qingfangzhu. After the ban was over, it was time to choose Shiki. ZGDX chose the powerful version of Ling Qi, and CK originally made the choice to deal with Yuzao, but at this moment, Myojin chose because of memories that were lost in memory. Big Tengu. This hand shocked everyone present.

At the start of the game, the absent-minded Yang Shen was obviously out of state. First he was caught to death by mistake, and then squatted to death in the wild. The rhythm suddenly collapsed. Yang Shen began to be killed three times in a row, and his teammates began to become impatient. Afterwards, in the only chance big team battle, Yangshen made a mistake again and sent a small life. Then ZGDX took advantage of its growing advantage and easily won the game. After the game, Yang Shen left in boredom. Outside the competition area, Yang Shen and the nursery rhyme met. Yang Shen began to apologize to the nursery rhyme, but the nursery rhyme did not catch a cold.

At the beginning of the second game, Yangshen took out his natal hero Wannianzhu. This Wangshen carried his anger on ZGDX and vented the anger in his stomach on ZGDX. Waves of high-end operations. Another wave of stream of consciousness layout, the rhythm of playing ZGDX is completely absent. Online, Lu Sicheng succeeded in a wave of operations-Xiu Er killed CK’s mid lane and jungler to help his team gain a partial advantage. Soon the two sides began to team up, and a tug of encirclement and anti-encirclement began.

The two sides seem to be calm, but in fact undercurrents are surging. It’s too late to say, it’s fast, Yangshen’s ten thousand years bamboo is like a god descending from the earth, ZGDX’s ad was dropped in seconds just as soon as it appeared, the situation suddenly fell, the balance of victory began to tilt towards the CK team, and the sun god in a moment was like killing. God possesses, brandishing death’s sickle, reaping ZGDX’s head mercilessly. In the end, the ZGDX group was destroyed, and CK successfully moved back to the game. In the audience, looking at the ex-boyfriend who successfully moved back to face, Tong Yao’s mouth was puffed up, and she didn’t know what she was thinking. After a short rest, the third game began. ZGDX began to focus on Yangshen.

CK retreated steadily. Soon the big snake group started to fight. The long-awaited Yangshen was ready to go and successfully snatched the big snake. CK took this opportunity to start a counterattack. The two sides fought fiercely in the middle. In the end, only Yang Shen and Lu Sicheng were left. The two of them can be described as the Eight Immortals who crossed the sea with their magical powers and handed over their gorgeous skills one by one, but Lu Sicheng still Losing to Jian Yang, CK pushed to the high ground in one effort and won the championship. -Family loves family stinks. Looking at the beautiful CK team on stage, Myojin begins to blame himself for his hand injury.

Just as everyone was preparing to leave, Myojin returned to the stage and announced that he was going to retire. His heart-warming speech caused the audience to cry, and the excited audience began to cheer for Myojin. Here, nursery rhyme. Also decided to join the ZGDX team.

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