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I’ve Reincarnated into a Handmaiden!

I’ve Reincarnated into a Handmaiden! (Manga)
Other Name: I Was Reincarnated, and Now I’m a Maid! / Tenseishimashite, Genzai wa Jijo Degozaimasu. / 転生しまして、現在は侍女でございます。 / 转生女仆~我养成的公主可不能变成恶役女配~

Genres: manga, Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai, Reincarnation, Romance, Shoujo
Authors:  Natsume tamayura,Tetete tanaka
Chapter: ongoing
Year: 2021
Related Show:

Yuria has been reincarnated into her beloved otome game as a background character…the only thing is…she’s been transported to the events that take place before the storyline of the game! Working as a handmaiden for the beloved princess, she works tirelessly to change the events of the game, and create a new storyline…one where the princess doesn’t become the villain.

Using the knowledge of her past life and the magic she learns in the game, she guides the princess on a noble and righteous path, one that twists and turns, and is full of magic, romance, tea, sweets, and even the conflicts of royal kingdoms! A fantasy-filled adventure about a handmaiden who finds her calling in the least expected of places is about to begin!

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